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Title: EoK - Frontier Mountains - T1 - Ancients (non-progression)
Post by: Furro on April 23, 2017, 03:26:09 AM
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Completed Achievements April 22, 2016:

They Grow Restless
The Foretold Hour

This area is for write-up.  As contributions made to the thread, I'll edit them into this post.  Thanks everyone.

Title: Re: EoK - Frontier Mountains - T1 - Ancients (non-progression)
Post by: Celebairn on April 27, 2017, 01:35:51 AM
Ancients is a primarily group-content cycle of six events in Frontier Mountains. Each Ancient is spawned by an activity in the zone, and there are achievements for being in the zone to see each of the six awakened, and a further achievement for being in the zone to see all six ancients spawned in one hour.

Each Ancient other than Ancient Pinepeak can be killed for a group gear reward, and a group gear reward is given to everyone that receives the all in one hour ach too. These items can be combined with the raid drop Element of Kunark which will transform it into a raid-tier item.

EQResource has more detailed writeups of all events and links to the gear etc: http://eok.eqresource.com/ancients.php

Event breakdowns:

Ancient Pinepeak, Guardian of the Thicket

Collect "Enchanted Runestones" from Syldon stalkers which are near the Sarnak fort in the Northwest.

Turn in Enchanted Runestones to grove guardians which range east and north from the Druid rings to the Overthere zoneline.

After turning in approximately 30 Enchanted Runestones, there is a zonewide emote, and Syldon couriers start to spawn at the Sarnak fort, and run  from there to the Overthere zoneline. They will not stop to fight, but can be snared, rooted, or mezed.
You must stop all the Syldon couriers from reaching the OT zone. After about 12 minutes, a zonewide emote will either indicate you failed if any couriers got past, or that you stopped them all. Success means that Ancient Pinepeak will spawn, and everyone in the zone will be buffed with Ancient Pinepeak's Blessing (1h, 2500hp/tick regen, +75% runspeed, and an 80k proc that I think is sarnak-specific)

Ancient Starcollector, Guardian of the Pack

In NE area of the zone, every time 5 wolves are killed a frontier starhowler spawns until there are 10 up.

Kill the 10 frontier starhowlers to spawn Ancient Starcollector.

Ancient Broodmother, Guardian of the Blight

In the SE corner of the zone, kill 30 drogan tamers, which will spawn ~35 highweb swarmers along the southern wall area of the zone.

Kill the swarmers to spawn Ancient Broodmother.

Ancient Denmother, Guardian of the Cubs

In the SW areas, kill 50 bears to spawn the Ancient Denmother

(note: when killing the Ancient Denmother, she'll go down at 10% and Gerald the Obnoxious will spawn and run away. Chase him and say "loot" to make him fight you... he will drop the loot.)

Ancient Destroyer, Guardian of Strength

In the east, there are some burynai legion pacifists (I think 4 of them). Say invader to them, and a series of invading brutes will attack them. You can hail multiple pacifists at the same time to spawn more brutes at once.

Kill the brutes to save 10 legion pacifists and spawn Ancient Destroyer

(note: everyone who hails Elder Gemhummer at the burynai cave entrance after this ancient dies will receive loot)

Ancient Whitehorn, Guardian of the Stampede

Kill 30 rhinoceroses in the central area north of the big fort to spawn Ancient Whitehorn

(note: he doesn't fight back and runs too fast to keep up with, and regens if not attacked regularly. He stops briefly in 5 locations though, so setting a person to fight him at each stopping spot is required.)

To complete The Foretold Hour achievement, I think it's best to work in approximately this order:

Get swarmers and starhowlers ready and collect enchanted runestones.

Start killing rhinos and bears and swarmers while turning in runestones and completing the Pinepeak event.

Once first ancient spawns, send a team to save the burynai pacifists and continue to work the kill-based spawns and the wolves. Kill the ancients last, after you've spawned them all and got the achievement.
Title: Re: EoK - Frontier Mountains - T1 - Ancients (non-progression)
Post by: Furro on April 27, 2017, 06:24:58 PM
Thank you for contributing Celebairn.

I'll try and update the post with your write up details.
Title: Re: EoK - Frontier Mountains - T1 - Ancients (non-progression)
Post by: Lianeb on April 27, 2017, 07:53:07 PM
Of note the foretold hour is an achievement for the zone if it happens.  Anyone in the zone when the zone gets the achievement will get it.  You do not need to be in the zone to witness them all spawn as long as you are there for the last one.  They also do not need to be killed just spawned.
Title: Re: EoK - Frontier Mountains - T1 - Ancients (non-progression)
Post by: Kianara on April 30, 2017, 02:36:07 AM
That is not correct.  You need to personally witness all of them in 1 hour .. it is not a "zone-wide" achievement.  I've done this several times, and people have missed the achievement because they missed one of two of the ones we spawned.

You are correct though, they do NOT need to all be KILLED within 1 hour .. just SPAWNED in 1 hour.
Title: Re: EoK - Frontier Mountains - T1 - Ancients (non-progression)
Post by: Lianeb on May 02, 2017, 04:40:03 PM
Not saying you are not correct or not but I have three toons with the foretold hour and do not have all the witnesses.  Don't know how that happened then