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Collection items
« on: June 30, 2016, 06:23:36 PM »

So the offer that I mentioned in chat once:

Let me know some collection pieces that you need (please don't state things like all of TBM or such as that is too much work for me).  Send me an in-game email with a reasonable number of specific items and I will check to see what I have.  I am also doing this for my wife's old guild that I had joined, so want to spread it around an option. 

My account is paid up for about 9 months still.  I have a bunch of collections items (I use 3 x 300 spot houses and some bank storage).  I will likely turn my main system into a Linux box with a bunch of VMs, so no EQ there and I won't dual boot as I want some of those servers up.  But, I did set up a Windows partition on my MAC laptop back when they started banning use of VMs (VM Ware fusion for that system).  I rarely boot into it as it was only for EQ and all my real stuff is on the MAC.  But, I can periodically check it.

I had to move the pieces that I had been storing in a house I set up for my wife to the bank as her account should be expired by now or very shortly.  If there was enough interest, I could modify my Python script that I wrote to parse the inventory and realestate output files to check the new locations to produce a current summary.  I could post that to help people know what I have.  I used to do that for the guild when they used to have a web site with forum.