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Shaman / Re: Shaman guides (TOV)
« on: September 05, 2020, 09:55:33 AM »

Union of Spirits (blocked by Ancestral Aid)
Increase HP when cast by 60000
Increase Hitpoints v2 by 32000 per tick
Increase STR/AGI/DEX Cap by 480
Increase STR/AGI/DEX by 480

This is instant cast, and you can accidentally hit mobs with it (although it doesn't help them). I use this mainly on Berzerkers/Rogues. Not sure which class benefit the most from the stats increase.

Rogue / Monk. Any berserker good enough to consider buffing will already be crit capped. Rog/mnk benefit "less" point by point, but they they're not capped yet soooo

Warrior / Re: Warrior Hotkeys
« on: August 25, 2020, 04:28:25 AM »
this is already an amazing starting point

It really isn't. Zak's …scheme he laid out here is problematic in many details (really many more than it's worth going in to), but also in overall philosophy.

It works for him, that is plainly true: he tanks just fine, for a fine raid force, and for his own macro'd-to-the-gills-just-like-this-warrior-thing three box setup. But… but.

Putting abilities into socials hides them. Buries them. The re use timers are hidden, whether or not something failed to fire is hidden, knowing what was even tried relies entirely on the active memory of the user. Some socials are useful to spam, some aren't, and some are decidedly self-defeating to spam. Some combine well with specific others, some don't, or actively negate each other. All of which adds up to an especially bad situation for someone trying to learn or re-learn warrioring. Splitting abilities tactically is all but impossible, unless this is all laid out along side or on top of a more flexible UI. Which segues into a "meta" concern. This system doesn't gain anything for being systematic; there's no simplifying or streamlining. There are at least as many wonky little buttons as there are actual abilities!

It's true that warriors have a lot of a abilities to learn, and that can be daunting. Warriors have, probably, more abilities than they ought to, given substantial overlap. (I've "gone off" about that elsewhere.) My perspective is that hiding all those abilities in Zak's scheme is unhelpful for learning, and mostly unhelpful for playing even when the abilities are well-known. With the possible caveat of "unless you're Zak"



Contributors: Furro, extrapolated spell lineups and banes from Helicoprion and Luthernhamner's casts

Spell Lineup:

Burst of Wakening
Dissident Force
Eradicate Curse
Eradicate Poison
Force of the Grotto
Invocation of the Devout
Lesson of Propitiation
Sincere Cleansing
Sincere Force
Wave of Propitiation
Aurora of Morninglight
Dichotomic Force
Force of Mercy
Wave of Expiation

Paladin Banes:

Mephit & Armor  Weakness  Spell / Ability LVL   Type  /alt act  Note
ANIMATED   SNARE    -  -   -  --
BREEZESTUN  Dichotomic Force  101   ST  -- 60s refresh
  Dissident Force  106   ST  -- 60s refresh
  Force of Mercy  109   ST  -- 30s refresh
  Sincere Force  111   ST  -- 12s refresh
  Lesson of Propitiation  112   ST  -- 24s refresh
  Force of the Grotto  115   ST  -- 12s refresh
  Beacon of the Righteous  -   AE  10394- 90s refresh
  Invocation of the Devout  115   ST  -- Self buff.  Melee Stun Proc
FLAME SLOW  - -   -  --
ROCKMEZ  -  -   -  --
WAVEROOT  Shackles of Tunare II  -  ST  10393-

Like most classes with AA or clickies, baning can be done faster with a mix of AAs/clickies and spells, if the spell gem can be spared:

/tar a_wave_mephit0
/alt activate 10393 (Shackles of Tunare AA)
/cast # (Shackles of Tunare spell, level 65)

^ jamming that button should solo wreck a wave mephit in one tick. Blessing of the Faithful kill proc yeah!

on stuns, list above is missing :
/alt activate 73 (Divine Stun AA, 9sec reuse)
/alt activate 2027 (Hallowed Lodestar AA, AE stun 90sec reuse)

and spells:
Cease, level 7, 9sec reuse no timer
Desist, level 13, 10sec reuse no timer

Lesson of Propitiation is slow cast and long reuse time compared to Force of Grotto, Sincere Force, Cease, Desist. Recommend against Lesson. If a 5th spell besides the good ones (plus Dissident and Divine Stun) is desired, lv42 Holy Might is same 2sec cast as Lesson, with 18s instead of 24s reuse.

