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Freelance Ramblings / Confirmed level increase 110
« on: October 18, 2017, 03:30:46 PM »
THE /betabuff COMMAND

    We want people to be able to test the content with a variety of classes and levels. In order to give you that ability to test as much of the expansion as possible, we have created a /betabuff command.
    To beta buff, use this command on a level 1 character: /betabuff <class> <level>
    This command will only work if the character is level 1 created on the Beta server.
    You should target your character to be Level 110 when Beta starts.

Raid Performance / Pet accuracy on raid targets
« on: October 22, 2016, 07:23:21 PM »
Quote from: Aristo
Little bit of Live tuning:
  • Increased the base accuracy of all pets summoned by spells between levels 101 and 105. This should help them hit NPCs, particularly raid targets, much more often.
    • Ranked pets in these levels now gain much more accuracy per rank than they did before.
    • Boosted the base accuracy of all unfocused pets as well as the accuracy gain per focus level.

Not sure when this will be pushed onto live.

Shaman / Bugged AA and improvements for shaman
« on: September 21, 2016, 09:50:30 PM »
The stinger/doom from the Nectar & Affliction dot lines will use up a charge of Fleeting Spirit.

Rabid Bear AA procs a very low DoT, which would be better off removed (even better replaced with something else (a bigger DD, group rune, heals, or proc something to increase our dot damage or group's melee damage)) so we don't take up a debuff slot.

Please up vote these so the devs might look at fixing them. Thanks!

Shaman / UI
« on: June 18, 2016, 05:17:57 AM »
Saw Gima posted his on the SK forum, so thought I'd post mine on here.

Freelance Ramblings / Vox Old Man Mckenzie raid for rez clicky
« on: May 27, 2016, 03:35:45 AM »
Mten, Jilkk, Padraigg, a few others and I are going to be doing the Vox raid which flags you to purchase the rez clicky (90% for dru/shm/pal/clr) Staff of Forbidden Rites with the OMM currency. We are tentatively aiming to do this Saturday after FL official raids (so probably around 11pm). In order to enter the raid zone you must have completed six raid events of the time era (Solteris and a few others).

Raid Performance / Useful hotkeys/macros/commands
« on: February 27, 2016, 03:49:20 AM »
Was talking in group tonight, and a couple of people were interested in hotkeys for different stuff.

The glyph hotkey I have is:

1. Buys Glyph (if you don't already have it bought)
2. Uses Glyph
3. Buys Glyph for next use

Tribute On

Tribute off

Unity horn hotkey

Blocking levitation
/blockspell add me 16813 2517 31549 40919 48881 13994 16814 3185 1391
Unblocking levitation
/blockspell remove me 16813 2517 31549 40919 48881 13994 16814 3185 1391

Blocking werewolf illusion from Group Pact of Wolf, but keep the buffs.
/blockspell add me 30708

Shaman / Shaman guides
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:26:52 AM »
Always be casting.
You have tools to do a lot of things, you have near limitless mana recuperation capabilities, you should never be idle during an event.
You should place high priority on getting your epic 2.0. It is the best adps we can give our melee groups.
You should place high priority on getting your rez clicky (Staff of Forbidden Rites). It is infinitely better than using Call of the Wild to revive players.

AE Healing

Spiritual Swelling

You should be casting this alot.
This is a great spell for helping to keep meleers/tanks alive. You need line of sight of your target to cast. You can target MA, mob, MTO, a group member, yourself, or your pet (it even works on your call of the ancients spell aura!). Using healing wards for splashing is kinda neat because they don't take damage from AEs, they are stationary. Use /tar charactername`s_ward (ie. /tar Raccoo`s_ward)

Frostbitten Gift
Gives your next two heals twincasts. I mostly use this with Spiritual Swell to boost its healing power. Instead of 3 splashes, you will get 6 splashes from Spiritual Swell.
[Sat Apr 01 23:06:45 2017] Reccoo experiences a healing surge.
[Sat Apr 01 23:06:45 2017] Reccoo experiences a healing surge.
[Sat Apr 01 23:06:48 2017] Reccoo experiences a healing surge.
[Sat Apr 01 23:06:48 2017] Reccoo experiences a healing surge.
[Sat Apr 01 23:06:51 2017] Reccoo experiences a healing surge.
[Sat Apr 01 23:06:51 2017] Reccoo experiences a healing surge.
Targeting the MA or a MT to cast is probably best because they will most likely be targeting a mob that is ok to nuke.

Ancient Alliance
   Forms an ancient alliance over your target, placing a healing rain over them when other Shaman, Cleric, or Druid heals (between levels 96 and 110, with a minimum healing value of 5000) land on that target for up to 2m (20 Ticks). If 120 heals are received in that time, it will trigger a fulmination consisting of an even larger healing rain.

   Should definitely be kept up on MTO, it would help if tanks would coordinate when it drops because it doesn't give a worn off message to the Shaman.
    This procs a AE heal (of approximately 9-10k) upon landing on target also. This requires line of sight with your target.
    Does not overwrite, even if same caster.
    Spiritual Swelling doesn't work to proc the AE heals, or lower the 120 counter.

