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Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: EoK - Chardok - T2 - Atrebe's Vault
« on: September 09, 2017, 11:48:16 PM »
I made a quick image of where I saw adds during phase one when I was checking the room after the raid last night. I think I noticed the South East corner seemed to be the least frequented corner for the deadly aura.

Last night I was called to run from doomlight twice. I'm pretty sure I didn't hear any messages from gina, so I checked the triggers. Pretty much all of the triggers are set to interrupt speech, so I'm wondering if that could cause the doomlight warning to not be heard, if one of the other triggers go off right afterward? I set the other triggers to not interrupt speech for next week.

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: EoK - Chardok - T2 - Atrebe's Vault
« on: July 19, 2017, 03:24:19 PM »
Zaknaffein's twitch of FL's last vault runs. Thought we might want to review for ideas.

Shaman / Re: Shaman guides
« on: July 10, 2017, 08:39:47 AM »
Shaman DPS/Damage
Quote from: Brogh
First Spire & 7th vet are both plain crit rate increases

base crit rate for shm is 56%
1st is +30%
7th is +50%
Auspice of the Hunters is +33%
Spirit of Vesagran (brd epic) +12%
Fierce Eye (brd AA) or Illusions of Grandeur (enc AA, doesn't stack with FE) +12%

If Auspice and any of brd epic / FE / IoG are up, then you're already full crit rate, both self boosts are useless overkill.

If you have 7th available, pretty sure you want to save that for when your Nectar & Affliction "stingers" are running alongside the regular dots. likely auspices will have run out by then

Think I was mistaken about the mana drain, tried it again tonight after a die please. I had one of the debuffs Mana Destruction on. I think that is what I thought was the mana drain.

Yesterdays attempts, I didn't enter the room until after the emoted names, but I did seem to get adds aggressively on me. I also noticed at one point when I had my divine aura going, that I could run into the boss's aura without HP lose, but did get the mana drain debuff.

I noticed with the dot from warcasters, my direct heals seem to not work? I was direct healing some people in my group with both direct group heals and direct single target heals and their HP would not move. I think it may be related to warcasters or their dot.

Shaman may want to wait to rebuff Roar of the Lion after Flamesong fades since it is overwritten. Definitely keep Shear going and splash like we have been. I think those splashes may actually work while under the warcasters penalty I mentioned above.

Roar of the Lion
Slot 1:    Increase Current Hit Points by 8211 per tick

Flamesong of Ro
Slot 1:    Decrease Current Hit Points by 91567 per tick

Necromancer / Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« on: April 20, 2017, 01:09:33 AM »
Wasn't in patch notes that I saw, but I think they changed GODR. Unless I'm mistaken.

Edit: Never mind, it wasn't anything new.

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: EoK - Chardok - T2 - Atrebe's Vault
« on: March 25, 2017, 11:33:44 PM »
A magical siphon casts
Saw this many times. "a magical siphon buzzes and seeks magical power in a new target." Not sure if it indicates it has siphoned mana, or something else.

The boss's aura was hidden at some points by the floor, but was still getting hit by it.

Got hit by Queen's dot two or three times last night. Did not get the doomlight. I think I got hit many more times when I got the doomlight. Maybe requires frequency. Also talendor has something I saw? Maybe the two combined causes the doomlight?

Some ideas I got to thinking about after last night's raid.

Is doomlight connected to the Queen's dot? I noticed I didn't seem to get hit with doomlight except when I was getting hit alot by the dot. One of the achievements is for avoiding the doomlight, so there must be a way to prevent everyone from getting it?

Can you prevent the sycophants from ever arriving in the cave? I saw them running through the tunnels when I ran in there with doomlight on me, and they promptly agroed and tried to kill me. : P

Is there a way to prevent a captain from being absorbed? Is there a spell the Queen casts that can be interrupted?

Shaman / Re: Shaman guides - DOT upgrades post-nerf
« on: February 16, 2017, 09:58:22 PM »
From what I see, we can stack 7 dots (not counting languid/feral bite/etc).

Long duration

27183 damage per tick for 13974 mana
17141 damage per tick for 11594 mana

 Reef Crawler Blood
23919 damage per tick for 19934 mana
10901 damage per tick for 9750 mana

 Srasku' Curse
20117 damage per tick for 11392 mana
15237 damage per tick for 14081 mana

 Nectar of Woe
14092 damage per tick for 15233 mana
12658 damage per tick for 15812 mana

 Breath of Hemocoraxius
14024 damage per tick for 12915 mana
10099 damage per tick for 10853 mana

 Livio's Affliction
9305 damage per tick for 15732 mana
8329 damage per tick for 16145 mana

 Spirespine's Pandemic
8169 damage per tick for 8932 mana
6824 damage per tick for 7860 mana

Short duration/Fast/Quick dots

 Serpentil's Venom
23919 damage per tick for 3 ticks for 3795 mana.
10901 damage per tick for 3 ticks for 1952 mana. Doesn't stack with Reef Crawler Blood

 Sephry's Malady
13749 damage per tick for 3 ticks for 2231 mana.
10099 damage per tick for 3 ticks for 1753 mana. Doesn't stack with Breath of Hemocoraxius.


Nectar of Woe will auto cast Vengence of Woe when it wears off.
20856 damage per tick for 24 seconds.
18734 damage per tick for 24 seconds.

Livio's Affliction will auto cast Livio's Malady when it wears off.
15632 damage per tick for 24 seconds.
13992 damage per tick for 24 seconds.

Combination spells

These spells speed up ramp up time at cost of mana. They also help save on spellgem slots. The downside is they use up an extra buff slot for the initial cast, and if buff locked, the mob may not get any real dot cast on it.

 Livio's Malosinia
Do you want to spend a lot more mana for a dot that casts slower and adds malosinia? Me neither.

 Hemocoraxius's Pandemic
Triggers the highest ranks you know of Breath of Hemocoraxius and Spirespine's Pandemic on your target. (I believe this also will add 200 mana to the cost of the combined spells).

 Chaotic Venom
Casts the highest rank you know of Reef Crawler Blood and Nectar of Woe on your target, with an additional 10-20% chance to cast the best rank you know of Reefmaw's Bite and 10-20% chance to cast the best rank you know of Serisaria's Spear of Venom. (again, I believe it adds mana cost in addition to what each spell costs to cast, so you won't get all this for the 587 mana it says).
...just realized that using this spell with Ranger's Scarlet Cheetah might use up twincasts on the nukes. Will have to test this.

I'm still working out how Gift of Mana works with combined spells like this. I think it uses up the charge on the small addition, but I need to further test this, and also see if GoM can proc off one spell and hit the next spell on the same combo.

Necromancer / Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:53:04 PM »
I would wait till necro dot revamp since they are working on dot revamps once again. There is also some change I don't understand, about Chromatic Haze effecting dots??

First healing ooze I saw was around 35-33%, I didn't catch when the second one was. Would help if people with mash buttons add the target hotkey to it.

Freelance Ramblings / Re: pet nerfed
« on: January 23, 2017, 10:47:59 PM »
From what I've seen before and after patch, my mage air pet with EM 18 and all defensive AA is still tanking about the same. Almost decent, but definitely not as good as a real tank. Splats on adds sometimes. Necro rogue pet with max EM and AA tanks just as good or worse than shaman pet with max AA.

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