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Freelance Ramblings / Hard events
« on: July 08, 2015, 01:58:02 PM »
Wanted to post a couple quotes from a current forums post on  Reason I want to quote is so that nobody assumes this is something I've thought up, or is just my opinion and dismisses it.

"I wasn't talking about anyone in particular, I was saying make sure everyone in your guild is pulling their weight. Not only is DPS important but ADPS is a completely separate monster. If you control the environment then you can identify where the improvement is needed.

 People like to look at tanking, healing and cc as reasons guilds fall short but dps is the biggest thing. DPS players take up almost 2/3 of a raid force. Imagine doing that raid in less than 2 minutes. How much less healing, tanking, emotes you would have to deal with.

 No need to get defensive. I would never say you cant play your class, I don't even know you."


"The longer events take, the greater the chance that probability catches up with you and your raid gets a string of bad events. You spend greater and greater proportions of the event functioning with lower yield or absent discs, or with greater and greater proportions of your raid force not functioning at 100%. Getting events done faster significantly decreases the amount of overall raid mechanics and damage output your raid needs to stand up against."
--- end quote

Seems like common sense, but the reason it stands out to me is that month in and month out I will see the same ranger do 2x the dps of another ranger.  Or one ranger do more dps then the bottom 3 combined.  So in a raid with 10 rangers when this goes on for 6months or a year this isn't all bad luck. Some people don't know all the tricks of their class and either aren't aware (looking at parses) or just don't really care. 

I understand Freelance is a place for people to raid openly, beginers included and LEARN and progress, but I don't believe it is designed to be a final resting spot for players who no longer care to try and for that reason are not permitted anywhere else. 

Sometimes group make up isn't ideal, so players in a better setup group will do more dps then a same class in another group.  I know some people are boxed, and it can be hard to maximize your dps while boxed.  On the other hand, some of the lowest scoring people on dps parses are not boxed and are in decent groups and still consistently month in and month out underperform.

There was a time when 90% of a tanks agro was off their weapon procs.  Now 90% of their agro is off "spells" or abilities.  There was a time when 6 clerics doing a complete heal rotation was the best way to heal.  Point being times change, then they change some more, then they keep changing.  If you haven't reviewed what your doing compared to others of the same class in awhile, take someone who shines at their class and ask them for some tips on how you can improve. 

I can't count how many times I've asked someone a question about something they are doing in a raid, whether its tank related, dps related, or other and gotten the answer:  "well, its just freelance".  That isn't a good answer.  A lot of effort is put into running the raid, and a lot of people come in hopes of being successful. 

Freelance Ramblings / AA Requirement
« on: April 01, 2013, 05:43:18 PM »
Quick question on 2500 AA requirement.  Looking at what I would be able to contribute to a raid with 2500 AA as warrior, it is minimal at best.  Was wondering if it might be time to raise the 2500 mark.  Was curious what others thought.

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