Shadow Knight

Contributors: Furro, extrapolated spell lineups and banes from Bubbulz, Zimmak, Persephone and Modalex

Spell Lineup:

Abhorrent Bargain
Blood of Ikatiar
Bloodletting Covenant
Bond of Vulak
Cadcane's Skin
Claret Ragenot a spell
Dire Indictment
Dissident Fang
Insidious Rejection
Pestilent Darkness
Protest for Power
Soul Carapace/Shield/Guardnot a spell
Spear of Cadcane
Stormwall Stance
Terror of Mirenilla
Torrent of AnguishAC buff doesn't stack with War:Paragon Champion. /tell Raiena war buffs pls
Touch of Drendar
Touch of Lutzen
Touch of T`Vem
Touch of Zlandicar
Vulak's Bite

Note: Adjust lineup accordingly, obviously the list exceeds spell gems available.

Shadow Knight Banes:

Mephit & Armor  Weakness  Spell / Ability LVL   Type  /alt act  Note
ANIMATED   SNARE    Encroaching Darkness  -   ST  826-
       Pestilent Darkness  112   ST  --
BREEZESTUN  -  -   -  --
FLAME SLOW  - -   -  --
ROCKMEZ  -  -   -  --
WAVEROOT  -  -  -  --

/tar an_animated_mephit0
/alt activate 826 (Encroaching Darkness AA)
/cast # (Despairing Darkness lv87)
/cast # (Suppurating Darkness lv92)
/cast # (Smoldering Darkness lv97)

The damage done by Darkness dots is superfluous, using the lowest level ones that still cast instantly saves bunches of mana. One cycle of a bane key like this is expected to flatten any one Animated entirely, solo kill in ~1tick. Instant banes are "some good". Having a good bane key is good for the SK not just for the raid (it's very good for the raid) because baning a mephit to death is a kill, so the SK can pick up Mortal Coil :D

How many of those spells to load will be up to the SK, of course. It takes three to max out snare spamming but spell gems can be at a premium.

Core lifetaps always:
Touch of Drendar
Touch of T'Vem
Dire Indictment
Dissident Fang

From the log, mephit waves at 85%, 50%, and 25%->finish are every 20s:
[Thu Aug 20 20:20:31 2020] A wave of mephits materializes.
[Thu Aug 20 20:20:51 2020] A wave of mephits materializes.
[Thu Aug 20 20:21:31 2020] A wave of mephits materializes.
[Thu Aug 20 20:21:51 2020] A wave of mephits materializes.

This is of special interest to SK when talking about spell gems because Splode/Splode/Stream AAs are each 45 cooldown, so while (with care) one of that set can be ready for each wave, good SKs pretty surely want spell backup for them: Insidious Rejection (highly recommended) and/or Abhorrent Bargain (<Bargain shares timer with Spear) and/or Contempt-Revulsion-Disgust (<"not great" cast times on these).
When agroing those mephit waves, survivability matters, so there's no dropping Cadcane's Skin. A survivability-focused SK will want Stormwall Stance & Touch of Zlandikar self buffs on also, maybe? these are long enough duration to consider a /memspellset swap for.

As with all classes, dps also matters. Dps almost always matters, but in this event in particular there's an enrage timer issue coming up. Spear spell is great if Abhorrent Bargain isn't being used. Bloodletting Covenant is super since the raid has one big target for all the SKs to be lifetapping.



