Author Topic: Paladin Agro + Tanking Spells  (Read 712 times)


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Paladin Agro + Tanking Spells
« on: August 04, 2017, 10:16:22 PM »
Paladin Agro AA's and Disciplines:

Force of Disruption - Hate: 15000. 1: Interrupt Casting

Divine Call - Hate: 3000 1: Cast: Divine Pull X (Target pull, only works on level 103 and below)

Beacon of the Righteous - Hate: 14000. 1: Increase Hate by 1. 2: Stun for 3s up to level 108. 3: Increase Hate by 6750 per tick. Caps at 8 targets.

Hallowed Lodestar - Hate: 11650. 1: Increase Hate by 1. 2: Stun for 1s up to level 108. 3: Increase Hate by 5650 per tick. Caps at 8 targets.

Ageless Enmity - 1: Taunt with 12000 Hate Mod (No fail taunt that adds 12000 hate on top of the hate amount of the current top agro)

Unbroken Affirmation - 1: Lock Aggro on Caster and Decrease Other Aggro by 10% up to level 110. 4: Increase Current HP by 3057 per tick
6: Increase Hate Generated by 60%

Projection of Piety - Swarm pet, gains agro as it attacks. Once it fades or dies agro is transferred to you.

* Vanquish the Fallen - Only works on undead, mainly a DPS ability but it has significant agro on it kind of like Smite the Wicked for Clerics.

*Glyph of Angry Thoughts - 1: Increase Spell and Bash Hate by 30%

Paladin Agro Spells:

Ardent Force - Hate: 7527. 1: Stun for 4s up to level 108

*Lesson of Grief - Hate: 13170. Push: 5. 1: Stun for 10s up to level 108. 2: Decrease Current HP by 872 (If Not Undead). 3: Decrease Current HP by 1701 (If Undead)

Force of Ardency - Hate: 4339. Recourse: Ardent Healing II. 1: Stun for 6s up to level 108. Ardent Healing II: 1: Increase Current HP by 6291 per tick

Force of the Darkened Sea - Hate: 8676. 1: Stun for 4s up to level 108

Dichotomic Force - Hate: 6000. 1: Cast: Dichotomic Force Stun: Hate: 11207 1: Stun for 6s up to level 110. 2: Cast: Dichotomic Force Healing: 1: Increase Current HP by 17904 (Group Heal)

Crush of Povar - Hate: 12948. 1: Decrease Current HP by 3526 (If Not Undead Or Summoned). 2: Decrease Current HP by 4760 (If Undead). 3: Decrease Current HP by 4231 (If Summoned)

Crush of the Darkened Sea - Hate: 16640. 1: Decrease Current HP by 889

Valiant Defense - 1: Increase Hate by 9635. 2: Cast: Valiant Healing II: Hate Mod: +6785. 1: Increase Current HP by 10187 (Heals Target's Target)

My Spell Set:

I had a picture but it's being lamesauce so here's my spell order 99% of the time.
1. Splash of Atonement
2. Valiant Defense
3. Protective Proclamation
4. Admonish
5. Crush of Povar
6. Crush of the Darkened Sea
7. Brilliant Vindication
8. Grief
9. Dichotomic Force
10. Sorrow
11. Ardent Force > Swaps out to Harmonious Blessing when it falls
12. Staunch Stance

The top 4 spells (1-4) are my multi-bind spell gems. Tied into these 4 is Force of Disruption. This is ALWAYS the same, if you're tanking you hit this, if you're DPSing you hit this, if you're a MT healer you hit this. Your job as a paladin is to A. Tank mobs so DPS don't have to and B. Provide the raid with splashes and the main tank with heals. Once your agro on your mob is locked you just swap to spamming this till it dies, if DPS start spiking high then stop for a second and hit your Crushes and Stuns. Why hit Force of Disruption if you aren't trying to get agro you might ask, well the answer to that is heals. Force of Disruption can proc our AA group heal that is a recourse off using stun and costs no mana. The reason Splash is at the top is with how that free-target type of spell works. In a multi-bind it will skip straight over the spell and onto the next while simultaneously putting the target on your cursor. This means I'm ready to splash and go when I need it and click Brilliant Vindication to ensure I twincast my Splash every single time instead of waste it on a single target heal. Grief and Sorrow are both in my lineup as 2 "Oh shit!" heals, sometimes your group healer hasn't swapped to you, is dead or some other reason where you're about to drop without a quick heal. Both of these will almost always take you to full health and have a ridiculously short cast time, only drawback is they have a 2-ish minute recast timer. Forceful Rejuvenation after you use both of these could save your bad situation though! Dichotomic Force is an instant cast Stun and Group Heal, I generally use it as an "Oh shit!" group heal, or if all my agro abilities are on CD and DPS agro is spiking.

How to Paladin Agro:

Before we start the event hit your Agro Glyph and Harmonious Blessing, keep these on for the entire fight. ALWAYS keep Force of Disruption and Valiant Defense on CD, these bad boys are your money makers. I generally only have to hit my 2 Crushes and Ardent Force 1 time and agro stays locked, you may have to keep everything on CD in order to keep your mob depending on if the mobs blur or DPS is going balls to the wall etc. Ageless I just use as a taunt if someone needs a tank swap on their Captain or add/boss etc. Projection is a long term agro solution due to the slow build up of agro, generally not too great on regular trash we get constantly but desperate times call for desperate measures sometimes. Unflinching is another tank swap or instant gank off DPS tool, I normally just use it for the Heal Over Time it provides when tanking trash as agro is normally not an issue for me. Beacon of the Righteous and Hallowed Lodestar are fun! I normally stagger these out so I always have one available if a few tanks go down and mobs get lose, but they are different in how they work. Beacon is a PBAE which means it will fire on things around the caster. Hallowed is a Targeted AE meaning if you target a mob somewhere else, it will hit that mob and the mobs surrounding it. Just because these are AOE agro abilities doesn't mean you shouldn't use them on single targets. Agro build up is important and you should be using all things at your disposal. Another thing with Beacon and Hallowed is they share a slot and overwrite each other. So hitting them 1 after the other essentially just wastes 1 of them, the true hate of these comes off the "DoT" portion. Divine Call is one of those hit it whenever it's up things, it's a small agro bump on a 45s timer, adding it to your multi-bind would be fine and ensure it always gets used.

PS. The post is a little fluent with no completely obvious changes when a new section happens. For whatever reason I was unable to use the underline/bold functions or change colors etc.