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Re: Necromancer Guide - EOK
« Reply #15 on: December 14, 2016, 05:17:25 AM »
Pact of Destiny (level 101)
Drains your own health in order to heal your target. You may not cast this spell again until its effects wear off of you. I never use this spell.

Malevolent Alliance (level 102)
Nintap and I found that this spell fulminates when it is on a mob at the same time that the mob is hit with 4 different dots in one tick from an/other necro/s. I would recommend casting this spell after 3-4 dots are on the mob, and have a gina trigger showing when other necros are casting, and message for when it fulminates so you don't get overwritten/blocked.
Forms a malevolent alliance over your target, adding 33849 damage to other necromancer damage over time spells (between level 96 and 110) with a minimum damage dealt of 1600 that land on that target for up to 0:00:18. If 4 spells land in that time, it will trigger a fulmination, dealing much more damage to the target!

Remote Sphere of Decay (level 104)
Position target circle where you want skull totem. Skull totem has AE nukes for 300`, which are disease based. This is direct damage, and does break root/mez etc.
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Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« Reply #16 on: December 14, 2016, 07:13:32 PM »
TBM and beyond Necro Raid  spell guide


Cascade of Decay normalized to ~600dps boost overall, however this was only on one spell cast every time a dot wore off. Over an extended period of time it will normalize to its base DPS pending RNG.

Smouldering Shadow RK II- Long term normalized dps- 2200 to 2700 pending RNG

Pyre of Jorobb RK II - long term normalized dps - 4200 - 4600, successive crits raised it to 5.4k

Pyre of Marnek RK III - Long term normalized dps - 4100

Blazing Shadow RK II - Pitiful

Pyre of Hazarak Rk II - 2700 - 2900

Annihilation RK II - Normalized DPS - 3200

Termination RK II - Normalized - 2500-2900

Doom RK II - Pitiful

Plexipharia's Pallid Haze RK II - 2500-2700

Truncated for simplicity

Overall observation - After 150s or so, DPS normalizes to spell base-damage + worn effects. Necros have an estimated base crit chance of 68% (70% w/ Necro 2.5). If you do not already have your 2.0, and are over level 80, get to work.
Under raid circumstances, this is easily over 100% with Circle of Power, Fierce Eye, and Auspice up. Based on these figures, under raid circumstances we can expect ~30% overall increase in the (if it holds true) observed normalized DPS, without any AA's running nor tribute, being the spell base damage + effects. The only spells that don't follow this rule are Glistenwing and our latter tier Splurt lines. Glistenwing seems to have a high crit rate, 85%+ of the time without added bonuses, and our Mortiferous Wounds and Necrotizing Wounds triple in DPS once their end effect is triggered.
The 30% boost in DPS is speculative. Based on raw numbers we should be critting 68/70% of the time, I'm assuming a 100% crit rate would do far more if RNGesus hates you and you crit very seldomly.

Spell Sets:
- Set 1, Raid Refresh (personal name for it) All of your spells will change based off of this list -

(1) Impose for Blood RK III (2) Pyre of Jorobb RK III (3)Ignite Synapses RK III

(4) Pyre of Marnek RK III (5) Ignite Thoughts RK III (6) Annihilation RK III

(7) Pyre of Hazarak RK II (8 ) Termination RK II (9) Flesh To Poison RK II

(10) Dichotomic Paraxism (11) Smouldering Shadow RK II (12) Mind Extract RK II

- Spell GoDR Burn, primary burn phase set-

(1) Vollmondnacht Orb Rk II

- Set 2 rstart, keep those wounds up & Initial starter, load "refresh" and then load this to replace 7, 8, and 9-

(7) Mortiferous Wounds RK III (8 ) Pernicious Wounds RK III (9) Necrotizing Wounds RK II

- Set 3, Raid set2 (personal name for it) -

replace 3 slots, * for Damsel of Decay
(7)Liquefaction RK III (8 ) Livianus' Decay Rk III (9) Glistenwing Venom RK III
(7*) Pyre of the Lost RK III (8*) Doom RK II (9) Glistenwing Venom RK III

- Set 4, raidset3 (personal name for it) -
Replace 3 slots
(7) Plexipharia's Pallid Haze RK III (8 ) Halstor's Pallid Haze RK II (9) Naeya Venom RK II

==Cast Orders, by phase==

Initial Phase- refer to above for spell names.

