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TBM - Plane of Hate
« on: March 03, 2016, 01:59:42 AM »
TBM - Plane of Hate

Zone & Instance Info

Gather Zone: At Pilars in Plane of Tranquility.
NPC Name: N/A
NPC Location: N/A
Keyword to Enter:N/A - Follow compass marker to piller (East?) and click pillar to enter.

Flag & Key Requirements

Mirror Fragment of Anashti Sul is not required for this event.

Zone Flag: None
Event Key: None
Group Mission: None
Event Flags: None
* Minimum to be Piggy/85'/pushed into raid: Nothing required.

Maestro of Rancor

Trash Clearing Reminder: Everyone, avoid AEs/rains during trash, please assist MA.  Bards, be mindful of your songs please when grouped with pullers.

Maestro of Rancor - Brief Event Overview & Strategy

Clear trash, including above room.

Pull Maestro to corner for pin.  Assist MA to kill.

Paladins: Maestro casts Unwilling Chorus which is primarily a Mana Drain DoT.  Whoever cures it gets completely mana drained.  Paladins, we need you to work out a splash rotation.  Get QM/Bard replenished if necessary (ie, if we're short on Paladins).  Maestro casts this every 30 seconds.  I included a trigger I made that might help co-ordinate the splashes.

Healers: Use Group Corruption cure type spells to remove Dissonant Muse when trigger fires.  Dissonant Muse is cast every 45s approx.  Muse is possibly related to Dissonant Tone (DT), if it's not cured in time.

Innorruk - Brief Event Overview & Strategy


Clear trash.

Assist MA.

Text & Audio Triggers - Mandatory


Everyone: GINA File: tbm-plane-of-hate-maestro-03-02-2016-942pm.gtp (added 03-02-2016, 9:42pm)

Paladin: GINA File: tbm-plane-of-hate-maestro-paladin-03-02-2016-943pm.gtp (added 03-02-2016, 943:pm)

Everyone - Dissonant Muse (1st person) - DoT HP/Mana drain - Get Corruption Cured

Paladin - Unwilling Chorus (1st person) - Mana Drain (mana drains curer)
Paladin - Unwilling Chorus cast - To help Paladins co-ordinate a splash rotation (includes overlay/next paladin queue ring etc).



GINA Issues?  Help Below:

If you're new to GINA and/or having issues with importing/enabling our trigger files, please read Ssark's GINA Manual.  If you're still having issues after following Ssark's guide, reply to the Audio and Text Triggers Alternative - GINA thread located in the Raiders Essentials section of our forums, and we'll work to resolve the issue(s).
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