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Raids: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, October 18 - 20
* Tentative, depending on turnout.  Info below with respect to target called *

Raid Info: All related expansions

Zone / Gather Point: Announced in channel, during gather.

Time: 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 5pm PST

Channel & Password: FLRaids:raids
Minimum Requirements: Level 105, 7000 AA, DoN, MPG Trials.
Required Flags:  Refer to related strategy posts for details
Raid Guildlines: Read & Complete our Raid Guidelines post before attending.

Friends & Guilds
Free free to post on your guild forums, and tell your friends about our raids.  We have plenty of room, and welcome everyone.  Thanks!

Event Instruction Channels

During all our raids, we have additional channels which we give specific instructions to.  If possible, please be in the channel associated with your class/role listed below:

CHANNEL            CLASSES           
FLHeals:healsCleric, Druid, Shaman, Necro
FLTanks:tanksWarrior, Paladin, Shadowknight
FLCC:ccEnchanter, Bard, Shadowknight, Ranger, Monk, Druid
FLDPS:dpsMonks, Rangers, Rogues, Berserkers, Beastlords, Shaman, Bards, Magicians, Wizards, Necros, Enchanters and ALL players with Circle of Power clicky items.

Item Distribution Overview

Freelance uses both DKP and Random 1000 to distribute items.  All items are associated with a category, and each category tied to a ruleset; which is used for item distribution.

Current designated expansion AUG, LOOT & RUNE items require 20% Raid Attendance in order to BID/Random on them.  Retro designated expansion items are processed on demand via /random 1000 Ruleset, with normal associated base costs.  With the exception of special earmarked items (quest drops, etc).

N/A category items are distributed via Random 1000 ruleset.

LOOT category items are auctioned off in 3 rounds of open /raidsay bidding, starting at 50 DKP.  Minimum bid increments of 10 DKP at a time.  A player cannot bid beyond their Current DKP holdings.  Following no bids, an OPEN tag is associated and the Random 1000 ruleset is used (no RA needed).

Each "Real Life" person is allowed to participate, winning one AUG, LOOT, RUNE, and N/A item per night.  OPEN items still count as your item in that category for the night, and are available to anyone, including prior winners.   FFA items cost the same as their aforementioned category, but are not restricted to one per "Real Life" person.

AUGAugmentation ItemDKP + RA%     
LOOTRegular Loot ItemDKP + RA%     
RUNESpell / Melee DiscRandom 1000 + RA%     
N/AMiscellaneous ItemsRandom 1000 & Raid Attendance     
OPENUsed in conjunction with above categoriesRandom 1000     

Retro Content - Item Distribution by Player Request:

At the time of item distribution, the chest contents will be linked in /raidsay, and players interested are asked to link in the FLRaids channel the items they want processed.  The purpose of this procedure is to expedite the distribution process of low demand items.

Ring of Scale - Event Items
(Current Expansion Ruleset)
Visible ArmorLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000     All types, used to make T1-T2-T3 visible armor
Non-Visible Armor PiecesLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000     All non-visible armor
Cultural PiecesLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000Cultural Aug (TypeXX)
WeaponsLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000Melee/Caster Weapons
ContainersLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000Bags, Boxes, any type Container
Element of KunarkLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000     Quest Drop - Used to upgrade a group item to a raid version of item.
Spell/Disc RunesRUNERandom 1000 +20% RAUsed for Rk3 spells/discs
Guild Hall TrophiesN/ARandom 1000     Check with your guild first,
       in case they have it already.
Hero's Forge ArmorN/ARandom 1000 (if requested)     Visible Appearance
Armor OrnamentsN/ARandom 1000 (10 DKP cost)     Visible Appearance
       10 DKP cost per piece because they are tradeable.
Backflag piecesN/ARandom 1000 +20% RA     
Next Tier flag piecesN/ARandom 1000 +20% RA     