Cast Order: (Rstart): 7 8 9 10 11 2 3 4 5 6

-Switch to Raidset2

Cast order: 7 8 9

-Switch to Raidset3

Cast Order: 7 8 9

Rinse/repeat Raidset Refresh, Raidset 2, and raidset 3 until Wounds trigger, then mem rstart and refresh wounds asap. Use refresh time between casting 6 and 8 to cast 7 and refresh FtP/Dicho/throw an Impose hoping for proc. On raidset 2, if dicho is up, use that as a filler while Doom is coming off of loadtimer, otherwise 798 or switch your lineup so doom is in slot 9.

--Initial Burn Phase--
**Note** If the spell set loaded has Flesh to Poison, try to refresh it prior to your wounds triggering and start loading the the rstart set 10-12 seconds before Pernicious triggers. Pernicious is the Wound you should keep an eye on, Mortiferous will trigger before, and by the time the set is loaded Pernicious will have triggered, and Necrotizing should trigger right after you land Pernicious again.

-Switch to rstart

Cast Order: 7 8 9

-Switch to GoDR Burn

Activate: Silent Casting, Focus of Arcanum, Hand of Death, Gift of Deathly Resolve, Third Spire - Dichotomic has a twincast blocker, cast BEFORE you trigger godr or you're just wasting time/casts.

Cast order: (GoDR Burn) 1 10 2 1 3 4 1 5 6 1 7 8, mem raidset2 1 7 8 1 9, by this time GoDR should be wearing off.

The patch last week changed GoDR to give two charges per DD cast, elimination the need for us to have two DD's up for a godr phase.

--Phase 2, Maintain--
Following a burn phase,
Switch to Raidset2
Cast Order: !1 7 !1 8 !1 9

Important to note- Impose for Blood RK III only woven in if its proc is not actived. Notated by a '!1'
I have not used this in quite some time, it throws off timing of dots between casts. It should be noted using this tactic during certain burn phases (like when you have enchanter Chromatic strike) is a decent time to throw a DD in an attempt to proc Impose's Hand of Death.

Important to note- an '*' denotes if it is down. If you're like me, you generally refresh it every four to five switches. A 'switch' being loading a different spell set. During various phases this may change, such as Lady of Light's Golem phase, W/D's phases, etc. Use your own judgement.

Important to note- an '~' denotes a spell that should be kept up at all times if possible. Use your own judgement. Does not apply to Mind Extract when a bard is in group or on Damsel of Decay/Enslaver of Souls. It is a disease resist check.

* saving Funeral Pyre, Emalmber's Carapace in case a secondary burn phase is anticipated shortly, prior to Spire being available *

-Raidset Refresh-
Cast Order: 1, 2, !1, 3, !1, 4, !1, 5, !1, 6, !1, 7, !1, 8, 9*, !1, 11, !1, ~10, ~12 - except on Damsel of Decay/Enslaver of Souls


Cast Order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, ~10


Cast Order: *7 *8 *9

==Burn Compositions==
Large burn phase:
Silent Casting, Focus Arcanum, Hand of Death, Third Spire, Gift of Deathly Resolve
Fast Burn phase:
Mercurial Torment, Funeral Pyre, Third Spire if it is available.
Optional boost to certain fights:
Embalmer's Carapace.
*Note on Embalmer's, it has a 1,000,000 point rune, **the info I had listed for this was incorrect, it stacks with everything**, and has a self-damaging debuff when the rune is broken or it fades. This can be largely cured by Embrace Decay.

