Author Topic: HoT - Erudin - The Torches of Truth  (Read 3547 times)


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HoT - Erudin - The Torches of Truth
« on: March 17, 2012, 10:23:24 PM »
Erudin - The Torches of Truth

Image Source: Allakhazam

Zone & Instance Info
Gather Zone: Erudin Burning

NPC Name: Spirit of Erud
NPC Location: South area of the dock, along with several other quest NPCs (loc: -340, 310)

Keyword to Enter: Go

Flag & Key Requirements
Zone Flag: None
Event Key: None
Event Flag: Completion of at least ONE of the following raids: Tick Tock or Ritual of Terror

* Note: Pigs can get in without the Tick Tock or Ritual of Terror raids.

The Script

* AE's, Special mechanics, and add details are outlined in their respective sections within this post.

This event takes place in FOUR stages.  Each stage has a save point, if we wipe, we repeat the stage or previous only (depending what stage we're at).

For each stage, we must activate the Named/Boss using our assigned Torch holders, who will stand in close and make it killable.  When the Named changes to a Gargoyle form, it's killable.  Assist MA when called on only please.

Stages 1 and 2, a miniboss moves from location to location spawning adds.  Assist your assigned MA via group designation please when called on.

Stage 3 involves spawns adds around the library building which cast short range AEs.  The adds don't attack back, until our torch holders change them for us.  When an add has changed, MA will call on your support.

Final stage involves Terris Thule.  She moves around the zone, spawning adds: Treants, Bats, Goblins and Gargoyles, which we will CC (snare/root, by assignment).

Further into the fight with Terris, she'll spawn Bone Servant adds, which we must KILL.  Please assist MA2 for these those groups assigned when called on.

Be aware:  Terris Thule casts a huge DISPELL AE, but EMOTES to warn us 10 seconds before.  Reach to the GTT trigger, and MOVE AWAY when it fires to aviod being dispelled into oblivion.

Any questions, please ask in the FLRaids:raids channel.  Thanks.

Stage 1 - Lanken Rjarn

  • Adds hit for 14000
  • Three sets of four skeletons each spread through the tunnel.  All perma-rooted.
  • A skeleton tunneler spawns every minute during this stage.  Tunnelers are not rooted.
  • Lanken Rjarn (miniboss) hits for 18000, and is located within the 3rd set of adds.
  • Specific AEs listed below.
Lanken Rjarn        Earth Skin - Selfbuff - 50% Mitigation Spell/Melee rune (500k)
Cutback - Cut your HP to 25% (single-target, 60' range)
Forceful Expulsion - 20k DD + Push out (single-target)
  Slow Burn - 9k DoT + Slow push away (single-target, 100' range)
  Tunnel Fire - 20k DD + 12k DoT (PBAE, 100' range)
    Tunnel Magma - 35k DD + 12k DoT (PBAE, 100' range)
(a skeleton tunneler)
(a skeleton scrapper)
(a skeleton fighter)
Mages Heavy Viscosity - 3k DoT + Snare (15 corr cntrs, 85' range)
(a skeleton mage)

Stage 2 - Ghanlin Skyfire

  • Ghanlin spawns outside the tunnel.
  • There are three portal pad locations: one at top of steps; one east, one below steps south.
  • Ghanlin hits for 18000; roams around to each portal spawning various adds at timed intervals
  • All adds hit for between 14000 - 17000
  • Specific AEs listed below.
Ghanlin Skyfire        Hands of the Wind - Self buff, 100% Haste +2000 ATK
Hurricane Gutslash - 20k DD (PBAE, 65' range)
  Immovable Sky - Stun + 7k DoT
  Scattered Comets - 45k DD + Knockback/up (PBAE, 100' range)
  Shimmering Gutslash - 7k DoT (single-target, 40' range)
a corpse hulk Top of steps
a skeleton bruiser East portal
an animated warrior South portal
    Double spawns