Empires of Kunark - Event Items
(Retro Expansion Ruleset)
Visible ArmorLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000     All types, used to make T1-T2-T3 visible armor
Non-Visible Armor PiecesLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000     All non-visible armor
Cultural PiecesLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000Cultural Aug (TypeXX)
WeaponsLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000Melee/Caster Weapons
ContainersLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000Bags, Boxes, any type Container
Element of KunarkLOOTDKP +20% RA or Random 1000     Quest Drop - Used to upgrade a group item to a raid version of item.
Spell/Disc RunesRUNERandom 1000 +20% RAUsed for Rk3 spells/discs
Guild Hall TrophiesN/ARandom 1000     Check with your guild first,
       in case they have it already.
Hero's Forge ArmorN/ARandom 1000 (if requested)     Visible Appearance
Armor OrnamentsN/ARandom 1000 (10 DKP cost)     Visible Appearance
       10 DKP cost per piece because they are tradeable.
Backflag piecesN/ARandom 1000 +20% RA     
Next Tier flag piecesN/ARandom 1000 +20% RA     

The Broken Mirror - Event Items
(Retro Expansion Ruleset)
Visible ArmorLOOTRandom 1000     All types, used to make T1-T2-T3 visible armor
Non-Visible Armor PiecesLOOTRandom 1000     All non-visible armor
Cultural PiecesLOOTRandom 1000Cultural Aug (TypeXX)
WeaponsLOOTRandom 1000Melee/Caster Weapons
ContainersLOOTRandom 1000Bags, Boxes, any type Container
Spell/Disc RunesRUNERandom 1000Used for Rk3 spells/discs
Left/Right Eye of SulAUGRandom 1000
Guild Hall TrophiesN/ARandom 1000     Check with your guild first,
       in case they have it already.
Hero's Forge ArmorN/ARandom 1000     Visible Appearance
Armor OrnamentsN/ARandom 1000     Visible Appearance
       10 DKP cost per piece because they are tradeable.
Backflag piecesN/ARandom 1000     
Next Tier flag piecesN/ARandom 1000     

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: RoS - Skyfire - T1 - End of Empire
« on: October 13, 2018, 11:36:38 PM »
My suggested EoE strategy changes
#1 add a trigger in gina for everyone when the dragon flys away. when this happens instruction is to move the safe point to the safe ledge
#2 give 4 clickers to ranged dps. They have a channel and hotkey to push when they click, that includes the next player. everyone has a 2nd key that says to skip them and whos next. They only click while standing on the campfire
#3 give the other 4 clickers to the tanks. they do the same but rotate their click on the final boss. i realize they will miss some clicks but they are tanks and can deal with it.
#4 have 2 melee only dps people whos jobs are to drag dead bodies to the healers instead of damage. they need a hotkey to tell the other dragger they are dead so they get drug first.
#5 melee who cant do signifcant range damage can engage the final boss at their whim in melee range, but need to run out on doomhammer ae and meteors. hopefully we can get good gina triggers for these events to give people enough time to run.

Thanks for the suggestions, Faldyarr. :)

Following the raid last night Dimbly and I worked out some positioning for when Talendor flies away.

Huevos picked out the trigger from log when Talendor flies off:

[Fri Oct 12 20:03:48 2018] The great dragon Talendor shakes his head and growls as he turns to leave.

When Hegron reaches 35% or so, from feedback, players noticed Talendor flew away around then.

Once Talendor flies off, the raid can move to the platform to avoid meteor strikes.  We'll have MT adjust Hegron proportionally towards the ramp (I'll go over this in prep with MTO).

Dimbly is handling the meteor clicks, so I'll leave your points for him to respond to accordingly.

See ya in game!

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: EoK - Kor-Sha - T3 - The Kar`Zok
« on: September 21, 2018, 11:44:17 PM »
09-21-2018 - Frost Shields on assaulter adds

Apparently it's being reported in the DBG bug thread that the frost shields are not being broken by the AE since patch.  Thanks Huevos for checking up on the thread.

That explains why we were having so much trouble last night on this.  Normally we get shields dropping from Frost adds.

Technically, we could still go for three shield breaks on Flame adds though.  Albeit it's a bit more difficult, we usually aim for a couple shields, given our current tactic.  To ensure three shields, we'd have to avoid killing a flame initially, and then ensure tanks are bringing their flame adds to Gaze emoted players (players with blue ring around them).  Tanks know this, but it's not always nailed and that's one of the reasons we tend to not get 3/3 on shields from flame adds.

