Author Topic: Help me Obi Tank, you're our only hope..  (Read 2524 times)

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Help me Obi Tank, you're our only hope..
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:17:47 AM »
There are times when the raid is swirling around the toilet bowl teetering on the verge of going under to the murky sewer.  A mob is running loose, and no tank is on it.  Well, this is your chance to grab agro and play your tank with style.

Any FL tank with fresh discs is a better mitigator than the best tank with no discs - at least until his discs drop.  When a mob is loose, the tank MTO is likely shot and trying to recover.  So I say, feel free to lasso the thug mob that is ravaging our dps and healers.  At this point, YOU are our best defense.  Yes you...

I saw a non boxed tank today standing in the corner shooting arrows while the bosses were ripping people apart.  This is not what your class is about.  You are not dps, you are a tank.  Just step in and be a speed bump if nothing else - you almost surely will save a dps or healer in the process.

The best thing you bring to the table relative to non tanks is mitigation - this is a video game, go hog wild and be a hero!
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