Author Topic: New server forums, for just about every topic you can think of.  (Read 184 times)


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Hi folks, hope this is alright Furro.

I created some forums today for everything from guild recruitment, tradeskills, a forum bazaar, rants n flames etc, down to dps guides and taskadds etc....

I'd love to get some more people on there. Feel free to sign up on and look around.

Im open to suggestions on better ideas for forum addons, new topics, or anything inbetween, and I'd certainly love a 2nd moderator if anyone would like to give me a hand.

If this works out, like I hope it does, maybe at some point ill pay for a real www.(whatever).com address and pay for ad removal. I have 30 days to decide on the ad removal as there won't be any for a month.

Thanks folks!