Anyway!  The deaths were for a good cause last night! /duck.  ;D

Monk / Re: The Ultimate Monk Guide
« on: September 06, 2018, 06:55:00 PM »
Hi Slits,

Thanks for posting your Monk guide! :)

There's a fair amount of information in this write up.

It'd be ideal if Team Monk could collaborate on the information and get it into a unified post.

Edit: A word about parsing. Parsing is done from the log file of the character of the player running the parse. Characters that are at a remove from the parsing player's character are less likely to have all their activities, including damage, in that log file. This is fine for melees because we all tend to cluster around the boss mob (recognizing that many boss fights make us move our attentions periodically, decreasing DPS). It is not so good for casters as they tend to stand off at a distance where their damage may not all be recorded by a melee character's log file. Also, anyone can choke on one fight or even several, especially if they have recently changed their interface or display options or something. A single parse says nothing about a character or its player unless it is very high and that just indicates potential unless it is consistently very high. It says little to nothing about lower scores if they have raid duties than just DPS. On the other hand, it is the only tool we DPS types have to use when we seek to evaluate and improve. The only way to get something approaching validity (and then, only for characters that are typically near the parsing character) is to look at them from many fights over many, many nights. What good does this do? Well, it helps the parsing player see where they can improve. That's number one. It also identifies players that are having problems because if, night after night, we see the same rogue doing half or a quarter of what the rogue or rogues that are consistently at the top are doing, then it indicates something. Let's try to avoid calling it a problem, at least initially, and think of it as an opportunity for improvement. It is then incumbent on the class leader to try to figure out where the disconnect is and help them to do better. Having someone just accept such a disparity because the higher averaging player has a good weapon, or a few more AA, or some such, does not help anyone, least of all the raiders.

One additional point here.  One can be a good player but not reaching their full potential due to the lack of ADPS support; be it in group or other, or having to hold back because of Tank aggro issues or adds not being picked up quick enough, or healers not keeping them alive.  This can be frustrating for players, because these aspects are not within their control.  That doesn't mean however that the issues cannot be brought up and efforts taken to help other support isn't also performing as expected/required.

The most simple example is a melee DPS in a group with a Shaman, and having the Shaman not clicking Epic all the time.  Or the Shaman not performing well during heavy AE events or AE Rampage, resulting in player death.

It's a team effort, and our performance as a team is sub-optimal without everyone constantly striving to improve their performance.  For Freelance, performance is a constant Work in Progress (WIP).

We make our group ten percent more like to parry, block, riposte, or dodge attacks.
We make our group do 25% more damage with weapons for fifty strikes--every thirty seconds.

I wasn't aware of the above two group benefits Monks provide.  Depending on our raid setup, I'll try and place a Monk in each Melee DPS group going forward.

Depending on the event as well, I rotate players around in different groups so that they have the opportunity for full ADPS support (when we have it of course).  If the event is new content, or something we really struggle on, I tend to optimize and make up DPS groups in a certain way, ensuring our top performing DPS have ADPS support (again, if we have the setup).

If you have not done Mata Muram trials to raise the caps on your resists then you need to. Should be really easy for a 105 and the instructions are all at

I suggest you also go do the Dragons of Norrath lines to get the Keeper or the Dark Reign line of AAs. These can only help and they are easy as pie at our levels. Instructions are at:

I agree.  MPG Trials and DoN are still worth doing.  EQ is a game of inches.

MPG Trials and DoN have been part of our Minimum Requirements for years.

It's funny you bring this up though, because we still get players who scoff at the min reqs, with the thinking that because the player has x AA or y gear, that an exception should be made in their case.  Ironically, these players are often in high end guilds.  ::)

Perhaps unlike other raid teams, our minimum requirements actually mean something, are not for show, and are actively enforced.  There are no exceptions.  Including no exceptions of convenience.  In other words, if we're short on turnout or x class, and that class shows up but doesn't meet the requirements, we have to drop them from the raid.

