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SK's can't add! - spells by the numbers
« on: February 29, 2016, 04:32:25 PM »
I was bored, and curious, and a little OCD. So I started working on how spells worked for the SK class.  There are tons of abilities that add to spells, from multitudes of classes, but below is built around only using what the SK has on hand to figure out how things stack together.  Information pulled from various places and refined to pull in correct information (class forums, dbg forums, and everything was tested in the guild hall by me).  Attached is a spreadsheet with spell number info.

Start with acronyms and short names:
DD – Direct Damage spell
DoT – Damage over Time spell
SP – spell damage mod2 (found on the right column of most armor pieces/found in the stats window tab of the inventory window.)  SP is only useful for the last 10 levels of spells. At 105 this means that your level 95 spells no longer benefit from it.
X – Used below in the formulas as the end result of what actually gets added into the spell based on the spell damage wonky formula. X*SP cannot exceed the base damage of the spell, and at that point will only add as much as the base damage to the spell.
Spell Damage also uses a wonky formula:
Using a float value "x"
1) Find which is higher Refresh Time or Recast Time.
2) Add whichever is higher from 1) to the Cast Time of the spell to get the Total Cast Time
3) Use one of 3 formulas to find x:
   a) If total cast time < 2.5 Then x = 0.25
   b) If total cast time > 2.5 And < 7 Then x = 0.167 * (totalcasttime - 1)
   c) If total cast time >= 7 then x = 1 * totalcasttime / 7
4) Multiply your worn spell damage by x
5) Truncate the result

“Gift” line of lifetaps – Touch of Holmein, Touch of Klonda, Touch of Piqiorn, Touch of Iglum, Touch of Lanys.
TotC – Touch of the Curse innate proc aa (lifetap). Listed with a total cast time of 45s (used below).
Shroud – Self buff proc lifetap DD. Shroud of the Doomscale, Shroud of the Darksworn, Shroud of the Shadeborne, Shroud of the Plagueborne.
Horror – Self buff proc lifetap off melee damage. Vizat’s Horror, Grelleth’s Horror, Sholothian Horror, Amygdalan Horror.
Dread – Self buff proc returns mana. Mental Dread, Mental Terror.
HT – Harm Touch - Instant Large DD with DoT secondary damage. Large amount of aggro. 20m reuse with AA.
LT – Leech Touch - Instant lifetap DD, nice 'Oh, shit!' button. 10m reuse with AA.
TL – Thought Leech - Instant Mana/End tap DD, two hits, mana/end recovery button. 18m reuse with AA.
RM – Reinforce Malaise AA double dot damage.
VoD – Visage of Decay AA + 55% spell damage – Only for the purposes of this post on spells – the other VoD  is Visage of Death and is for melee damage (not covered at this time).
“Bite” line of spells – Bonemaw’s Bite, Ralstok’s Bite, Korum’s Bite, Malthiasiss’s Bite, Laarthik’s Bite – DD that does returns health and mana.
UA – Unholy Aura, 100% increase to lifetap damage disc. Only works on lifetaps – no effect on other spells.
“Bond” line of spells – Bond of Bonemaw, Bond of Ralstok, Bond of Korum, Bond of Malthiasiss, Bond of Laarthik. DoT lifetap.
AE – Area of Effect Spell. Hits multiple targets. Distasteful Bargain, Repugnant Bargain, Deceitful Deflection, Insidious Deflection.
VBoC- Vicious Bite of Chaos AA – similar to Bite spells – DD that returns health, mana, and end. Rk. 10 damage = 8000 base. Total cast time 0.
RBoA – Ragged Bite of Agony – Large DD that returns mana. Rk.2 damage = 12895 base. Total cast time 0.
SA – Soul Abrasion AA. Increases damage from lifetap procs from self buffs/aa’s.
Base: base spell damage (used below for formulas)
Type3: type 3 augment damage increases (used below for formulas)
Carmine: disc that adds a buff for 1 minute that adds 2235 damage to spells of level 96-105.
Focus: armor focus to increase spell’s damage.
FS: First Spire of the Reavers - Crit increases (assume rank 4/4 for below)

With maxed out Crit AAs for both DoTs and DDs as of 105/TBM expac, the crit mods for spells are:
DDs: 436% of base on a crit
DoT: 452% of base on a crit
With first spire running (rank 4/4):
DDs: 561% of base on a crit
DoT: 677% of base on a crit

Bond line is not affected by UA.
Bite line is not affected by UA.
Gift line is not affected by UA.
Type3 damage is included into crit calculations.
SP damage is included into crit calculations.
Carmine damage is included into crit calculations.

