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How to Ranger *Ring of Scale Edition*
« on: June 15, 2018, 11:38:11 PM »
Let's go over the basics first before we get into the girth of rangering.

Spell Set:

The first 7 spells should ALWAYS be on your hotbar, casting is the backbone of ranger DPS in this game. The last 7 slots you can do whatever you need to with them depending on events but my spell set is generally always the same and is what I have below.

1. Silent Shot
2. Foreseen Shots
3. Focused Arrowgale
4. Dichotomic Fusillade
5. Summer's Tempest
6. Bonecrawler Swarm
7. Bosquestalker's Alliance
8. Copsestalker's Enrichment
9. Desperate Dewcloud
10. Fereth Balm
11. Vinelash Assault
12. Blusterbolt
13. Flusterbolt

MULTI-BIND TIME! The way I have my spell key set up is just going down the list basically. So for spells 1-5 all the arrow nukes will fire whenever they pop up and then once all are on cool down Summer's will be cast over and over.  I manually click Bonecrawler, you're going to want to keep this on the boss as much as your mana will allow, it's a decent DoT now but does take some mana. But be smart about it with its global cooldown. If 1 of your arrow nukes is about to pop up, wait to hit this till they're all on comfortable cool downs.

Combat Abilities:

Jolting Wheel Kicks
Focused Squall of Blades
Squall of Blades
Reflexive Nettlespears

MULTI-BIND TIME! I have another key that is DIFFERENT from my spell key. The reason for this is because you want to be casting spells when they’re up and using combat abilities during the universal cooldown. Spells are more DPS, combat abilities are to fill the gap with something “semi-meaningful”. My Combat Ability key has the following abilities on it: Kick, Jolting Cut Kicks, and Focused Storm of Blades. Now Focused Squall of Blades is lower damage and single target as opposed to Squall of Blades, so I keep Focused in almost all of the time to avoid mez breaks and also the mob moving from out in front of me causing the attack to miss (Squall is frontal, caps at 8 targets.) Reflexive Bladespurs I use as a HoT for the group if together we are low a lot, otherwise I hit it during the main burn whilst all the adps is running for added damage.

Group Makeups:

Group makeups are important for rangers and ever changing depending on AFK's, late comers, odd groupings for events etc. Generally speaking your normal group ADPS will be a Shaman, Bard and Beastlord. With that in mind you should acquaint yourself with their various ADPS abilities/spells and what they do for you. Druids and Enchanters will also be thrown into the mix some times but to a lesser extent. It's possible that you may find yourself "thrown to the wolves" and just be shit out of luck for ADPS.     But, it wouldn't hurt to have a plan for when/if that happens. As far as your personal burns they will not change much at all. BUT you will have to vigorously conserve mana as well as you can while actively spamming still. For example don't DoT unless you have a gift of mana proc, and try and hold off on Dicho for a few seconds for a gift of mana proc. This also applies when you don't have a bard not just for when you're groupless/ADPSless. Do the best you can at keeping your Miniature Horn of Unity, Mod Rod, and Mana Potions on cool down. You'll also find it in your best interest to make several hotkeys to several different people for Paragons and Quiet Miracles. The way I do it is as soon as I hit 90% mana send a tell for paragon, as soon as I hit 70% I send a tell for QM. You can hold off on Paragon a bit but it's imperative to get that QM timer on you as soon as possible so you can have 2 in an event as opposed to 1. This all of course depending on if the clerics need to save it for themselves. For Paragons I've found it's better to just cycle through beast lords, don't just hammer 1 person for it the whole event.

Empowered Blades:

Now the best route to take in using a disc like Wildstalker's or Empowered Blades is to use them with hundred hands effects. The reason behind this is that both of these discs just add a FLAT amount of damage to weapon strikes, further augmentation of the strikes has no affect on Copsestalker's or Empowered Blades. However the rate at which you swing your weapons IS important when maximizing your gains from both.