1) Gear

1-1) Miscellaneous

First is gear, go do the last Gribb's HA in Deadman's Hills until you get a reusable Blood Drinker potion off the boss at the end (when he shows up and when he drops it). This is a reusable potion that gives your melee attacks a 1% vampire effect, lasts for several minutes, and has like a twenty minute cooldown

Interesting.  I did't know about the Blood Drinker potion.  It looks like the cooldown is 10 minutes.

1-4-2) Poison

Also, get some poison that you can use. Spider Bite line may be the best thing going right now, but that could change. It's pricey but it lasts a long time. Another problem is that supplies are limited. I created my own Grandmaster Poison Maker alt just to try to get a handle on this but I am still tightly constrained by available materials.

Potions are nice for sure.  I know some of our players use them, but I suspect not everyone.  We also have someone announce that they have some to hand out at times, so that helps.

1-5) Augmentations

As far as procs on augmentations go, anything vampiric is great. Monks do a lot of melee damage and anything that returns part of that damage to us as healing is doubly welcome.

Lots of AUG choices you've listed.  Other monks should chime in with their thoughts as well.

Augs may seem minor, but as I said above, it's a game of inches.  It all adds up.

1-5-4) Power Sources

Presumably the Thaell Ew Totem (a drop from dinos on Thuliasaur Island) is best for raiding, followed by the Pure Energeian Elemental Orb.

RoS and EoK expansion have some really nice power sources.  Keeping the good ones for raids, and then swapping in the Pure for group stuff is ideal.

2) Trophies

Replica of the Qeynos Claymore, you get this for the Achievement: Greater Hero of the Call, a follow on quest in CoTF, it gives 500 health, mana, and endurance, 100 AC, 5 heroic stats, and 20 spell damage and heal improvement.

Trophy of the Breeding Grounds, comes from completely all quests, hero, merc, and partisan, in the Breeding Grounds, gives 20 heroic dexterity and 5 riposte

Trophy of the Seafarer, +400 hp/mana/end; +75 AC; +5 all heroics; +10 spell dmg/heal amount; +25 Swimming Skill

Trophy of the Tree, 20 heroic str and 20 attack cap, for doing all quests, hero, merc, and partisan in Evantil, the Vile Oak.

Trophy of the House (use as a filler for one of the other 4 or use as a 5th if you have collections for CotF / TDS done), reward for Savior of the House of Thule, at tier 5 it give 18 strength and similarly increases the cap. This was ridiculously easy and fast to get with a level 105 monk, alone and without even a merc up.

I'm a total slacker on this, and it's something I should be doing.  It's something I need to work on.

3) Tribute

Don't forget about tribute. I have the following advice, second hand:

Eyes of the Hunter
Fury of Combat*
Hero's Deftness
Arm of the Hero
Arm of Power II

The lower 3 can be switched out with whatever you would prefer. The top 2 you should always have in your tribute.

Another area that I don't use, but have very rarey a number of years ago.  I play a Cleric though, so I think I can get away without it. /duck :)

5) UI Preparation

5-1) Hotbars

Have four or five hotbars set up just for raiding. I put them on the second page of each hotbar so I just have to roll each hotbar once before the raid, and then, after the raid, roll them back one to the hotbars I use for groups and solo.

You also have those special AA abilities that can only be used every few days. Hotkey them but use them very judiciously. These sort of things are a problem as you never want to use them in case the next encounter is even tougher, but if you never use them then why have them?

This is one area where I think a lot of people fall into a trap of keeping their UI the same and not adapting it over the years to keep up with the times.

Doesn't mean one has to change it constantly, as that may hamper performance.  But it's worth reviewing and tweaking the layout over time.

I also think some players do not have their chat set up optimally, and as a result miss key messages during an event, as other spam pushes it quickly out of view.

5-2) Raid Kick Spam Key ™

Have all of the following in a line on a single hotbar and all keyed (multi-binded) to the same button shortcut (a button you can pound easily and repeatedly). I call this my Raid Kick Spam Key™ and pound the hell out of it the entire raid once I start, although it's important to make sure Synergy is good to go before starting Burn Cycle 1.

