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Wizard DPS - RoS
« on: June 12, 2018, 04:28:27 AM »
I had little interest in writing a guide while I am still getting back into things, but I'm going to leave most of what I know here seeing as people have asked.  I'd like to thank mentors such as Manaelil, Kizant & Yielzen who have helped me a great deal with my wizarding.  Also like to thank Szilent for helping make a number of improvements to this guide:

Cast always, keep your spell bar grey'd out or barely flickering between casts.  Use forces/AA's/clickies between spell casts immediately after your spell fires.  You want to do this quickly in order to not slow down your next cast, or that will hurt your dps.  If you find yourself sometimes stalling spell casts because you're thinking, 'should i cast this or this?' ..Don't.  It's better to cast a less optimal nuke than it is to stop casting.

Items = Use 2 hander with best ice/fire/magic proc augs, only swap to tome of obulus if you are low mana and need to catch back up.  Sodkee's sympathetic Stone fire proc aug, put in your ranged slot.  Sorcerors blade.  CoP IV/CoM IV, a fresh mod rod (i like to click my mod rod when i drop down to abt 85% mana, and then on cooldown as it refreshes).  Purified Mana Tonic, Dragonmagic Focus.  Beastlord/enchanter regen pots when you're either waiting for/or can't get those buffs.  Splinter of Potency (specialize evocation augment).  Eyes of Decay, Bifold Focus of the evil eye, Kiss of Erollisi.

Use GINA triggers for ADPS.  In particular, chromatic haze/IOG/manaburn(so as not to waste 2 manaburns on the same mob at the same time as someone else).  Others i like are gift of mana, auspice..  I'm more than happy to share my triggers for these. 

Alliance can be done with triggers, there is zero need to be spamming chat channels with alliance messages if everyone uses triggers.  One thing you could do though, if there are a number of wizards, is to communicate a 'loose' order to go in, and if the correct player doesn't cast their alliance after a few seconds of waiting around, then you assume it isn't happening and just jump ahead in the que. 

If you only have 2 wizards in the raid, you can still proc alliance if you have twincast running.  To do this, you can make an audio trigger to inform you when they have twincast on.  "Soandso's detrimental magic splits with Twincast."  When this fires, cast your alliance.

Burning = can hit all of these together if you want to do it the easy way (see notes for what is often the better way):  Arcane Destruction, Frenzied Devastation, Focus of Arcanum, Fury of the Gods, arcane fury, second spire, glyph of the cataclysm, twincast spell.

Spell priority order:  braid>dichotomic>ethereal skyfire>ethereal Icefloe(or your older fire ethereal if you aren't using cryomancy)

Note:  When twincast runs out, cast improved twincast

Note:  Chromatic Haze:  In a perfect world, you want to cast braid with twincast running if haze is on.  This won't always be available to you, if braid is down, cast your best ethereal (fire>ice>magic)

Note:  Hit everything I listed except for Arcane Destruction/frenzied/twincast, then wait for the IOG trigger.  While waiting on IOG, Use your non-burn spell priority order, but skipping braid until you hear that chromatic haze trigger go off.  Once IOG is on, hit AD/FD/twincast & revert to burn spell lineup.

Note:  You can take this a step further and put claw in front of your burn lineup while the spell version of twincast is running, to try and get more twincasts before being forced into activating ITC.

Note: After braid, Dichotomic & sometimes also Alliance, use forceful rejuvenation

Note:  If you have limited Auspice, you can burn without using AD/FD, then hit them later when Auspice is down.  This way you keep your crit chance up high for a longer duration over the course of the event for a better overall parse.

Secondary burn? =  if the event lasts 12 minutes, you can get in a secondary burn with frenzied devastation/second spire/cataclysm/twincast spell>sorcerors blade click ---how much you use here can be more or less, depending on how short the event is.  IOG should be back up in time for this.

