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plane War Anniversary raid
« on: May 08, 2014, 10:05:12 AM »
Well its not a cakewalk like the COTF raids lol.

NPC is in War to the left up on the hill among the giants.

Lots of adds. Vallon splits off 6 of himself. Auras around the room that move. Fun fun. Still learning.

its pretty much identical to the old SoD raid for those of you old timers

The goal of this portion of the raid is to defeat Tallon and Vallon Zek who are attempting to break into the Rathe's sanctum.

Phase 1
Hardly qualifing as a "phase" you need to clear about 10 trash mobs to reach the brothers. Nothing fancy. Once dead you trigger the second phase by saying "We challenge you" to either Zek.

Phase 2
Arguably the most challenging event pre-tower. There are 4 main factors to handle for this raid:

Tallon Zek - Rooted on the left side of the room. Has a significant, but avoidable, melee dps. He frequently casts Tallon's Balance, a long range AE that lowers all resists by 525. He also has an array of targeted AE's that do a variety of things (dd, dot, snare, hate reduction, etc). Also every so often he choose a spot with the most PC's and emotes to everybody at that spot:

Tallon Zek appears to be taking aim at this area

Everybody in range also gets a red text popup as well. Shortly after the emote he fires a Large DD ( 110K) to anybody still in that area.
Vallon Zek - Rooted on the right side of the room. Also has a significant melee dps as well as AE rampage. He casts Vallon's Subversion on the tank, which reduces agro by 100% with 42 curse counters. He also hits the tank with Tactical Strike, an unresistable FD with a 4 sec stun. Additionally he has a 125 range AE Vallon's Precision which is a small dot, ac debuff, and an agro Increaser making it very easy to pull agro off a debuffed, FD'd tank. He has a self buff that can't be removed that decreases any nuke cast on him. And finally every so often he spawns 3 clones. The clones hit hard, but despawn after 6 seconds or so making them more like a temp swarm pet.
The Adds - These comprise the major difficulty of the event. Periodically throughout the event you get waves of adds that can spawn from any door leading to the room. They come in a variety of flavors, each with a special weakness:

a Rallosian warbrute, Giant, Fire and Slash
a Rallosian provost, Ogre, Fire and Blunt
a Rallosian priest, Ogre, Cold and Blunt
a Rallosian skirmisher, Goblin, Cold and Pierce
a Rallosian flamespeaker, Goblin, Cold and Pierce
a Rallosian archer, Goblin, Stun and Pierce
a Rallosian salvebringer, Orc, Stun
a Rallosian marauder, Orc, Stun
a Rallosian warmaster, Giant, Snare and Slash

If the adds aren't picked up they will quickly go after healers, the flamespeakers will cast large damage AEs, the archers will start shooting, the giants will cast a short range AE stun, etc... In short, kill them as they spawn.
Balance - To make matters interesting Tallon and Vallon must remain balanced throughout the event. If they get more than 10% out of balance the weaker zek heals up and they swap locations causing much havoc. Additionally it appears that the closer to balanced they are the fewer adds you get and Tallon does his location bomb less frequently.
When both Zeks are down to 10% they won't go lower until all adds are dead. Once all adds are dead And they are both at 10% you get some emotes about them leaving, the chest spawns, and the door south opens for the Eriak event.

Vallon's Precision 
1: Decrease Hitpoints by 100 per tick
2: Decrease AC by 60
3: Increase Aggro Modifier by 40%
The only hard day was yesterday