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Title: Beastlord guides
Post by: krinni on July 10, 2016, 10:20:47 AM
im not good at writing this kind of thing but i said i would try.

raid spells

1. sabhattin mending
2. kenk's feralgia----growl of the leopard
3. kromtus lance
4. kreig's bite
5. frozen miasma
6. visoracius maelstrom
7. dichotomic fury
8. kirchen's chill
9. glistenwing blood
10. salve of clorith
11. focus of okasi
12. shared merciless ferocity

kenk's feralgia does 2 things, it casts growl of the leopard and the swarm pets. use growl for the 1st 30% of enslaver then change to kenk's feralgia (cast this each time the swarm pets fade)
growl of the leopard should be on you and your pet none stop never let it fade (Increase All Skills Damage Modifier by 20%)
use kromtus lance, kreig's bite, visoracius maelstrom, frozen miasma every time they are up.
use dichotomic fury every time its up
if you can spare the mana use kirchen's chill, glistenwing blood every time they fade.
keep the epic 2.0 clicky on your pet

spam ability

feral swipe
tempest claws (this is a frontal ae use at your own risk)
chameleon strike
bite of the asp
bestial evulsing (lasts longer then the time its down but dont hurt to spam it when its up)


ruaabri's fury
frenzied swipes
savage rancor
bestal bloodrage
spirit frenzy
third spire
reflexive rending
bestial alignment/group BA
attack of the warders

the burn i have listed is a click everything and burn if our other bst can post on how they extend the burns it might help for burn 1 and 2 insted of a short all out

pact of the wurine
30% accuracy  boost, 5,000 mana, 5,000 hp, 100 mana regen

consume spirit
trades some hp for mana

focused paragon (if you have mana problems use on yourself none stop (dont let pesky rangers talk you out of your mana  ::)  )

mgb paragon

/1 inc paragon (thats my fl chan, if furro reads this id like to put this as /rsay )
/alt act 35
/pause 5
/alt act 128

enduring frenzy (chance to retore 3,000 endr on hiting the mob, lasts 1 min. 5 min refresh)

/1 bst endr mark on %t
/1 ooc bst endr mark on %t
/pause 5
/alt act 2068
i do not know if that /pause is needed but i have it there anyways

Title: Re: Beastlord guides
Post by: Furro on December 11, 2016, 10:03:09 PM
Thanks for posting Krinni.

If you're not too busy, any possibility of updating this to reflect anything new from EoK?  No rush, busy time of the year and all.  Thanks!

Title: Re: Beastlord guides
Post by: krinni on March 02, 2017, 10:15:52 PM
eok did not add much or do much for bst, 2 spells were added, spirit of tala'tak, Venomous Alliance.
 tala'tak adds 300 atk, the alliance spell imo is not even worth using 1 it uses up a spell gem slot, you need another bst to use 2 dots, wait for 1 to tick then use another dot (have not been able to test that but i think thats what was posted on the forums)

primalist's synergy at max rank lets maul give the group next melee attacks 6000 damage (max this asap)
hastened ferocity lowers the reuse on ferocity (good QoL improvment if only 1 bst on the raid)
Title: Re: Beastlord guides
Post by: Bumkus on February 13, 2018, 02:09:15 AM
Here is my UI.  i don't recommend setting yours up the same way, because I feel it is a little cluttered and i need to clean it up.  Hopefully there are some elements that other beastlords find useful.  I welcome any comments, as I believe there have been changes to how burn buffs stack and I might need to make some tweaks.  (Like crit damage % no longer stacks?)

Here are my basic driving instructions when using this set up

1.  Click 6 to /assist the MA in raids or in groups
2.  Click 4 to send in pet, and to make sure you merc is not happily sitting in Passive mode for whatever reason
3.  Click 3 to do various combat strikes
4.  Click 5 to cast spell.  You can either multibind 5 key to your spell bar, or multibind 5 or 6 slots of your hotkey bar, if you like the flexibility of changing spell cast sequence on the fly

From here continue mashing 3/5, 3/5, 3/5 and you will fire off spells and combat abilities like a roman candle

You'll note that I don't call out Feral Swipe, kick, Bite of the asp, or other combat abilities that used to suck up lines in macro windows.  Many of these abilities are merged with other combat abilities that can be Autoactived.  For example:
1.  Round Kick triggers Feral Swipe
2.  Eagle Strike triggers Bite of the Asp
3.  Tiger Claw triggers Raven's Claw
For burn, I use 2 hotkeys.  You can see that i like to include buttons for each ability called out in the burn key, just to confirm my burn fires properly.  Sometimes things don't fire and i have to go back and click the burn key again.
The first burn key is general personal buffage, so you can click when mob is inc, if you think it will be a short fight.
The second burn key needs to have a mob targeted.

After initial burn runs its course, i click Group Bestial, Ferociousness and Frenzy of Spirit.  I realize Frenzy of Spirit is personally better than Dicho or Ruabri's, but in a group it's better to sacrifice a little to get those on the group instead

Title: Re: Beastlord guides
Post by: Bumkus on May 20, 2018, 12:38:40 PM
Updated Burn keys:
Burn 1:
/alt act 241 (bloodlust)
/disc Ruaabri's Fury Rk. II
/alt act 245 (Bestial Alignment)
/disc Savage Rancor Rk. III
/useitem Velazul's Dragonbrood Tunic (or whatever your best Chest click happens to be.  i put this at end because there is a short cast timer)

Burn 2:
/alt act 1240 (frenzied swipes)
/alt act 981 (attack of the warder swarm pet)
/alt act 1432
/disc Al`eles vindication Rk. III
/useitem Savagesoul Jerkin of the Wilds (Anguish chest.  again at end, since there is a short cast timer.

Separate clicks
- Bestial Bloodrage.  this reduces aggro from pet, so be careful using this when you need pet to hold mob down
- Reflexive sundering.  you can use this for an extre 4 attack every ten minutes, but other benefit is restoring endurance to your group, so use selectively
- Glyph of destruction II (does not stack with shaman epic anymore):
/timer 6000
/pause 3, /alt act 7019
/alt buy 7019
- Group Bestial/Ferociousness.  (i usually use these together for a miniburn. 
Title: Re: Beastlord guides
Post by: Furro on June 16, 2018, 04:44:24 PM
Thanks for replying Bumkus.

It would be ideal if other beasts that raid with us chime in as well to this thread, both with their thoughts or tips/feedback.

If you haven't already Bumkus, pass the word to team Beastlord members!  Thanks! :D
Title: Re: Beastlord guides
Post by: krinni on August 18, 2018, 10:33:24 PM
ok so with the last patch group pact of the wolf from shamans was turned into an aura, 75% haste, see invis, ultra vision, 10,000 hp, mana, end..
however it blocks the bst pact of the wurine.. 35% accuracy, 56% move speed, 7,500 hp, mana, 110 mana regen.

group pact of the wolf only has 2,500 more hp, mana, enr more but we lose 35% accuracy and 110 mana regen, i blocked group pact of the wolf asap on dulcy the accuracy lose and 110 mana regen lose is not worth the 2,500 hp/mana... the haste is also moot as chanter haste will snag you at 225% anyways.

edit, tested out some bst skills to check with stacking, bestial savagery overwrites the accuracy from PotW but stacks with it. so we would still lose the 110 mana regen, 2,500 hp,mana, 10,000 end
but a lose of 110 mana regen does not seem worth it (bst dont use jack for endr so that 10,000 might as well not even be counted)