Main Healing

I use two to three of the highest level Reckless heals along with Spiritual Swells and Gift for twincasting.  I do not use Mending spells, they are too slow.

Group Healing

Cloud of Renewal
Maintain this HoT on your group during tough events (especially if there are AEs). It can be twincast with Fleeting Spirit.
With Luminary's Synergy this has a chance to add even more healing to your group, giving us even more incentive to keep this up during raids.

Roar of the Lion
This HoT stacks with your Renewal line, but is on the same spellslot as regen, so it overwrites regen and is BLOCKED by quite a few DoTs from raid mobs.  Suggest paying attention to what is blocking it and cast this BEFORE getting hit if able (for instance, it isn't overwritten by the Queen's dot in Chardok, but it is blocked, so casting it beforehand is a must).

Eyrzekla's Recourse
Quick group heal with recourse heal. Use this one first for saving group members.

Prehistoric Intervention
Quicker group heal with longer refresh.

Forceful Rejuvenation
Save this for when your group heals are down and you need them immediately.

Deathseeker's Spiritwalker Coat or comparable group chest
Clicky group heal with very long refresh.

Ancestral Guardian Spirit
This AA gives a buff on target, that casts a big HoT when they go under 50% health. Cast this on Berzerkers, Rogues, or others who like to take dirtnaps often.

Small Manisi Branch
This item is the reward for The Foretold Hour achievement. It gives you an item that priests can convert into an item with direct heal for 40-80k, mana-free every 2 minutes.

Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer or Jeweled Apothic Dragon Spine Hammer
The clicky is on the same timer as the Manisi Branch.
The regular hammer gives the same 40k heal, and the Jeweled upgrade gives 50k base, both of which can crit.
This item is the reward for a quest that begins in Veeshan's Peak. It can be upgraded to Jeweled with a Flawless Diamond from a raid chest.


Staff of Forbidden Rites
Casting time 1.0. Recast time 30 seconds.
90% rez. This can be used in combat, during raid events. Quicker casting and recast time than Call of the Wild. Also does not give the Revival sickness mentioned below.
This is the second most important item for shaman (not to mention, paladin, druid, and even cleric (cleric AA rez is 1.5 cast time)), after epic 2.0.

Call of the Wild
Casting time 3.0. Recast time 2 minutes.
This is a rez-like ability to return players to their corpses. This can be used in combat, during raid events.
Players called to their corpse will have Revival Sickness. I would highly recommend not using this if you can help it. Always use the 90% first. Although it might be ok using on a cleric or someone who can rez themselves to get rid of the Revival Sickness.

Rejuvenation of Spirit
96% rez. This cannot be used during combat. Have to wait 5 minutes after raid combat to use.

Revival Sickness - Affects you when you get called or go to bind without getting a rez.
Duration: 2m (20 ticks), Dispelable: No
1: Cap Mana at lowest of 20% or 4000
2: Cap Endurance at lowest of 20% or 4000


  • Our most important ADPS, click often unless holding for big burn
  • Increase Critical Damage by 110% with All Skills
  • Increase Chance to Critical Hit by 65% with All Skills
  • Three minute refresh
  • Pair with bard's epic for best results
  • Hotkey has Group Pact of Wolf, in case anyone needs haste.
  • Hotkey has Spirit of Cheetah, in case anyone needs runspeed.
  • Epic trigger

Third Spire of Ancestors IV
  • Increase Proc Modifier by 25%
  • Increase Accuracy by 60%
  • Increase All Skills Minimum Damage Modifier by 45%
  • Use on burn call. Pair with Ancestral Aid MGB/TB.
  • Third Spire Trigger

Ancestral Aid XXXI
  • Increase Hitpoints v2 by 8000 per tick
  • Increase AGI, DEX, & STR Cap by 340
  • Increase AGI, DEX, & STR by 340
INCREASED HEALING AMOUNT!!! This went from 2k to 8k it looks like from my last post, unless I was looking at older version when I made this.
Instant cast. This stacks with Shear of Renewal, Epic, Roar of the Lion, etc. Hit Tranquil Blessings before engage, and try to space them out, coordinate with other shaman.
Also make a hotkey for MGB + Ancestral Aid for a second click when it repops.
Pair this with Third Spire.

It blocks Union of Spirits, so be aware when using Union for life saving!

Roar of the Lion
Permanent spell slot for this one, keep recasting whenever it refreshes for a powerful melee proc and group HoT.
It also helps to have a trigger for when Gift of Mana fires so you can use the free cast on this, since it uses a large amount of mana.

Union of Spirits XXV (doesn't stack with Ancestral Aid)
Increase HP when cast by 45000
Increase Hitpoints v2 by 29000 per tick
Increase STR/AGI/DEX Cap by 300
Increase STR/AGI/DEX by 300

This is instant cast, and you can accidentally hit mobs with it (although it doesn't help them). I use this mainly on Berzerkers/Rogues. Not sure which class benefit the most from the stats increase.
Note: If Ancestral Aid is running, this will be blocked!