The Burnering:

This is where coordination of everyone else and yourself are going to come in so buckle up! Now as far as ADPS goes, as soon as you see shaman epic go off you go buck wild on arrow nukes (assuming all your personal burns are running at that time of course.) I try to hit my burns as best I can based on duration time especially if we're hitting them before we trigger the mob such as Grummus or Enslavor. So here's a run down of how I press my burns most of the time:

Epic 2.0
Scarlet Cheetah Fang
Scout’s Mastery of Elements
Guardian of the Forest
Outrider’s Attack
Third Spire
Imbued Ferocity
Auspice (Don’t go out of rotation, this may already be running)
Glyph (In absence of shaman epic / when shaman epic fades)
Extended Burn
Outrider’s Accuracy once Guardian of the Forest fades
Group Guardian of the Forest once Outrider’s Accuracy fades

Things to keep split up for Sustained DPS. These are things you can combine for a slightly larger Burn in the few circumstances where the event lasts less than 2 minutes.

Hit Damage Mod abilities
Guardian of the Forest
Outrider’s Accuracy
Group Guardian of the Forest
Critical Hit Damage Mod abilities
Prophet’s Gift of the Ruchu (Shaman Epic)
Glyph of the Cataclysm

Assuming you have mana resources available, hit Poison Arrows whenever your Scarlet Cheetah Fang charges have been depleted. The proc will consume 1 charge every time it procs whilst Scarlet Cheetah Fang is active.

Perhaps the most important thing you will have to do every raid is take control of your ADPS. YOU run the show. The main thing you want to control is getting Quick Time for Pureshot’s duration and Bard’s Second Spire for Scarlet Cheetah Fang. Everything else in regards to Shaman Epic, Bard Epic, Fierce Eye etc should be hit on CD. You should maneuver your burn around that CD, you can use your Epic to stay on track.

*If there's a zerker in your group, their aura does not stack with Third Spire and will block it if you hit it. You will need to block the aura before you hit Third Spire, you can make a hotkey to both block and unblock the aura.

Forceful Rejuvenation:

If you plan on using Forceful Rejuvenation during your main burn what I do is use it after the 4th arrow nuke. So it'll look something like this:

Bosquestalker’s Alliance
Foreseen Shots
Focused Arrowgale
Dichotomic Fusillade
Bonecrawler Swarm
Focused Arrowgale
*Forceful Rejuvenation
Bosquestalker’s Alliance
Foreseen Shots
Focused Arrowgale
Dichotomic Fusillade


This is in it's own sub section because it’s special (Oooh Ahhh). With Auspice it should always be on during the main burn and for the majority of the raid as a whole depending on how many rangers are there. Everyone should try to load a TB so that for long events multiple rangers can MGB Auspice twice. As simple as hitting TB before the event start and refraining from hitting Shout basically till your turn to Auspice is over.


Rangers are agro whores, it's a hard truth but the sooner you get used to it the better you'll be at controlling your agro. We have 4 defensive discs 1 agro drop, and 1 fade.

Outrider's Evasion
Protection of the Spirit Wolf
Bulwark of the Brownie
Chameleon's Gift
Cover Tracks (Fade)
Weaponshield Discipline

I use Chameleon's Gift and Bulwark of the Brownie in a similar fashion. Chameleon's Gift is a 35k agro drop from whatever mob drops you below 50%. This can also be used on other players so if you see someone with a terrible fade climbing like a Berserker it may be better used on them. Bulwark on the other hand will fire 12-15 seconds of full frontal parry if you get dropped below 40%. I try my best to use both of these before I burn or for when I'm climbing up the agro list considerably fast, I try and use Cover Tracks as little as possible since it's the least reliable of all 5 abilities. Outrider's Evasion is minimal in the grand scheme of defensive disciplines but it works well enough to be useful on adds in an event, not so much for the main bosses. Protection of the Spirit Wolf however will be useful on a main boss for a little bit, as the damage cap will be absorbed quickly. It also works for spell damage, not just melee damage! 55% mitigated up to a max of 275k damage for any of you curious types! Weaponshield is a whole different story, you may have to cover an add cause tanks are down or cover the boss while the MTO gets buffed. If any of you tanks have ever been curious as to why I rise on agro very quickly on some events like Stem the Tide it's purposely to take agro on the boss if it's needed.

Heroic Dexterity and Spell Damage are the top things to worry about as a ranger. I try to go for augs with both on them, but now with EoK there's a bunch of high Heroic Dex augs with no spell damage to get. For your bow you'll want to get the Venomous Tear (8 DMG + 750 Proc) and the Siren’s Demise (8 DMG + 680 Proc). Currently the top melee augs for rangers to use are Sigil of Thokk and Blood Draining Spike. Currently with Ring of Scale we are officially back to Ranged DPS being best under all scenarios.

