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Re: Shaman guides - ROS DoTs
« Reply #15 on: January 21, 2018, 05:33:57 AM »
Long duration

 28348 damage per tick for 18992 mana

 Scorpikis Blood
18029 damage per tick for 15971 mana

 Erogo's Curse
25199 damage per tick for 23065 mana

 Nectar of Suffering
20933 damage per tick for 25900 mana

 Breath of Elkikatar
16547 damage per tick for 17779 mana

 Rirwech's Affliction
13775 damage per tick for 26447 mana

 Vermistipus's Pandemic
11106 damage per tick for 12875 mana

Short duration/Fast/Quick dots

 Mawmun's Venom
18029 damage per tick for 3 ticks for 3198 mana. Doesn't stack with _________ Blood

 Hoshkar's Malady
16547 damage per tick for 3 ticks for 2872 mana. Doesn't stack with Breath of ___________.


Nectar of Suffering will auto cast Vengence of Suffering when it wears off.
30981 damage per tick for 24 seconds.

Rirwech's Affliction will auto cast Rirwech's Malady when it wears off.
23139 damage per tick for 24 seconds.

Combination spells

These spells speed up ramp up time at cost of mana. They use less spellgem slots. However, they use up an extra buff slot for the initial cast, and if buff locked, the mob may not get any real dot cast on it. It is not possible to use Gift of Mana procs to save mana on combo spells because the Gift will be used on the initial cost, which is minor. It is possible a random Gift of Mana will save you some mana if it is caused by the initial proc firing.
They didn't continue the two combo dot spells for poison and disease with the ROS expansion. They may continue it next expansion hopefully.

 Rirwech's Malosinata
Casts slower than regular Rirwech's, costs more mana, but it does add Malosinata, which can increase magic damage 2% to 10% (Before Crit).
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