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Warrior / Returning warrior confused.
« on: January 18, 2019, 08:01:14 PM »
I am a returning warrior to Everquest who use to often raid with freelance.  I have been playing for the last 3 or so months, but before that, I hadn’t played since 2014.  Since I recently became semi-retired, I have a bit more free time to play. My main character is a warrior that is currently 106, but frankly, my merc tanks better than me.  I have been doing some reading and been learning some new things about the game that may address my issue.

Recently, based on some reading I have identified some possible causes

Equipment......Obvious issue and obvious how to improve.

Heroic stats. 
It appears that Heroic stats increase the base stats of your character.  The primary one’s that a warrior should pursue seems to be stamina, agility, and dexterity as it would increase the available stats of your skills.
As an example, my stats appear to be 1371/ 1156 +306 for stamina.  Does that mean my real base is 1462?   Therefore, I have excess stamina on my equipment?  The base of 1156 Plus 306?  I did notice that the + number increased when I added some heroic augments to my equipment.
My agility is 1150/800+292.   Using the prior analogy that would infer that my base agility is 1092 meaning that I can add more agility to improve my defensive mitigation and avoidance.

Heroic mods:
Now if you look at my heroic mods, it says
Avoidance 150/300
Combat effects 100/125, etc.
Again, I read an article by a warrior talking about raid tanks, and he recommended getting your Heroic agility up 1000 and your stamina and dexterity up 800 as a minimum.  Does that refer to the 15/300 or does that refer to the +306 for stamina and +292 for agility?

Now having said all of this, how do I improve all of my needed stats to improve as a tank?  The + number appears to be increased when I use heroic augments.   The Heroic stats such as 150/300 I have no idea how to improve them as I haven’t seen anything that I have added improve those numbers as of yet.

Finally, I finally figured out the setup for doing multi-key binding, but again, I am not fully understanding the setup.  I did read one that was posted her by Zaknaffein, but it is a bit out of date.   
My current setup for defensive is as follows:
Tempetestous, steadfast, last stand, warlords bravery, armour of darkened runes.

Please correct any of my misunderstandings or disabuse me of my theories, but I would appreciate any advice or suggestion.


Freelance Ramblings / Re: Freelance DKP & Random
« on: July 03, 2009, 02:53:33 PM »
I know my opinion may not matter at this point, but I do like the dkp option.  I use to spend a lot of time raiding year or so ago but finally just got discouraged. My dice always sucked and the only time I won appeared to be when no one else wanted what would improve my gear.  End result was that I was doing better in equipment improvements by not raiding.  

Now with the dkp system I may have a chance to actually get some decent gear.

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