Silent Strikes - Silent Strikes is still relatively useless as far as I've seen and most of the time I manually click all my burns so this is normally not hit for me. I do have it in my burn hotkey which I can share with the rest of you if you'd like. Basically have it in there because there was an empty slot and why not. While Silent Strikes is broken it does reduce agro somewhat, it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-25% it seems so it's not completely useless.

DoT's - I stopped using the Glistenwing Swarm line when there were necros on the raid because it's a waste of debuff slots with the low damage and the DS portion of it doesn't really do much on raids. I even have it blocked on my warrior for raiding purposes. However the Bonecrawler Swarm DoT I try and keep on the mob constantly, it's a pretty big money maker as far as DPS goes. Can crit over 120k+ a tick, so it's worth the slot it takes for sure.

Elemental Arrows - I forgot to mention these in the post and will update it. As far as these go I use Elemental Arrow first, 20 seconds later I hit Volatile and Glacial together. I hit these during Scarlet Cheetah Fang when I start doing the hardcore nuke spam since that's when they will be most beneficial for me. After that I just keep them on cool down for the most part, also somewhat synchronizing it with when my arrow nukes are down so I'm doing more Summer's spam. The reason Elemental Arrow is hit first besides the fact it's 1 button instead of 2 is because it's bonus is 10-20% and Volatile/Glacial is 8-15%.

BP Clickies - These clickies will typically be flat damage that does roughly the same amount of damage no mater when you use it. Since it has an up time of around 3 minutes I hit mine before we start and make sure to get in a 2nd click towards the event's end to max out on damage capabilities. Some people use the old mana regen clickie from COTF, DON'T. This is a net DPS loss, you're trading 750k damage for 7.5k mana AND a DPS DEBUFF for 30 seconds. Overall it's a net loss, scrap that garbage and stick to the new damage clickie.

Tribute/Trophy - Here's the Tribute and Trophies I use! Arm of the Hero, Eyes of the Hunter, Fury of Combat, Hero's Deftness, Strength of Mind II all at max rank. Lost Wayfarer's Tent, Replice of the Qeynos Claymore, Scavenger's Prize, and Trophy of Duality. I don't have any Trophy Collector AA's done yet unfortunately or I'd have more to stack more Heroic Dexterity. You can have up to 8 trophies now I believe, they can definitely give you a little bump in DPS so they are worth getting.

Potions - Purified Mana Tonic: Decrease the mana cost of spells by 5%. Dragonmagic Focus: 10k sympathetic DD proc on nukes, can trigger on each portion of Summer's (1 cast can be 2 procs). Salubrious Smoothie: 105 mana regen that stacks with everything, only available during Anniversary. Tonic of Efficiency Affinity XI: Will add 1 or 2 tics to your DOT, I forget if it's 1 or 2 with the base duration of Bonecrawler. Xygoz's Tonic: About 4k mana per click.

Powersources - I use DPS powersources always. Some people make arguments for the tank ones cause dead DPS do no DPS, stupid argument. Fact of the matter is, your job is to DPS. Is it HIGHLY UNLIKELY the MINOR stat bump you get going to a tank powersource will at any point save your life. Enchanted Dragon Scale > Thuliasaur Talisman > Xorbb's Caged Hatred.
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Re: How to Ranger *Ring of Scale Edition*
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2018, 05:18:20 PM »
Thanks for posting a recent expansion (RoS) version for Ranger DPS, Fintank!  I sticky posted this topic, although Minisca's may still have relevant information, such as the hotkey diagrams, etc.

We sport several members of Team Ranger.  It would be nice to get them all involved in this thread, and replying with their feedback/tips as well.

Thanks! :)


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Re: How to Ranger *Ring of Scale Edition*
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2018, 03:42:57 PM »
Banestrike is now passive and why have a kick button when you can /autoskill kick


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Re: How to Ranger *Ring of Scale Edition*
« Reply #3 on: July 28, 2018, 12:00:09 AM »
The dragons in T3 events allow you to be in range for Kick and /autofire, the autoskill for Kick does not fire with auto fire active only with regular auto attack. Banestrike removed.