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Title: RoS - Overthere - T1 - Fell Foliage
Post by: Furro on December 28, 2017, 06:51:34 PM
Overthere - T1 - Fell Foliage

Zone & Instance Info

Gather Zone: Overthere
NPC Name: Hortulanus Cryolex
NPC Location: Find path (CTRL-F)
Keyword to Enter:now

Flag & Key Requirements

Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul is not required for this event.

Zone Flag: None
Event Key: None
Group Mission: None
Event Flags: None
* Minimum to be Piggy/85'/pushed into raid: N/A.

Brief Event Overview & Strategy

Work in Progress.

Assist MA as we kill adds, and DPS Cactiikii.

Cactiikii AE rampages, and therefore we are killing adds outside this range.  We're using markers (campfire, landmarks, etc), to denote where we're tanking adds/boss.

A sprouting succulent - KILL immediatly to prevent additional penalty add from spawning.  These sprouting adds do not hit back.  Reportedly appear on track.

A renegade succulent - MOVE RENEGADE SUCCULENTS AWAY FROM RAID!  These explode for a lot of damage.

A burgeoning succulent - When killed, appears to spawn sub-entities: a pitiful succulent, a surreal succulent, a spiteful succulent

MA kill order: a pitiful succulent (these mez players), a surreal succulent (these charm players), a spiteful succulent.

This is a preliminary write up, which will be amended accordingly based on our experiences and feedback provided by our raiders.

* Friendly reminder: Freelance Raid Suggestion Policy regarding New Content (http://forums.eqfreelance.net/index.php?topic=10656.0) - Don't kill the messenger -- pie management.


Boss.  AE Rampages.
Shield of Needles (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45344)Self buff - Add Defensive Proc: Agonizing Needles (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45343) with 400% Rate Mod
Note: Defensive proc from boss.  Melee players get hit with Agonizing Needles debuff.
 Player inflicted with percentage of their own melee damage.
Irritating Spines (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45476)57k DoT + Mana Drain 2k, Cap HP/Mana 90% (36s, single-target)
Chaotic Shuffle (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45481)Shadowstep + Spin
Note: Warps player to a random location


[Thu Jan 11 20:56:25 2018] A high-pitched voice booms, 'Did you think you would be sneaky? Now you've angered great Cactiikii!'


Special add: "a sprouting succulent".  Reportly did not hit back, grew and turned into another add (renegade).  Prioritizing these accordingly.

Various other adds listed below.  Hit for 11k - 46k+.
a renegade succulent   AE 308k DD (93' range) - Explosion of Needles (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45346)
   Note: Anyone notice if the mob despawns when it casts explosion? Akin to Golems in Droga.  I'll update based on feedback.
a burgeoning succulent   When killed, appears to spawn sub-entities: a pitiful succulent, a surreal succulent, a spiteful succulent
   [Thu Jan 11 20:56:49 2018] As the burgeoning succulent dies, it burgeons, spawning several lesser succulents.
   Note: Based on my logs. The emote seems to follow a succession of the same mobs (pitiful, surreal, spiteful).
a pitiful succulent   Target AE MEZ (60' range) - Whispering Mind (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45380)
a surreal succulent   Single-target CHARM - Bad Trip (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45345)
a spiteful succulent   -
an atrocious succulent   Based on Atrocious /achievement, when pitiful, surreal, spiteful grow together into atrocious succulents.
a monstrous succulent   -


- Some/All of the above adds appear to cast the aforementioned spells: Shield of Needles (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45344),  Irritating Spines (http://www.raidloot.com/Spells.aspx?name=45476).
- Currently, zone contains normal trash adds in addition to event adds.  Zone trash appears to respawn as well.

Cactiikii - Start event, plant clicky

NPC at ZI gives out an item to click on the ground to plant and trigger the event script.  The location where you can click is limited, and emotes messages indicating which areas are permitted.  Padraigg was doing the planting, so he has a better insight as to the area limits.

Upon planting, the event begins:

[Thu Jan 11 20:54:45 2018] The plant quickly expands in short, jerky movements.

... A monstrous succulent spawns:

[Thu Jan 11 20:54:57 2018] Paruaa says, 'Hail, a monstrous succulent'

[Thu Jan 11 20:55:00 2018] A tiny scream can be heard underfoot as the succulent takes to the fertile soil. It grows rapidly.


[Thu Jan 11 20:55:40 2018] The succulent grows rapidly in the fertile soil, producing rustling and snapping sounds as the plant's flesh unfolds.

... A monstrous succulent is killed:

[Thu Jan 11 20:56:22 2018] A monstrous succulent has been slain by Vulvana!

... A few seconds later, boss goes active:

[Thu Jan 11 20:56:25 2018] A high-pitched voice booms, 'Did you think you would be sneaky? Now you've angered great Cactiikii!'

Achievements for reference:

Atrocious - Allow at least three sets of the weird little succulents to grow together into atrocious succulents.
Green Thumb - Allow all the sprouting succulents to mature.
Brown Thumb - Kill all the sprouting succulents before they can mature.

Text & Audio Triggers - Mandatory

Everyone GINA File: TBA if required

Everyone - Trigger set includes:
- ...
- ...
- ...

GINA Issues?  Help Below:

If you're new to GINA and/or having issues with importing/enabling our trigger files, please read Ssark's GINA Manual (http://eqfreelance.net/ssark/docs/GINA.pdf).  If you're still having issues after following Ssark's guide, reply to the Audio and Text Triggers Alternative - GINA (http://forums.eqfreelance.net/index.php?topic=2483.0) thread located in the Raiders Essentials section of our forums, and we'll work to resolve the issue(s).

Title: Re: RoS - Overthere - T1 - Fell Foliage
Post by: Furro on January 12, 2018, 08:37:46 PM
We took our first look at this event last night.  It looks interesting so far!

I've updated the strategy post based on our attempts and feedback at the time.  Thanks all!

See everyone in game!