Stage 3 - Markus Jaevins

  • Spawns near library; roams around the perimeter of building spawning non-confrontational adds with short range AEs
  • Assigned torch holders must remain close to Markus to keep him in killable state.
  • Specific AEs listed below.
Markus Jaevins        Display of Power - 22k DoT (PBAE)
Governance of Steel - 30k DD (single-target, 100' range)
Incarceration - 12k DoT + Stun (single-target 100' range)
  Write of Silence - Silence (PBAE, 100' range)
an animated defender Zombie Slash - 5k DD (single-target, 35' range)
a deepwater traitor Traitor's Vengeance - 9k DD (PBAE, 35' range)
a heretic fellblade Blood Explosion - 9k DoT (PBAE, 35' range)
    Diseased Constriction 7k DoT +1000 Resists debuff (single-target, 35' range)

Stage 4 - Terris Thule

  • Terris Thule hits for 22000; ports around FIVE different locations randomly spawning various adds at each spot.
  • 4-5 adds spawn at each port location; hit for 13000 approx.  Rootable/Snareable.  Non-mezzable/Stunnable (CC, test/report if diff).
  • Limit of 4-5 adds up at each location at any given time.  No more spawn if at limit.
  • Each time Terris Thule ports to a new location, she RUNE BUFFS herself (details below).
  • Assigned Torch holders remain at top of library entire stage.  When you get ported around, you have 85 seconds to get back to the top or we fail.
  • Emote warning for AE Dispell anyone NEAR her (GTT ref below, pattern: or you shall be punished), // 10 sec window to move.
  • Specific AEs listed below.

Terris Thule        Veil of Dreams - Self buff RUNE, 1m dmg
Rapid Movement - Self buff, 200% Haste +70% Flurry Chance +200 ATK
Closing Eyes - 14k DoT + Blind + 75% mana cap (30 corr cntrs)
  Dream of Falling - 10k DD +Knockback/up (PBAE, 45' range)
  Neverending Sleep - 13k DoT (single-target, 30 curse cntrs)
  Strike of Slumber - 50k DD + Knockback +Stun (single-target, 100' range)
  Subconscious Flame - 50% Melee Slow +  15k DoT (PBAE)
  Abrupt Awakening - Multi-slot dispell (single-target, (emote tie in, south of library area in play))
    Negation - Dispell (single-target)
    Servant's Loyalty - Self buff Rune 65% Melee/Spell Mitigation
Treants Burning Woods - 10k DD (single-target)
(a nightmare treant)
(Loc: Northwest ruins) 
Bats Gargoyles' Might - 9k DD + Knockback/up (single-target, 50' range)
(a nightmare bat)
(Loc: Southwest ruins)
Goblins Nightmare Nudge - Slow Push (single-target)
(a nightmare goblin)
(Loc: East Balcony)
Gargoyles Gargoyles' Might - 9k DD + Knockback/up (single-target, 50' range)
(a nightmare gargoyle)
(Loc: South Stairway)
    * Required Actions for Treants, Bats, Goblins, Gargoyles
    Assigned CC by name to Vinelash
    Do not damage them.
Bone Servant Hits for 16000
Mounted Bone Servant Both types immune to CC methods
(Loc: South of Library)
    * Required Actions
    Assigned OT/MT, via MA2 Kill.

Text / Audio Triggers - Mandatory

ALL Classes - Mandatory

Massive multi-buff DISPELL from Terris Thule with emote 10 second warning.


Trigger File: hot-erud-tt-dispell.gtt

Audio File: runaway.wav


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Re: HoT - Erudin - The Torches of Truth
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2012, 10:48:21 PM »
After Terris Thule reaches 10% health, she ports up to the roof of the library. All adds despawn at this point and new adds called "a nightmare skeleton" begin spawning one after the other, until Terris Thule dies. She continues her "Abrupt Awakening" and "Negation" AEs up here.


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Re: HoT - Erudin - The Torches of Truth
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2012, 04:21:56 AM »
Defeated Thursday, March 29, 2012:

First night on this one.  Great effort everyone who was able to stay a little overtime.
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