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Title: How to Necro *Ring of Scale Edition*
Post by: Fintank on June 20, 2018, 07:38:07 PM
Burn AA’s
Gift of Deathly Resolve – DoT twin cast proc off of direct damage (1 Nuke = 3 DoT charges)
Mercurial Torment – Increase spell haste by 25% for detrimentals
Hand of Death – Increase DoT damage by 30-120%
Third Spire – Increase critical DoT damage by 180%
Embalmer’s Carapace – Increase critical DoT damage by 125%
Curse of Muram – Increase DoT critical chance by 40%
Intensity of the Resolute – Increase DoT critical chance by 50%
Glyph of the Cataclysm – Increase critical DoT damage by 60%
Auspice of the Hunter – Increase DoT/DD critical chance by 33%
Illusions of Grandeur - Increase DoT/DD crit chance by 13%, Increase crit DoT dmg by 120% of base, Increase crit DD dmg by 160% of base.
Fierce Eye - Increase DoT/DD crit chance by 13%, Increase DD crit dmg by 13% of base
Spirit of Vesagran (Bard Epic) - Increase DoT/DD crit chance by 12%

Ramp Up + Burn
So here’s what I mean by Ramp Up; in order to max out your burn you’ve got to get your “trigger” DoT’s (Wounds) stacked on ASAP so they’re about to fade and apply the perforations when you start to burn. The perforations are your largest DMG DoT’s, and as such you want to have all your burn modifiers on when they finally trigger. A trick you can use to help streamline your Wounds triggering is to remove your Detrimental Duration Focus ear and then cast all 4 of them, once the last one lands re-equip the ear. So now let’s get into what we’re doing after we’ve applied our Wounds.

For this I’ll just go by spell set name and post the sets themselves later on in the post. Wounds > Mercurial Torment > Raid 1 > Raid 2 (Or Plant if applicable *Skin to Sumac on boss*) > Raid 3 (Or Raid 2 if Plant was applicable). Now we have DoT’s layered and slots taken up so we can hopefully land all our forced twincast DoT’s. So now we’re starting our burn, we have DoT’s on already so we can start to layer on our modifiers. Dicho > Gift of Deathly Resolve > Glyph of the Cataclysm > Effluvial Venin > Pyre > Hand of Death > Pyre > Third Spire > Ignite > COA Robe if no Auspice > Effluvial Venin > Pyre > Embalmer’s Carapace > Ignite > Inevitable. Base set and mods are on at this point, now you’re going with your nuke and other raid spells sets till Gift of Deathly Resolve wears off. The reason I layer modifiers like this is due to their duration, Hand of Death lasts 2 minutes, Glyph 2 minutes, Spire 1:30, COA Robe 1m, and Embalmer’s about 40s.

Spell Sets
Raid 1 (Base Set, always up) = 1. Dichotomic Paroxysm, 2. Pyre of the Shadewarden, 3. Pyre of Jorobb, 4. Ignite Memories, 5. Pyre of Marnek, 6. Ignite Synapses, 7. Inevitable End.
Wounds = 8. Cytotoxic Wounds, 9. Mortiferous Wounds, 10. Pernicious Wounds, 11. Necrotizing Wounds.
Raid 2 = 8. Polybiad Venom, 9. Bomoda’s Pallid Haze, 10. Glistenwing Venom.
Plant = 8. Effluvium, 9. Liquefaction, 10. Dissolution.
Raid 3 = 8. Pyre of the Fereth, 9. Burning Shadow, 10. Smouldering Shadow.
Raid 4 (Rarely get to this) = 8. Grip of Kraz, 9. Pyre of the Lost, 10. Coruscating Shadow
Swifts = 8. Hoshkar’s Swift Sickness, 9. Azeron’s Flashblaze, 10. Adalor’s Swift Lifedraw
Add DPS = 11. Call Skeleton Mob, 12. Refute for Blood
Flesh = 11. Flesh to Venom, 12. Flesh to Poison. *These do stack if you apply Venom first, if you have remaining charges on Poison it will remove the buff, so reapplying Venom means you need to reapply Poison as well.*
Nukes (For Gift of Deathly Resolve mainly) = 11. Effluvial Venin, 12. Refute for Blood
Taps (Rarely use these myself) = 11. Soulsiphon, 12. Consume Essence.

We have 13 spell gems now, as long as 1 other Necro is in the raid I reserve spell slot 13 for Alliance and keep it up 100% of the time. If no other Necros I will generally put Call Skeleton Mob in its place.