Contributors: Padraigg, Furro

Spell Lineup: WIP

Rogue Banes:

Mephit & Armor  Weakness  Spell / Ability LVL   Type  /alt act  Note
ANIMATED   SNARE    Ligament Slice  -   ST  672-
BREEZESTUN  -  -   -  --
FLAME SLOW  - -   -  --
ROCKMEZ  Smokeshade  105   AE  --
  Audacious Escape  105   ST  --
WAVEROOT  -  -  -  --

my logs of Mearatas show Padraigg only landing bane damage by Ligament Slice. This bears out my experience Berserkering that Combat Abilities do not fire banes, only spells & AA & clicks that come with a "begins casting" message (not "activates")

Unfortunately, this means that rogues are limited to Animated mephit for bane.

Fortunately, this frees up rogues to really bear down hard on burning the boss. Padraigg's guide is here.


Contributor: Furro, extrapolated banes from Ranger spell casts (Keloden, Kevsaiyan and Rulolin possibly, forget atm)

Spell Lineup: WIP

Ranger Banes:

Mephit & Armor  Weakness  Spell / Ability LVL   Type  /alt act  Note
ANIMATED   SNARE    Entrap IV  -   ST  219-
BREEZESTUN  -  -   -  --
FLAME SLOW  - -   -  --
ROCKMEZ  -  -   -  --
WAVEROOT  Vinelash Assault  -  98  F.AE- Frontal AE
  Ring of Immobilization  -  ST  -- VT Clicky (include as /useitem in hotkey)

/tar a_wave_mephit0
/cast # (Earthen Roots lv63)
/alt act 584 (Grasp of Sylvan Spirits)
/useitem Ring of Immobilization

Vinelashes is very fine, especially against multiples, but can be hard to aim on the slopes of our fighting arena, especially as we're dodging boulders. A bane key with faster reuse single target spell+AA is much more reliable. Ambitious rangers will maybe show their quality by employing 'lash & the hotkey both?

/tar an_animated_mephit0
/cast # (Tangling Weeds lv5)
/alt activate 219 (Entrap)

Above two spells, one for each hotbutton, leave tonnnns of room for the ranger dps spells:

Marked Shots
Dissident Fussilade
Focused Blizzard of Arrows
Summer's Sleet
Ice Burrower Swarm

Rangers need to take special care with their Balm cure spell. Though it is their only way to cure Curse, it also cures Poison so it is NOT SAFE to cast for clearing Poison Proliferation, only for clearing Spreading Stone.

Desperate & Spring heals are safe. Spring is bad, but what're you gonna do? (you're going to trust the shm are AE healing with their Gift+Squalls!)


Contributor: Furro, extrapolated spell lineup from Skattle's casts

Spell Lineup:

Al'ele's/Venon's Vindicationnot a spell
Bestial Vivisection/Rendingnot a spell
Bethun's Mending
Bloodmaw's Bite
Dissident Fury
Endaroky's Chill
Frostbite Lance
Frozen Malignance
Growl of the Lioness
Ikatiar's Blood
Neemzaq's Endemic
Restless Lance
Vkjen's Maelstrom

Beastlord Banes:

Mephit & Armor  Weakness  Spell / Ability LVL   Type  /alt act  Note
ANIMATED   SNARE    -  -   -  --
BREEZESTUN  -  -   -  --
FLAME SLOW  - -   -  --
ROCKMEZ  -  -   -  --
WAVEROOT  -  -  -  --

Bst, like ber/rog, focus on boss dps in Mearatas. The countdown to enrage timer is the key mechanic to be battling against. Use discs early & often. Consult bst forum for good guides, maybe.

Beastlords bane with

/tar a_flame_mephit0
/cast # (Sha's Reprisal spell lv87)
/cast # (Sha's Legacy spell lv70)
/alt activate 1269 (Sha's Reprisal AA)

those two spell gems do not interfere at all with core dps spell line up of:

Dichotomic Fury (1/minute while engaged with the boss or you're letting the team down! Rejuv to get it twice in some burn!)
Frozen Malignance
Vkjen's Maelstrom
Endaroky's Chill
Ikatiar's Blood
Neemzaq's Endemic
Growl of the Lioness

Beastlords must either be super careful with, or completely eschew, the very good pet heal Salve line. It is a poison cure and will trigger Poison Proliferation if the beastlord is cursed.

The bad any-target Mending heal is safe, just not… good. As always.