Group Pact of the Wolf XII
Increase Attack Speed by 75%
Increase Mana Pool by 4000
Increase Max Hitpoints by 4000

I use this for rebuffing rezzed melee since it is instant cast and instant refresh, instead of using talisman of celerity. Meleers need to block the illusion in the short buff window so they don't change into werewolves though.

Fleeting Spirit
Twin cast your DoTs on burns. It has 10 charges, and lasts 2 minutes. If a ranger in your group is using their Scarlet Cheetah, you can save it, or try to work around. Scarlet and Fleeting will both be used at the same time if they are both up.

Work in progress.
My spell lineup for raid DPS (Level 105). Chaotic Venom, Sraskus' Curse, Garugaru, Hemocoraxius' Pandemic/Livio's Affliction. I hit Silent Casting, Fleeting Spirit, and I have a hotkey that hits First Spire, Focus Arcanum and Glyph. Having the Vermillion Sky Ring and FD potions are a good idea to help cut down on agro, since Totem doesn't have a quick enough refresh. If you have a ranger in your group, you might be able to do better letting them Scarlet cheetah you first, but cast Chaotic Venom last, so the twincasts won't be used up by the nukes. Steal ideas from the necro guide, use tribute and efficiency potions.

For AE, Ri`zyer's Breath is better DPS than Falhoteps (base 7604 x 3, can hit yourself if within range). Falhoteps max crit mod is capped at 40%.
For DD, Lion's Roar procs (base 13265-16929 dmg) and Reefmaw's Bite (max base 13596 dmg).

If we aren't moving around much, and group members aren't dying, I'll melee to proc Roar of the Lion.

Rabid Bear
Increases your double attack, attack, adds a self HoT, procs a small DD&DoT, and also procs a 4k rune on you and your group members (which also heals the group when it procs).

Languid Bite
Be aware of the situation on whether you should have this disabled. It procs off of Turgur's for mana free DPS, but if 4+ necros on raid, disable. Also disable if there are a lot of mezzed mobs you are slowing.

Turn taunt OFF. I always start with a pet at the beginning of the event to get extra dps from his Lion's roar procs. But I don't bother re-summoning dogdog if he dies during the event. The minimal DPS is not worth the time it takes.

Pack of Olesira
Put this on if you are planning to DPS. Except where swarm pets shouldn't be used.

Anashti Lady of Decay

1. Reckless Regeneration
2. Reckless Restoration/Unity
3. Spiritual Swell
4. Krasir's Recourse
5. Historian's Intervention
6. Shear of Renewal
7. Chaotic Venom
8. Srasku's Curse
9. Garugaru
10. Eradicate Curse
11. Kromtus
12. Roar of the Lion

1. Reckless Regeneration
2. Reckless Restoration/Unity
3. Spiritual Swell
4. Krasir's Recourse
5. Historian's Intervention
6. Shear of Renewal
7. Chaotic Venom
8. Srasku's Curse
9. Garugaru
10. Blood of Rivans
11. Freespace
12. Roar of the Lion
Stem the Tide

1. Reckless Regeneration
2. Reckless Restoration
3. Krasir's Mending
4. Krasir's Recourse
5. Historian's Intervention
6. Glacial Gift
7. Spiritual Swell
8. Unity of Doomscale
9. Ferocious Growth
10. Srasku's Drowse/
11. Shear of Renewal
12. Roar of the Lion
New events
1. Reckless Regeneration
2. Reckless Restoration
3. Krasir's Mending
4. Krasir's Recourse
5. Historian's Intervention
6. Shear of Renewal
7. Spiritual Swell
8. Glacial Gift
9. Unity of the Doomscale
10. Ferocious Growth
11. Sluggishness
12. Roar of the Lion
1. Reckless Regeneration
2. Unity
3. Spiritual Swell
4. Krasir's Recourse
5. Historian's Intervention
6. Shear of Renewal
7. Chaotic Venom
8. Srasku's Curse
9. Garugaru
10. HemoPand/Livio's Affliction
11. Freespace
12. Roar of the Lion

Other hotkeys

Oh shit button.
1. Ancient Guard
2. Armor of Ancestral Spirits
3. Rabid Bear (for HoT)
Call of the Wild
Staff of Forbidden Rites
90% clicker hotkey
Cheetah + Invis hotkey
Rebuff hotkey
1. Pact of the Wolf
2. Group perfect levi
3. Violet Conch of the Tempest
4. Preincarnation
5. Direwolf Totem of Spirit
Pet resummon
1. Mems spell set for summoning pet, and hasting pet
2. Cast pet spell
3. Curious Companion Compactor (pet shrink)
4. Pet haste

Freelance Ramblings / Stop casting made simple
« on: November 14, 2015, 01:24:44 PM »
This might work well for anyone except for bards, but I setup my keys so when I walk forward or backward it will stop whatever I'm doing (this will stop macro/hotkeys/spells/anything with cast time I believe).

Alt+O >> Keys tab >> Commands >> Stop Action = Keypress = S, Alternate = W.

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