My notes during raids:
Necros are a unique class. We can solo most group content in the game, have terrible group DPS, yet are kings of long-term fights. With this being the case, our DPS is primarily single-target. I would say in raid scenarios, only single-target. We have tools we can use to bring our DPS up to par fairly quickly, however that is on an 18 minute timer.
Necro DPS is extremely time-sensitive. By that, I mean timing our burns to the trigger effects of Wound. On events like Enslaver of Souls, where we need to get her to 70% as fast as possible, waiting 2.5 minutes for wounds to trigger before activating burns isn't really an option. I tested Funeral Pyre, which shortens "all" DoT timers by 50% and increases damage by 40%, with the Wounds in GH and it seemed their timers were unaffected.
However, as I was saying, when your Wounds trigger they hit for ~90,000, ~100-110,000, and 120-130,000 each. Without Third Spire. For ten ticks. With this knowledge inhand, a GoDR full burn coupled with three fully triggered wounds will yield necros some crazy insane damage output, and thus DPS.
A prime example of this; one night with Reso on W/D after all five of the necros started using this set, when we went to kill the green mob us five necros accidentally killed the wrong mob by activating burns to kill the green one, with triggered wounds and a full round of DoTs on the red one. The red mob seems to take 3x damage, and the five of us managed to outdamage not only ourselves on the green mob but the entire rest of the raid. At one point, with the correct mob targeted and DoTs burning, I was pulling 300,000 DPS to the wrong mob.
There's the catch-22 with Necro dps, without some form of cancelling magic on a mob we have to be careful of when we trigger burns, and for what mob.
Specific event types-
Cascade of Decay does not trigger Damsel of Decay nor Enslaver of Souls. Tested 7/11/2016, ya'll didn't see her yell my name out for healing and it was active.
Mind Extract is a disease resist. Cannot be cast on mobs that do not have mana.
All of the lifetaps mentioned in this post are magic resist checks. There are, however, disease based ones. Refer to eqresource and/or the eq spell parser
Our Dichotomic is Magic-resist
The "Ignite Thoughts" line of spells have two parts. The first is the base damage, the second is extra damage based on mana drain. Events like the Golems in PoFear that do not have mana will not get this bonus in damage.

The only hard day was yesterday


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Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« Reply #17 on: January 17, 2017, 12:08:11 AM »
Currently 3 forceful ways to get twincast dots. There is also a passive AA and passive aura from enchanters.
Twincasts have a greater affect on DoT dps than on nukes IMO. And also need to be paid more attention to when you twincast dots. You want to twincast the biggest badest DoTs that you can.

Forced twincasts for damage over time.

Gift of Deathly Resolve
Minimum mana 100, exludes Mortiferous Wounds doom "Violent Proliferation" because it is only 10 mana.

Scarlet Cheetah's Twincast III
Minimum mana 10. I tested Scarlet Cheetah's Twincast and it does work to twincast Violent Proliferation. It would require some coordination for a ranger to hit necros with this to twincast Proliferation.

Bifold Focus
Minimum mana 50. Exludes Violent Proliferation.

Passive twincast for damage over time.

Mirrored Pestilence
7% chance of twincast DoT. Minimum 10 mana.

Twincast Aura
9-11% chance of twincast DoT. Minimum 10 mana.

We're running around 16-18% twincast with chanters in groups. It is possible to twincast the Proliferation with just innate, or innate + twincast aura. But the possiblity is too low to be counted on.

Flesh to Poison
10 mana for proc "Burning Poison." Should probably not bother buffing with this if you might have a ranger hitting you with Scarlet Cheetah, it already uses up Chromatic Haze procs also.
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Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« Reply #18 on: February 12, 2017, 04:46:31 PM »
Looks like somebody managed to get a hold of Sora and our website is back up along with the guide.

No timeline atm for if/when I'll be updating it


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Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« Reply #19 on: February 12, 2017, 09:53:04 PM »
I would wait till necro dot revamp since they are working on dot revamps once again. There is also some change I don't understand, about Chromatic Haze effecting dots??


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Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« Reply #20 on: April 20, 2017, 01:09:33 AM »
Wasn't in patch notes that I saw, but I think they changed GODR. Unless I'm mistaken.

Edit: Never mind, it wasn't anything new.
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Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« Reply #21 on: April 22, 2018, 05:51:02 AM »
I noticed back in EOK that there was a change to dot damage when you die or zone. The damage stops. So if you need to stop dps on dots, you can use levant to zone out and back in. Dots will still be on the mob, but won't be doing any damage. Tested on Gorowyn tonight.


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Re: Necromancer Guide - TBM
« Reply #22 on: June 16, 2018, 05:44:19 PM »
We need a current expansion (RoS) guide for Necromancer DPS.

If someone wants to create a guide, please feel free to do so.  Also, do it as a separate topic from this one though (not a reply to this thread).  That way there's less to sift through for others to read, contribute and provide feedback.

Thanks! :)