Author Topic: Empires of Kunark Rangering  (Read 2972 times)


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Empires of Kunark Rangering
« on: February 05, 2017, 01:30:06 PM »
Spell Set:

The first 6 spells should ALWAYS be on your hotbar, casting is the backbone of ranger DPS in this game. The last 6 slots you can do whatever you need to with them depending on events but my spell set is generally always the same and is what I have below.

1. Silent Shot
2. Anticipated Shots
3. Focused Arrowrain
4. Dichotomic Fusillade
5. Summer's Cyclone
6. Blisterbeetle Swarm
7. Bosquestalker's Alliance
8. Copsestalker's Enrichment
9. Shout of the Copsestalker
10. Desperate Dousing
11. Kromtus Balm
12. Vinelash Assault

MULTI-BIND TIME! The way I have my spell key set up is just going down the list basically. So for spells 1-5 all the arrow nukes will fire whenever they pop up and then once all are on cool down Summer's will be cast over and over.  I manually click Blisterbeetle, you're going to want to keep this on the boss as much as your mana will allow, it's a decent DoT now but does take some mana. Be smart about it with it's global cool down. If 1 of your arrow nukes is about to pop up, wait to hit this till they're all on comfortable cool downs.

Combat Abilities:

Jolting Cut Kicks
Focused Squall of Blades
Squall of Blades
Reflexive Nettlespears
Banestrike (AA, explaining below)

MULTI-BIND TIME! I have another key that is DIFFERENT from my spell key. The reason for this is because you don't want to spam both of these during Scarlet Cheetah Fang or you'll waste several twincasts on Kick and what not. My Combat Ability key has the following abilities on it: Kick, Jolting Cut Kicks, Focused Squall of Blades and Banestrike. (I know Banestrike is an aa but it doesn't deserve a separate section!) Now Focused Squall of Blades is single target as opposed to Squall of Blades, so I keep Focused in almost all of the time to avoid mez breaks and also the mob moving from out in front of me causing the attack to miss (Squall is frontal, caps at 8 targets.) Reflexive Nettlespears I use as a HoT for the group if together we are low a lot, otherwise I hit it during the main burn whilst all the adps is running for added damage.

Group Makeups:

Group makeups are important for rangers and ever changing depending on AFK's, late comers, odd groupings for events etc. Generally speaking your normal group ADPS will be a Shaman, Bard and Beastlord. With that in mind you should acquaint yourself with their various ADPS abilities/spells and what they do for you. Druids and Enchanters will also be thrown into the mix some times but to a lesser extent. It's possible that you may find yourself "thrown to the wolves" and just be shit out of luck for ADPS. So, it wouldn't hurt to have a plan for when/if that happens. As far as your personal burns they will not change much at all. BUT you will have to vigorously conserve mana as well as you can while actively spamming still. For example don't DoT unless you have a gift of mana proc, and try and hold off on Dicho for a few seconds for a gift of mana proc. This also applies when you don't have a bard not just for when you're groupless/ADPSless. Do the best you can at keeping your Miniature Horn of Unity, Mod Rod, and Mana Potions on cool down. You'll also find it in your best interest to make several hotkeys to several different people for Paragons and Quiet Miracles. The way I do it is as soon as I hit 90% mana send a tell for paragon, as soon as I hit 70% I send a tell for QM. You can hold off on Paragon a bit but it's imperative to get that QM timer on you as soon as possible so you can have 2 in an event as opposed to 1. This all of course depending on if the clerics need to save it for themselves. For Paragons I've found it's better to just cycle through beast lords, don't just hammer 1 person for it the whole event.

The Burnering:

Welcome to the GIRTH of the post! The best route to take in using a disc like Copsestalker's or Empowered Blades is to use them with hundred hands effects. The reason behind this is that both of these discs just add a FLAT amount of damage to weapon strikes, further augmentation of the strikes has no affect on Copsestalker's or Empowered Blades. However the rate at which you swing your weapons IS important when maximizing your gains from both. Also sometimes events surpass the recast timer on Empowered Blades, this means you should try and use Empowered Blades before Copsestalker's as often as you can.

With Empires of Kunark we are now back to ranged burning. Once you have your aa's, Pureshot will do vastly more DPS and last the same amount of time as Copsestalker's Discipline. When you use Pureshot discipline make sure you're using 1 of your 3 Arrow Proc aas. DO NOT USE THESE UNTIL SCARLET CHARGES ARE GONE. All 3 of these (Frost Arrows, Flaming Arrows, Poison Arrows) have a mana cost when they proc which consumes your Scarlet charges. If you are not going to run into a mana issue then hit Poison Arrows, it's the highest DPS but is a -1k Mana regen. If mana is an issue then hit Flaming Arrows, it has negative mana regen as well but not enough to take you out of positive, so it basically drains 0 mana if you're buffed.

This is where coordination of everyone else and yourself are going to come in so buckle up! Now as far as ADPS goes, as soon as you see shaman epic go off you go buck wild on arrow nukes (assuming all your personal burns are running at that time of course.) I try to hit my burns as best I can based on duration time especially if we're hitting them before we trigger the mob such as Grummus or Enslavor. So here's a run down of how I press my burns most of the time:

BP Click
Scout's Mastery of Ice
Scarlet Cheetah Fang
Pureshot Discipline
Glyph of the Cataclysm (Renamed but screw that name)
Third Spire (If a Berserker is in group block their aura)
Guardian of the Forest
Outrider's Attack
Outrider's Accuracy
Imbued Ferocity (If Melee)
Empowered Blades (If Melee)
After Guardian of the Forest fades, hit Group Guardian of the Forest
After Scout's Mastery of Ice fades hit Scout's Mastery of Elements

If there's a zerker in your group, their aura does not stack with Third Spire and will block it if you hit it. Also I use Ice because I have 2 Ice procs and 1 Magic proc. Scout's Mastery of Fire and Ice work for both Magic and whichever Element you choose. Scout's Mastery of Elements is on a different timer and is hit after Ice fades. Elements is a lower damage addition and only works for Fire and Ice, not Magic. Ice/Fire are a 1600 flat damage addition to their respective spell types, Elements is 1400.

