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Beastlord / Venomous Covenant
« on: December 10, 2018, 09:06:27 PM »
Here are the triggers for the new Beastlord Venomous Covenant spell.

Beastlord / Re: Beastlord guides
« on: October 10, 2018, 11:45:35 PM »
ok so with the last patch group pact of the wolf from shamans was turned into an aura, 75% haste, see invis, ultra vision, 10,000 hp, mana, end..
however it blocks the bst pact of the wurine.. 35% accuracy, 56% move speed, 7,500 hp, mana, 110 mana regen.

- Beastlord - Adjusted Pact of the Wurine to stack with the shaman ability Group Pact of the Wolf.

From latest Test Patch Notes.
So we longer have to choose come next Wednesday the 17th.

Beastlord / Venomus Alliance
« on: September 10, 2018, 08:36:53 AM »
...the alliance spell imo is not even worth using 1 it uses up a spell gem slot, you need another bst to use 2 dots, wait for 1 to tick then use another dot (have not been able to test that but i think thats what was posted on the forums)...
Just wanted to let everyone know how the Beastlord Alliance works since there wasn't a followup to Krinni's post.
I have also included 2 basic GINA Triggers that will tell you when the Alliance has landed and when it has been Fulfilled.

Venomus Alliance in my opinion is definitely worth using. The Alliance can be triggered with any 4 Beastlord DoTs that land on the mob but requires at least 2 Beastlords because we only get 3 DoT Lines (Ekron’s Chill (Cold), Elkikatar’s Endemic (Disease), Polybiad Blood (Poison)). The DoT Proc Bite of the Asp that we get from the Eagle's Strike skill attack does not count towards the Alliance since it has zero mana cost. The DoTs can be in any combination, can have 4 BLs cast 1 DoT each, 2 BLs cast 2 each, 1 BL cast 3 Dots and 1 BL cast 1 DoT and so on, but they have to Land! So that means you have to keep in mind if the mob has a high resist to Cold/Disease/Poison or if one of those lines is not able to be used due to a mechanic.

A cool thing about this Alliance is that every Tick from a DoT that is active on the mob counts toward the 4 counters of the Alliance! Meaning that once 4 BL DoTs are on the mob multiple Alliances can be triggered from just those 4 DoTs when they Tick every 6 seconds which is a great help with mana conservation since our DoTs cost quite a bit.

Beastlord / Re: Beastlord guides
« on: August 24, 2018, 11:31:18 AM »
Beastlord Guide
All of the spells, disciplines and AAs have links to their spell data for the various ranks so you can see why the burns are put together to prevent overlap of bonuses that will not stack. If anyone has questions, tips, or comments on the setup let me know. ;D

Spell Lineups

Group & Solo Lineup
  1. Beramos’ Maelstrom (DD)
  2. Mawmun’s Bite (DD)
  3. Frozen Toxin (DD)
  4. Frostbite Lance (DD)
  5. Frostbite Roar (AoE DD) / Kromtus Lance (DD)
  6. Ekron’s Chill (DD-DoT)
  7. Elkikatar’s Endemic (DoT)
  8. Polybiad Blood (DD-DoT)
  9. Growl of the Sabretooth (Self Buff) / Akalit's Feralgia (Self Buff/Swarm Pet)
10. Dichotomic Fury (Group Buff)
11. Auspice of Eternity (Pet Rune) / Convivial Warder (Pet Heal Proc)
12. Salve of Artikla (Pet Heal)
13. Deltro’s Mending (Player Heal) / Salve of Clorith (Pet Heal)

Raid Lineup
  1. Beramos’ Maelstrom (DD)
  2. Mawmun’s Bite (DD)
  3. Frozen Toxin (DD)
  4. Frostbite Lance (DD)
  5. Frostbite Roar (AoE DD) / Kromtus Lance (DD)
  6. Ekron’s Chill (DD-DoT)
  7. Elkikatar’s Endemic (DoT)
  8. Polybiad Blood (DD-DoT)
  9. Growl of the Sabretooth (Self Buff) - I use this instead of Akalit's Feralgia is because Feralgia requires you to have a pet out to get the Growl buff.
10. Dichotomic Fury (Group Buff)
11. Venomous Alliance (Alliance)
12. Salve of Artikla (Pet Heal)
13. Deltro’s Mending (Player Heal)

Burn Lineups

Main Burn
  1. Al`ele’s Vindication (Disc) - While this is up cast Alliance on the Boss and get your DoTs on it and them spam Polybiad Blood as your Mana will allow.
  2. Frenzy of Spirit (AA #127)
  3. Bloodlust (AA #241)
  4. Bestial Alignment (AA #245)
  5. Frenzied Swipes (AA #1240)

Second Burn
  1. Savage Rancor (Disc)
  2. Second Spire of the Savage Lord (AA #1431)
  3. Fury of the Beast or Whatever version you have. (Chest Clicky /Useitem 17 or Item Name)
  4. Ruaabri's Fury (Disc)

Third Burn
  1. Bestial Bloodrage aka Companion’s Fury (AA #443)   >:( [DON'T USE THIS AA WHEN PET TANKING]
  2. Ferociousness (AA #966)
  3. Group Bestial Alignment (AA #985)
Optional Burn - This can be combined with the Third Burn or used separately.
  1. Dichotomic Fury (Spell)
  2. Wait for Dichotomic Fury to wear off. (/Pause 250~)
  3. Forceful Rejuvenation (AA #7003) - If possible try to get Venomous Alliance refreshed as well for another DPS boost.
  4. Dichotomic Fury (Spell)

Other Notable Abilities
   Glyph of Destruction 100+ (AA #5303) - I prefer to keep this seperate and to use it on raids that require heavy DPS due to the increased cost.
   Attack of the Warders (AA #981) - AA is ~10k DPS over 90 seconds but they die to riposte and AoEs on raids so I hit it when it is up but don't put much faith in it.
   Reflexive Sundering (Disc) - Due to the END boost it provides to the group I use this when the group is around 70-80% END.
   Enduring Frenzy (AA #2068) - I use this mostly on long raids and only on the raid boss since the adds don't last long enough for it to help.
   Roar of Thunder (AA #362) - I usually hit this with Burns to help get my aggro down, debuff the mob and when maxed does a 25k DD.

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