Contributor: Furro

Spell Lineup: TODO, ran out of time

Cleric Banes:

Mephit & Armor  Weakness  Spell / Ability LVL   Type  /alt act  Note
ANIMATED   SNARE    -  -   -  --
BREEZESTUN  Tarnation  61   ST  --
  Awe *  -   ST  -- If you don't have Tarnation, use lowest level in Awe* spell line
FLAME SLOW  - -   -  --
ROCKMEZ  -  -   -  --
WAVEROOT  Blessed Chains  -  ST  138-
  Ring of Immobilization  -  ST  -- VT Clicky (include as /useitem in hotkey)

Clerics with the attention & spell gems to spare for banes can use:

on Timer 6: Sound of Wrath Rk.III, level 108 (rk 3 is important for cast time, the level is not. I call out the level 108 because Freelance's TBL raids should provide the Median Lamp to get rk3)
on Timer 5: Stun, level 2. 12 second reuse timer, not 2 minutes
on Timer 4: Tarnation level 61 -or- Aweflash

also spell:Shackle, lv97, important for those clerics that lack their VexThal clicky to not have to wait on AA refresh (quick though it is)

Shaman / Re: Shaman guides (TOV)
« on: August 19, 2020, 05:17:37 AM »
I am having troubles with VP and AE vp, can u suggest or take a pic of your AE and VP hotkeys

You're working on Mearatas buttons, Ramelorm?

Finish casting your Gift+Squall combo, then hit [Esc] button to clear your target before tapping bane buttons. If Gift+Squall is up, do that, then go back to tappy-tappy-tapping bane buttons:

/tar a_wave_mephit0
/cast # (Shackle spell)
/alt activate 171 (Virulent Paralysis AA)
/useitem Ring of Immobilization

/tar a_flame_mephit0
/pause 3,/alt activate 3729 (Turgur's Swarm AA)
/alt activate 856 (Turgur's Virulent Swarm AA)
/useitem Time's Antithesis

If there's no mephits to target, the buttons will work Just Fine for sentinels too, once you've targeted them yourself. I don't think we have shaman playing with those now, though?

The AE root AA is directional, so you only use that if your character is faced toward the Wave Mephit (hopefully more than one, but whatever). Can't just spam it out there, not productively.

I don't believe he frequents these forums, but I will say on his behalf that Lophophora has had great success as a wizard baning with:

/tar a_wave_mephit0
/alt activate 851 (Frost Shackles AA)
/cast # (Ice Grinder spell)

/tar a_breeze_mephit0
/cast # (Spiked Lightning spell)
/cast # (Divergent Lightning spell)

/tar an_animated_mephit0
/alt activate 1155 (Atol's Shackles AA)
/cast # (Atol's Spectral Shackles spell)

In the runs he participated in the sentinels group, he spent Flame Sentinel, Rock Sentinel time bombing the boss. The above four spells left plenty of room for the core wizard line up:

Shield of Destiny
Musing Gambit
Claw of Sontalak
Stormjolt Vortex
Ethereal Confluence
Ethereal Brand
Restless Ice Comet

Been barding for Mearatas - my strategy is strongly informed by our overall pace running super close to the impending Enrage timer, and so keeping pressure on the dps front feels crucial. So:

I keep the core DPS group melody intact on my song bar:
(Aura of Margidor on)
Sathir's Insult
Aria of Margidor
War March of Radiwol
/melody goes 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 , the Insult just skips if it's not ready to be sung

For banes, I load:
  • Selo's Assonant Strain (lv54 AE slow+snare. find in Utility Detrimental > Slow, also Utility Detrimental > Snare)
  • Denon's Bereavement (lv59 AE stun. find in Damage over Time > Poison)
  • Wave of Somnolence and
  • Wave of Sleep (lv115 & 110 AE mez. Utility Detrimental > Enthrall)
  • Slumber of Zburator (lv114 single target mez. unlike enchanter situation, high & low level songs have the same "cast time" and cost the same (nothing), so may as well use the one that can save the tanks a melee round)
  • Largo's Assonant Binding (lv51 single target Slow+Snare)