As expected, your AA and proc damage can be affected by your worn SP, and your activated crit modifiers, but they are not influenced by focuses, or by added spell damage (Carmine or aura of the void)
Max touch of the cursed base: 1000
Max soul abrasion mod: +460% lifetap proc increase.
TotC + SA = 1000+4600 = 5600 base proc - 156 SP to max at 6600
Base+SA mod+((45/7)*SP)=6600 max hit.
Shroud + SA = 706+3247=3953 – rk.3 base damage
Base+SA mod+(.25*SP)= Shroud damage
Horror+SA = 443+2037=2480 – rk.3 base damage
Base+SA mod+(.25*SP)= Horror damage
Dread+SA = 404+1858=2262 – rk.3 base damage
Base+SA mod+(.25*SP)= Dread damage
RBoA auto casts when any Bite spell is cast including VBoC aa.  It can crit and uses the DD crit mods. It can twincast.
RBoA+(.25*SP) = RBoA damage
VBoC+(.25*SP) = VBoC damage
Lifetap augments/procs on weapons/roar of the lion:
Proc+(.25*SP) = Proc damage

DD info
UA - adds the base damage of the lifetap to the total again, not affected by the crit. (see below)
VoD - adds the 55% inc to the total, not affected by the crit. (see below)
Dicho - not affected by VoD, UA, only first spire
VoD - does not stack with UA for increase to lifetaps - UA supercedes VoD.
Carmine - full 2235 added and included into crit (see below)
HT,TL,LT not affected by SP, UA, VoD, or Carmine
HT not affected by FS.
TL, LT are affected by FS on a crit.
Most if not all AE's are unaffected by spell damage increase focii on gear

DoT info:
RM/VoD do not stack - RM higher value.
DoTs not affected by UA
Seemingly all mods to dot damage are included in the crit damage. Not separated like DDs.
Carmine 96-105 - base dot time in seconds/6 + 1 for amount of ticks. Then 2235/that number = the addition of damage to the base tick. This is included in the crit calc (see below).
DoTs not affected by SP

Dichotomic Fang has a total cast time of 60s (60 reuse, 0 cast), but the actual damage spell is called Dichotomic Bite – and it has a total cast time of 6s (6 reuse, 0 cast) this is accounted for with the formulas to figure out what SP to add to the damage. Does not receive bonuses for spell focus on gear.
Dicho- Base for each level
45591, 47869, 50265, 52777, 55416, 58188
Damage formula = (base dmg)+(0.167*5*SP)

HT at 26/26 ranks in AA: 500000 DD and 83334 DoT for 7 ticks – these damages are not modified by anything that I’ve found.  Cannot Twincast. Cannot Crit.

LT at 1/1 ranks in AA: base dmg = 900. At 27/27 ranks of Consumption of the Soul + 65000 damage. Total: 65900.  Cannot Twincast that I’ve seen. Can Crit. Crit damage is based on the current crit modifiers you have up. 65900 Base DD, 287324 Crit DD, 369699 Crit DD with FS running.

TL at 7/7 ranks in AA: 162500 DD.  Can Crit, Can Twincast. Crit damage is based on the current crit modifiers you have up. 162500 Base DD, 708500 Crit DD, 871000 Crit DD with FS 3/4 ranks, 911625 Crit DD with FS 4/4 ranks running.  There are two hits to this ability 1 for mana, 1 for endurance. Both can crit as above. If out of endurance – do not use this with the Rest line of discs running – you are capped at the 21-29% endurance of that disc and will waste the hit.

Aura of the void clickie – 125 spell damage added after other mods, after crit calculated, and onto a dot at the rate of 125/ticks+1.
Girdle of the weaponmaster – 500 proc damage added after other mods and after crit calculated.
Banestrike is not affected by any damage mods (disc/aa/SP) and cannot crit.

All equations are supposed to be rounded down to the nearest integer at each step. This seems to create inconsistent rounding errors of 1 or 2 points, but for the most part the numbers work out.

Quick Listing of equations:

Base+type3+(SP*X)+(Base*(focus/100)) = DD with no buffs up.
((Base+type3+(SP*X))*DD Crit Mod)+ (Base*(focus/100)) = DD Crit with no buffs up.

Base+type3+(SP*X)+(Base*(focus/100))+(Base*0.55) = DD with VoD
((Base+type3+(SP*X))*DD Crit Mod)+ (Base*(focus/100)) +(Base*0.55)  = DD Crit with VoD

Base+type3+(SP*X)+(Base*(focus/100))+Base = Lifetap with UA up
((Base+type3+(SP*X))*DD Crit Mod)+ (Base*(focus/100))+Base = Crit Lifetap with UA up

Base+type3+(SP*X)+2235+(Base*(focus/100)) = DD with Carmine up.
((Base+type3+(SP*X)+2235)*DD Crit Mod)+ (Base*(focus/100)) = DD Crit with Carmine up.

Base+type3+(SP*X) = AE DD with no buffs up.
((Base+type3+(SP*X))*DD Crit Mod) = AE DD Crit with no buffs up.

Proc DD/AA DD:
Base+(SP*X) = Proc/AA damage
((Base+(SP*X))*DD Crit Mod) = Crit Proc/AA damage

Base+(Type3/(ticks+1))+(Base*(focus/100))= DoT with no buffs up.
(Base+(Type3/(ticks+1))+(Base*(focus/100)))*DoT crit mod = DoT Crit with no buffs up.

Base+(Type3/(ticks+1))+(Base*(focus/100))+(Base*.55)= DoT with VoD up.
(Base+(Type3/(ticks+1))+(Base*(focus/100))+(Base*.55))*DoT crit mod = DoT Crit with VoD up.

Base+(Type3/(ticks+1))+(2235/(ticks+1))+(Base*(focus/100)) = DoT with Carmine up
(Base+(Type3/(ticks+1))+(2235/(ticks+1))+(Base*(focus/100)))*DoT crit mod = DoT Crit damage with Carmine up

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