Assorted Info
Let’s talk Passive Crit Rate and how ADPS will affect it. Passive Crit rate from AA’s alone is 61%, 62% if you have your DoN progression done. Now let’s add our Epic, 2.0 will put you at 70%, 2.5 will put you at 80%. *Apparently the 2.5 bugged when they created it and they never fixed it so the 8% and 10% stack because Everquest reasons*. So that means most Crit Chance mods will max you out, prolonging your very high DPS after burn. Bard Epic + Fierce Eye = 105%, Auspice alone = 113%, COA Robe alone = 120%, Intensity of the Resolute alone = 130%, IOG alone = 93% (This is a large damage mod, you’ll want to make sure you’re repping 100%+ when this is on, may have to use COA Robe if nothing else is available.) *Intensity of the Resolute WILL strip Auspice AND IOG, be careful and time it correctly if you use it.*

Now outside of DoT’s we also have some pet dps stuff we can use, in the grand scheme of things they don’t add much but they aren’t so bad that they become detrimental to our dps, so we might as well hit them. I tend to hit Rise of Bones, Swarm of Decay, Rune of Tallon, Frenzy Dead, Epic click, and our current BP click  in-between my DoT casts. Another aa to use is Gathering Dusk, they finally amped it up so it does some alright damage, the only problem is they upped the agro on it as well, so you’ll need to monitor your agro after you pop it. It also eats a debuff slot so that sucks, try not to use on the boss if adds are available.

Mana is generally not an issue for us, but sometimes we die or there is a mana drain etc. Death Bloom is your go-to for mana regen in most cases. If you’re superbly boned then use Blood Magic, try and keep Dicho on a mob to help heal through this and not bombard your healer with your lack of health management.

I use 2 potions on my necromancers at the moment. I use Dragonmagic Focus (Added DD proc on detrimental spell casts), and Tonic of Efficiency Affinity XI (Adds 1 tic to most DoT's, adds 2 to some of the longer duration ones.)

This is what I do on Evileen, figured I may as well post it.

If you want to dabble into some more of the extra stuff such as pet gearing, sympathetic proc augs, clickies etc. here is a link courtesy of Scornfire! http://www.daguild.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=7180&p=39629#p39629
Title: Re: How to Necro *Ring of Scale Edition*
Post by: Sancus on June 20, 2018, 10:52:53 PM
This is a nice guide. I don't actively raid on my Necro, but I like to play around with weaves and this is pretty close to what I would use. Two things to add:

1. Twinge of Pain II should be used for Tribute. It adds 33% DoT Spell Haste. It doesn't stack with the haste on pants, but it still gives +10/15% haste over raid/group pants.

2. Remote Sphere of Decay is a pretty good spell for Necros. It's an aura that casts Decay Effect III on every mob in its radius, which does 111723 unmodifiable damage. It has an initial hit when a mob enters into the aura, and then additionally pulses every 3 seconds. It lasts for 10 hits, in addition to the initial hit (so ~30 seconds). It's an AE, so it should definitely be used with caution so as not to break mez or damage kited mobs. Its aggro generation is very low, but it does produce that low amount of aggro quite quickly, as it hits mobs as soon as they spawn if they're in the aura radius. If tanks are proactive about aggroing mobs that should be a non-issue, but it might be necessary to use FD or be a bit careful about new spawns.

It's damage contribution is very high, at about 37k DPS per mob for its 30 second duration. If you're able to AE 5 mobs, for example, it contributes ~185k DPS for its duration. As it only needs to be recast once every 30 seconds, that DPS is on top of all of the normal spells Necros would cast. The unfortunate part is that its damage doesn't report to anyone's parser (not even the Necro's), but it still helps kill mobs so I think it's worth using situationally. It is on DBG's radar (https://dgcissuetracker.com/browse/EQ-2080), so hopefully it does report soon.

Title: Re: How to Necro *Ring of Scale Edition*
Post by: Fintank on June 21, 2018, 12:16:23 AM
Yeah I forgot to add in Tribute, and probably a few other things. I sent myself my spell sets last night to do this during down time  :-X

I also always forget about the necro aura in raids, mainly because it doesn't parse so I generally stray away from things such as that. I've pretty much only incorporated it into my "grouping brain" since I haven't made a spellset for it yet. Maybe use that in slot 13 when no others necros in raid to keep Alliance firing!
Title: Re: How to Necro *Ring of Scale Edition*
Post by: Furro on June 21, 2018, 03:26:27 AM
Thanks for posting a guide for the current expansion (RoS), Fintank!  I set this thread as a sticky as well, so it stands out.  Scornfire's TBM guide may still have some relevant information, I'm not sure.  Let me know if not, and I'll adjust the sticky accordingly.  Also, he included triggers in the other post, so perhaps those are useful or can be migrated to RoS, not sure.

If you want to share your trigger package, that'd be nice as well.  But no problem if not.

Do you use triggers for epic?  Your swarm AA?  Other clicks, to know when they're back up, or just check them during GCD?

Hopefully other members from Team Necro will chime in on this post with their suggestions/thoughts as well. :)


Title: Re: How to Necro *Ring of Scale Edition*
Post by: Fintank on June 21, 2018, 04:30:03 AM
I went and looked at Scorn's writeup and included a link to it at the bottom of mine, there are some things in it I did not cover. Mentioning them as some of the draws to click it such as pet gearing, assorted clickies etc.

Added my Gina triggers as well, it gets really clunky during Gift of Deathly resolve but they help if you just play through the pain of having 20 timer bars up for about 1:30.

As far as the swarm pets and other clickies go, I generally just check during GCD since they are in certain places on my screen it's easy to see, they're also very minute DPS gains so if you miss hitting one twice you aren't truly missing out.
Title: Re: How to Necro *Ring of Scale Edition*
Post by: Scornfire on June 22, 2018, 01:04:12 AM
Scorn sucks, don't trust anything he says