Non-Burn (When FD/AD & ITC are down):

Spell priority order = fire claw>braid>cloudburst thunderbolt/Dichotomic>fire ethereal

When twincast + fury of the gods are on = fire claw>braid>wildether barrage(lv96 spell.  when twincasting it can quad)>cloudburst thunderbolt

Note: do not use wildether barrage when the improved version of twincast is running, as it eats many counters

Note:  Both vortex and alliance need to fit in as well, i manually cast these.  I try to cast them as much as possible, whether burning or not.  ..Obviously I don't want to cast vortex on a mob that is just going to die in 2 seconds because its debuff component just goes to waste, this is why I don't multibind it.  Same issue for Alliance.

Note:  Use Gambit

Moving Around
When moving on an event, try to use netherstep so you can keep chain-casting without stopping.  Another way around this is to load flashburn and cast that while running.  Cloudburst thunderbolt sometimes roots you, and beam somtimes blinds you.  If you are intending on using these spells, you need to be prepared to deal with their side effects.  If I am to risk casting cloudburst thunderbolt, and it roots me, then i need to be prepared to netherstep if i get a run away emote.  If am to risk casting Burning Beam, and It blinds me, i need to be prepared to open my map and use that to guide me as I run away.

Maintaining Mana Mod Rods/CoMIV/BP clicky/Gambit/AA Harvest/Horn of Unity.

If you're still struggling for mana, or have just been rezzed, you can swap in your tome of obulus, and my spell priority order changes to: claw(praying for gambit refreshes)>braid>wildflash strike (you can leave out wildflash strike for one of your other regular spells, if things aren't that desperate.)>wildether barrage   

Another way to look at this, is to note the spells that DO cost alot of mana, and to reduce your casting of those (Dichotomic/alliance/ethereals/cloudburst thunderbolt)

Note:  most AE spells don't cost alot of mana, and can be used also.

Note: You can create some tell hotkeys with the names of the clerics in the raid, to ask if they can cast a QM on you.  Then if mana is going to be a problem, thats something you can hit quickly without slowing down your casts.  I have a few of these that i change the names for each night, depending which clerics are on.  While it can be frustrating to feel like a nag, many clerics are more than happy to hit you with QM.  Personally when I am cleric'ing, i'm delighted to receive a tell asking for QM, because normally noone does and it just goes to waste.

If going full AE mode,

Spell priority order is: claw > beam > splash of pyroxene > splash of phenocrysts > splash of rhyolite > self combustion > if 7+ mobs Wheel of Flame, if 6 or less mobs Skyfire Pillar

Note:  Drop claw if running ITC.  You can throw in dichotomic & braid as well, i usually cast it before wheel/pillar.  You want to be standing on top of the pile of mobs for spells like splash & self combustion to be most effective.  Wheel of Flame can be cast right after beam if dealing with a full extended target window of mobs.

Burning Beam  On most events, you want to load Burning Beam.  Burning Beam is a fantastic frontal AE spell, and is worth casting even if there are only 2 mobs to hit with it, regardless of whether you are burning or not.  It has a small range, and you need to be careful with it, because it can cause blindness on you, it requires you to get pretty close to the mobs to ensure you hit them as well.  If you have 2+ mobs at all times, then i place it before/after braid in both my burn and non burn lineup.


If anyone ever wants to talk shop, or compare casts on gamparse to see what went right/wrong after a raid, i'm more than happy to oblige.

Things I still need to do on this write up (kind of a self reminder):

-Include a list of raid NPC's that are either fire/cold/magic resistant or particularly weak to fire/cold/magic.
-Spell priority orders/options for specific magic-type resistant mobs.
-List a spell priority order for mobs that reflect spells, such as the Sarnak in Lceanium
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Re: Wizard DPS - RoS
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2018, 05:51:01 PM »
Thanks for posting a current expansion (RoS) Wizard DPS guide, Drogba!  I've sticky posted this topic.

We sport several members of Team Wizard.  It'd be ideal if they would also chime in with their thoughts/feedback.

Btw, I know you mentioned this post in our channels, Drogba, that helps get the word out as well.  Thanks! :)

Edit: Un-stickied the TBM topic, as RoS is the current expansion.  If there are facets of the TBM version still relevant, anyone can reply to this thread and it'll be in one area then.  Thanks!
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Re: Wizard DPS - RoS
« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2018, 07:25:03 AM »
This is a video of me playing the wizard in a pickup group.  Main thing here is to try and keep casting as much as possible.