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Berserker / Berserker TBM
« on: December 04, 2015, 11:22:24 AM »
sorry folks, with eok release this post is no longer accurate. Going to remove it so it doesnt cause confusion.

I think Ignas/Humas Maxio fire where the player gets the warning emote, not 10 seconds later when the AE goes off.

I suggested this in the dps channel like 5-6 weeks ago and got mocked for it.  :'(

I've been curious on how Ognit's spell reflect buff comes into play and how it would work if used by electric emoted players.
For Example: Soandso gets electric emote --> Soandso says need protection within 10 seconds --> Electric DD/KB gets reflected , raid rejoices?

Also we should kill the annoying mini who does the gravity flux aura first because that's annoying as hell. 

Theres an emote for this aura, after about 10 seconds the aura is placed at the emoted players position. We are missing several of the mini's emotes still.

[Thu Feb 26 21:48:15 2015] Ursus glares at you, and you begin to feel the weight of his stare.

Berserker / Re: Zerker DPS
« on: November 21, 2014, 07:42:57 AM »
updated my post

Berserker / Re: Zerker DPS
« on: September 05, 2014, 05:31:10 AM »
*deleted old post*

- The Brothers Zek - Plane of War - Adds that are weak to fire now take more damage from hand-to-hand attacks. Adds that are weak to cold now take more damage from piercing attacks. Adds that are weak to stuns now take more damage from blunt attacks. Adds that are weak to snares now take more damage from slashing attacks.

cleared my log since it was 2gb to big to search right before last attempt so missing confirmation on provost and warmaster emote weakness.

[Thu Sep 04 23:24:26 2014] a Rallosian skirmisher has taken enhanced damage from Minisca's cold spell!
[Thu Sep 04 23:26:12 2014] a Rallosian flamespeaker has taken enhanced damage from Kevsaiyan's cold spell!
[Thu Sep 04 23:37:02 2014] a Rallosian warbrute has taken enhanced damage from Gimamam's fire spell!
[Thu Sep 04 23:30:48 2014] a Rallosian lifetaker thrashes frantically under the influence of Borean's snare spell!
[Thu Sep 04 23:27:14 2014] a Rallosian archer is sent reeling from Dekabos's stun spell!
[Thu Sep 04 23:27:21 2014] a Rallosian marauder is sent reeling from Curmugly's stun spell!
[Thu Sep 04 23:31:12 2014] a Rallosian salvebringer is sent reeling from Feroxide's stun spell!

Using patch notes and above emote confirmations its easy to pair their spell+melee weakness.

The mob types being kited need to be confirmed, so melee can ignore those and focus on stationary unkiteable targets 1st.

Seemed to me the stun weak mobs took the longest to die. Lack of enough spell stunners on each side?

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