1) Zan Fi’s Whistle – big boost that can run almost all the time, don’t let it lie unused even if you choose not to put it in the Kick Spam, it also makes Drunken Monkey pretty much obsolete.
2) Doomwalker's Synergy - Hard flying kick that debuffs mob against future flying kicks
3) Torrent of Fist's - 3 hard Tiger Claw hits - triggers Master's Synergy, too.
4) Curse of the Thirteen fingers - Mob takes more hurt from damage shields
5) Zalikor's Fang – An obsolete nuke but the Partisan pet line on the same timer is broken.
6) Stunning Kick - consider it a free flying kick and if it stuns the mob, bonus! (But don't use against Grannus, he will reflect it as if it were a spell.)
7 Flying Kick - damage and more damage
8) Tiger Claw - even more damage
9) Doomwalker's Precision Strike - a shuriken attack that is also buffs your other shuriken attacks
10) Vigorous Shuriken - more damage, even though it is point blank range
11) Banestrike - 8k nuke (you probably have it for this boss's form, mash it regardless)
12) I put my monk epic 1.0 here so I lose my haste buff, I still have most of it.

NO) Pummeling Fists – New level 105 EoK disc that upgrades the Partisan pet line--unfortunately, since the riposte nerf in Fall 2016, mobs now will these almost instantly-we are still stuck with the outdated Zalikor's.

NOTE: Curse of the Thirteen Fingers is an unresistable curse you put on the mob. That mob then takes an extra 467 points of damage every time it hits someone with a damage shield (which is hopefully anyone it should be hitting). When this happens 112 times (shouldn't take long), the curse blows up for 224,000 points of damage or more, depending on rank in that discipline. And you can probably reapply it immediately. I don't think the parser will show it but see that damage? We did that!

Hopefully Team Monk will chime in on this, as I don't play a Monk. :)


Hope this helps guild dps overall, if you are a monk, please feel free to test and add suggestions. If you are not a monk, go make one of these for your own class!

As mentioned already, hopefully other Monks can chime in with their suggestions.  Thanks again for posting!


Druid / Re: Druid Guide (Raid Setups & Basic Class Overview)
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:39:11 PM »
Hi Zarake,

Thanks for taking the time to post a Druid guide! :) I've sticky posted it, so it stands out.

I haven't played the Druid class.  They're such a big utility class though, and your guide appears to cover all the main areas.

One other area that might be good for Team Druid to discuss is their trigger packages.  I imagine our Druids have triggers for BW and SoTW, etc., for example.


Rogue / Re: Rogue DPS Guide - The Ring of Scale Edition
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:19:47 PM »
Thanks for the updates, Padraigg! :)

Beastlord / Re: Beastlord guides
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:17:29 PM »
Beastlord Guide
All of the spells, disciplines and AAs have links to their spell data for the various ranks so you can see why the burns are put together to prevent overlap of bonuses that will not stack. If anyone has questions, tips, or comments on the setup let me know. ;D

Hi Paruaa,

Thanks for posting the spell and burn lineups.  Very clear layouts outlined, with links and notes.  :)

Beastlord / Re: Beastlord guides
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:15:56 PM »
ok so with the last patch group pact of the wolf from shamans was turned into an aura, 75% haste, see invis, ultra vision, 10,000 hp, mana, end..
however it blocks the bst pact of the wurine.. 35% accuracy, 56% move speed, 7,500 hp, mana, 110 mana regen.

group pact of the wolf only has 2,500 more hp, mana, enr more but we lose 35% accuracy and 110 mana regen, i blocked group pact of the wolf asap on dulcy the accuracy lose and 110 mana regen lose is not worth the 2,500 hp/mana... the haste is also moot as chanter haste will snag you at 225% anyways.

edit, tested out some bst skills to check with stacking, bestial savagery overwrites the accuracy from PotW but stacks with it. so we would still lose the 110 mana regen, 2,500 hp,mana, 10,000 end
but a lose of 110 mana regen does not seem worth it (bst dont use jack for endr so that 10,000 might as well not even be counted)

Thanks for the update, Krinni. :)

Enchanter / Re: Enchanter DPS & ADPS
« on: September 06, 2018, 04:02:52 PM »
Thanks for taking the time to write up a comprehensive DPS/ADPS post, gotcharm! :)

I generally encourage Enchanters to take control of their group's ADPS coordination if no one else does. Understanding how your group burns and why they want things at certain times is a huge part of being a good Enchanter.

