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Warrior Trigger Package
« on: March 30, 2021, 01:45:49 AM »

Warrior Trigger Package is now available. This package is not mandatory, but covers timers and reminders for important abilities that Warriors should be using. In addition, triggers have been made for Feather of Unity and Horn of Unity clickies from Anniversary missions. These will modify your "Common" file in Gina if you have one created.

It would be beneficial to set up your own overlay and filter the warrior triggers into their own window. In addition, I break down all my timers by type and color code them so that I can see at a glance if I'm missing a type. The default package and what I personally use are both available. Understand though, if you use my personal one you will have to set it up exactly as I have it. Image examples will be provided below or you can also contact me via PM on forums or in game and I will be happy to help.

Text & Audio Triggers:

*Triggers below are toggled OFF by default.

Everyone-Common Package2021-03-29 (08:45 PM)Clickies

-Feather of Unity – Active
--Feather of Unity – Active

-Feather of Unity – Recast Timer
--Feather of Unity – Recast Timer

-Geomantra – Recast Timer
--Geomantra – Recast Timer

-Horn of Unity – Active
--Horn of Unity – Active

-Horn of Unity – Recast Timer
--Horn of Unity – Recast Timer

Warriors Only-Warrior Package - Default2021-04-12 (06:10 PM)Warrior Buffs

-Champion’s Aura
--Champion’s Aura

-Commanding Voice
--Commanding Voice

-Imperator’s Command
--Imperator’s Command

-Paragon Champion
--Paragon Champion

Warrior Defensive Timers

-Brace for Impact
--Brace for Impact

-Composite Shielding
--Composite Shielding

-Courageous Defense
--Courageous Defense

-Dragon Glyph
--Dragon Glyph

-Finish the Fight
--Finish the Fight

-Main BP
--Main BP

-Ultimate Stand
--Ultimate Stand

-Warlord’s Bravery AA / Anguish BP
-- Warlord’s Bravery AA / Anguish BP

Warrior DPS Timers

-Brutal Onslaught
--Brutal Onslaught

-Glyph of Destruction
--Glyph of Destruction

-Mighty Strike Discipline
--Mighty Strike Discipline

-Offensive Discipline
--Offensive Discipline

-Spire of the Warlord
--Spire of the Warlord

-Vehement Rage
--Vehement Rage

-Wars Sheol’s Heroic Blade
--Wars Sheol’s Heroic Blade

Warrior Increased Healing

-Resplendent Glory
--Resplendent Glory

-Warlord Tenacity
--Warlord Tenacity

Warriors Custom-Warrior Package - Raiena2021-04-12 (06:10 PM)Same Triggers as Default with custom categories

If you are uncertain how to create overlays or categories in Gina, follow these instructions:

Creating Overlays:
  • Open Gina
  • Click on Overlays tab at the top
  • Choose Add New Overlay Timer (Looks like a stopwatch)
  • Drag the new window that appears to the location you want it to appear on your screen. You may also adjust your font size at this time.
  • Click SAVE on that overlay window


Now that you have your Overlay you need to create a Category. I use several categories to break down by type but they are all set to display in my created Overlay.

Creating Categories:
  • Open Gina
  • Click on Categories tab at the top
  • Click Add (looks like a file folder) This will bring up a "New Category" that you can rename to your choosing.
  • Under the Category Settings > Under Timers - Change from Default to your created Overlay.
  • Open each trigger in Gina and change from default to your created Category - SAVE

*Note: If you plan on making multiple categories based on warrior trigger types, you can also choose different colors for your timer bars.

Raiena's Categories:

Color coded this is how it displays on my EQ screen:

Finally, here is an overall view of my screen with Default Triggers (Mostly where Furro's trigger packages show up) as well as Overlay #1 where all my Warrior triggers show up.

Contributors: Raiena & Centare
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Re: Warrior Trigger Package
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2021, 12:19:58 AM »
Monday, April 12, 2021 - Warrior Trigger Package Update

-Added Timer for Glyph of Destruction for both the Default and Custom Package.


Reminder: If you have set up your own overlay/categories you will need to make custom adjustments to your package.
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