Forceful Rejuvenation:

If you plan on using Forceful Rejuvenation during your main burn what I do is use it after the 4th arrow nuke. So it'll look something like this:

Anticipated Shots
Focused Arrowrain
Dichotomic Fusillade
Focused Arrowrain
Forceful Rejuvenation
Anticipated Shots
Focused Arrowrain
Dichotomic Fusillade

Auspice and Epic:

This is in it's own sub section and not mentioned in the burn because of how we rotate it, Epic will be explained further on. With Auspice it should always be on during the main burn we just rotate it so mentioning that isn't needed really. Epic is a touchy subject, while it is believed to stack with everything we use and all our ADPS the cast time is not worth the loss of DPS if burns are already going. But if we're hitting burns before we engage it's perfect, I also use it when I'm in "space" which is my term for no personal burns or ADPS burns running. So I basically only use it in the pre-click manner or for when I just have auto attack and spams going without any burns or mini-burns etc.


Rangers are agro whores, it's a hard truth but the sooner you get used to it the better you'll be at controlling your agro. We have 4 defensive discs 1 agro drop, and 1 fade.

Outrider's Evasion
Protection of the Spirit Wolf
Bulwark of the Brownie
Chameleon's Gift
Cover Tracks (Fade)
Weaponshield Discipline

I use Chameleon's Gift and Bulwark of the Brownie in a similar fashion. Chameleon's Gift is a 35k agro drop from whatever mob drops you below 50%. This can also be used on other players so if you see someone with a terrible faded climbing like a Berserker it may be better used on them. Bulwark on the other hand will fire 12-15 seconds of full frontal parry if you get dropped below 40%. I try my best to use both of these before I burn or for when I'm climbing up the agro list considerably fast, I try and use Cover Tracks as little as possible since it's the least reliable of all 5 abilities. Outrider's Evasion is minimal in the grand scheme of defensive disciplines but it works well enough to be useful on adds in an event, not so much for the main bosses. Protection of the Spirit Wolf however will be useful on a main boss for a little bit, as the damage cap will be absorbed quickly. It also works for spell damage, not just melee damage! 54% mitigated up to a max of 200k damage for any of you curious types! Weaponshield is a whole different story, you may have to cover an add cause tanks are down or cover the boss while the MTO gets buffed.


Heroic Dexterity and Spell Damage are the top things to worry about as a ranger. I try to go for augs with both on them, but now with EoK there's a bunch of high Heroic Dex augs with no spell damage to get. For your bow you'll want to get the Grim Momento (12 DMG) and the Insigni Saevus (11 DMG). Currently the top melee augs for rangers to use are Sigil of Thokk and Siren's Demise, Melee IS better outside of Pureshot discipline. The only scenario where it would potentially not be is if you lack Melee adps. If any of you care to see the melee aug weapon parses let me know and I will post it.
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Re: Empires of Kunark Rangering
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2017, 08:10:10 AM »
Might I see some of your parses that show melee is better for sustained?


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Re: Empires of Kunark Rangering
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2017, 03:28:25 PM »
I slack on both parsing and checking this post, sorry for the delay.

Below I did several parses with varying adps you may find yourself with on raids melee wise. I used adps that is in a constant state of being active or something that's hit every minute or so. These were done with the same buffs and no self burns/mods etc.

Melee = Combat Dummy Azia in 601s, 19853k @33034sdps --- #1 Findictive 19853k@33034sdps (33034dps in 601s) [100%]
Ranged = Combat Dummy Azia in 602s, 20866k @34661sdps --- #1 Findictive 20866k@34661sdps (34661dps in 602s) [100%]

Shaman ADPS (Roar of the Lion rank 1 only) {Was afk slightly longer than timer, sorry for longer parse}:
Melee = Combat Dummy Azia in 722s, 32619k @45179sdps --- #1 Findictive 32619k@45179sdps (45179dps in 722s) [100%]
Ranged = Did not do a parse, Roar does not fire from ranged attack, check above parse for comparison.

Bard ADPS (Melody of songs only, no FE/Epic etc):
Melee = Combat Dummy Azia in 600s, 27062k @45103sdps --- Findictive 27062k@45103sdps (45103dps in 600s) [100%]
Ranged = Combat Dummy Azia in 602s, 24138k @40097sdps --- Findictive 24138k@40097sdps (40097dps in 602s) [100%]

Beastlord ADPS (Dichotomic Fury only):
Melee = Combat Dummy Azia in 601s, 29470k @49036sdps --- Findictive 29470k@49036sdps (49036dps in 601s) [100%]
Ranged = Combat Dummy Azia in 603s, 31407k @52085sdps --- Findictive 31407k@52085sdps (52085dps in 603s) [100%]

As you can see, the only time ranged DPS pulls ahead outside of Pureshot Discipline is going to be either when you're straight alone or have just a BL for ADPS. I'm sure if you were in a caster group with Enchanter/Druid then ranged may also be slightly better but running those parses would be a waste of time to me.

The above parses were ran with Hornscale Blade + Sigil of Thokk (Primary), Hornscale Blade + Siren's Demise (Secondary), and Grace + Grim Momento and Insigni Saevus (Ranged).