This is a good point.  Regardless whether it's an Enchanter in group taking the lead, I think group members having a quick pow-wow during prep/downtime is useful.

Debuffs - Assign one Enchanter to keep Deluding Constriction on whatever the big bad boss you're fighting is. Work a Mental Contortion rotation if you have 3 Enchanters for 100% uptime. Assign one Enchanter (usually the newest one) to cast Demolished Consciousness (this is a level 97 spell) on the big bad boss in order to proc Somnolence. The spell itself doesn't matter, just the Somnolence proc.

We do debuff assigns.  But to my knowledge, we don't currently do a rotation on MC.  Unless Enchanters have been working that out and I've overlooked the chat.  I'll try and make a mental note and ask our Enchanters.

I have a mostly updated GINA pack publicly available here:

It's 34 Enchanter-specific triggers. This is not a "plug and play" package. It requires some setup because it makes heavy use of timers. This is the (old) example image I use to show where everything goes:

If you want, feel free to edit your post and attach the file.  In the event you rename/delete it on your AWS, it'll still be available for others here.

Freelance Ramblings / Re: Crashed
« on: August 30, 2018, 11:57:25 PM »
Seems to be OK now.

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: RoS - Overthere - T1 - Fell Foliage
« on: July 27, 2018, 03:19:19 AM »
Strategy Update - Thursday, July 26, 2018

Good run overall tonight.  Our smoothest to date!  Nice job everyone. :)

The new location worked out well.  Some adjusts were made over the course of a couple attempts, and then we got it down smooth on the 3rd.

Dimbly updated the positioning diagram accordingly.

Dimbly's diagram:

See everyone in-game!

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: RoS - Overthere - T1 - Fell Foliage
« on: July 26, 2018, 11:46:32 PM »
I figured that would not be considered sharing strats. but let me know if that type of info is under the no info from other raid teams

Yeah, that was one of the first things I thought of when you replied earlier.  It's an iffy area, technically, I would say it goes against the spirit of the policy.  Thanks for keeping it in mind and trying to adhere to it.  We appreciate the effort.  :)

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: RoS - Overthere - T1 - Fell Foliage
« on: July 26, 2018, 09:39:49 PM »
Thanks Krinni.  I think I heard about that happening as well, but at the time, I thought it was when tanking the boss near the main city/fort area (where we zone into the instance, that wall).

Padraigg usually plants the cactus to start, so if anything goes wrong, we know who to blame.  ;D

As I was replying here, thinking about flipping boss/renegade spots, I guess Dimbly was as well and he worked up the alternative positioning.

Dimbly's diagram:

Edit: Updated earlier strategy adjust post with new diagram, and strategy post as well, to avoid confusion.

Upcoming Events & Strategy / Re: RoS - Overthere - T1 - Fell Foliage
« on: July 26, 2018, 07:58:26 PM »
Strategy Update - Thursday, July 26, 2018

We're adjusting the raid location and positioning.  A few months ago we looked at several areas, and Dimbly came up with one that we believe will be better overall.

Dimbly's workup:

The loc is p1600, n2150 on the NE wall.
  • The walls should catch sproutlings.
  • We won't see any pathers.
  • Tighter area for healing.

Dimbly's diagrams:

EDIT: Dimbly adjusted diagram so boss is not close to wall.  In response to Krinni's post regarding possible HP% adds ending up behind wall.  Thanks Krinni.

See everyone in game! :)

Trigger Package Updates - Friday, July 20, 2018

Bumkus made two additional trigger overlays.  He said it's nice to know when the next EB cure and SILENCE is incoming.  I agree.  These overlays compliment the existing triggers.

I also included a small tweak to the Mystical Suppression overlay trigger Bumkus made, so that 10 seconds before the next SILENCE is about to fire, it will warn: NEXT SILENCE IN 10 SECONDS with text and voice.

Thanks Bumkus for working up the two triggers. :)

See everyone in game!

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