During mephit intervals (85%, 50%, 25%) I do not plainly melody this whole mess together, that would be terribly slow & inefficient. I also don't just sing one song, that also would be slow & inefficient since a constantly-played song will only refresh each tick. A "trick" is available to bards in that single-target songs will be skipped in /melody if there is no target, so the technique nearly all the time mephits are up is to /melody just the best AE song (Selo's, double Bane types!) along with some single-target song while targeting nothing: the good AE repeats as fast as possible. My choice has been to /melody Selo's with single target mez since the AE isn't already hitting mez banes; I target a rock mephit if one is up alongside just one of the Animated/Flames. If there are no Animated or Flame mephits up, and there are Breeze mephits, then I swap to the same sort of 2-song melody but with Denon's instead. This case is unusual as enc & pal & wiz are so much better at stun baning. Ditto AE mez; due to bard AE mez songs having a substantial reuse timer, it is rare that mez baning is a stronger contribution than AE snareslowing.

During boss phases, if there's a mephit due to someone dying out of turn, I make sure Aria & War March are staying on the group. Maintaining dps (increasing it if we can) will be crucial to our eventual win. It's not been a problem to solo bane a solo mephit to death before the key ADPS songs need to be re-sung.

Magician / Magicians versus "a pile of haunted bones"
« on: March 20, 2020, 03:52:14 AM »
in the Drusella's Vault raid event, a pile of haunted bones has the effect on it Highly Flammable, making it take 100x damage from fire. This effect sounds great for magicians, but it functions to make all non-fire damage almost worthless. Further, as a pile of haunted bones is a non-agro object rather than a fighting monster, it has no agro list. This means the "of Many" nukes which depend on pets_on_the_agro_list do 0 damage. Not "very little" - actual 0.

So. Special multibind just for killing a pile of haunted bones:

Chaotic Pyroclasm
Rain of Molten Komatiite
Spear of Molten Komatiite
Spear of Molten Arcronite

These spells will hit for millions of damage at a time on a pile of haunted bones.

The list has no Servant spell, because Servants aren't fire damage so compared to just another fire spell they're real bad on a pile of haunted bones. The list has no "of Many" nuke because there's no pet agro list on a pile of haunted bones.

Magicians should have their fire pet summoned for hitting on a pile of haunted bones. The fire pet's nuke damage is normally less than a water pet's backstab damage -- but the fire pet's nukes are fire so incredible on a pile of haunted bones. It should be armed with summoned fire swords; fire pets won't rush up to their target, but if Summon Companion AA is used to position them, they will melee to get even more fire damage procs.

Dedicated magicians can also add Tonic of Resonant Fire. This is a lower level potion than Restless Focus, but it makes fire procs so it's amazing on a pile of haunted bones.

Same with augments:
Living Golem Heart
Heroic Golem Heart
Spirit of the Gorgon
Sodkee's Sympathetic Stone (special: fits range slot)

are all much lower level procs than modern Sympathetic augments -- but they're fire, so they're amazing on a pile of haunted bones.

Beastlord / Beastlord Ice Weapons & Augments for Drusella's Vault
« on: December 09, 2019, 07:40:32 PM »
These weapons and augs just for the special task of killing "A glob of goo" because it has Highly Freezable modifier on it for x100 damage from ice things. Most classes struggle to contribute in killing them because regular damage is near worthless; those classes contribute better just suppressing adds. Not beastlords; beastlords if they go for it have tons of ice-specific damage with which to move Phase 2 toward a win.

That's just the "A glob of goo". Everything else takes regular damage so bst should use regular weapons and cast regular spells for killing animated weapons and undeads and noodles and golems and sarnak.

The regular kit for beastlords should already include Nra`Vruu's Sympathetic Stone slotted to their range item.

Beastlords should have Tonic of Resonant Frost for this task, to add more ice damage to the ice spells they chain cast on A Glob of Goo. Chain casting Chill dot is highest dps.

Gelid Rending AA adds ice procs to beastlord attacks with h2h and 1hb weapons. Not piercers, not 2h. So, weapons:

1hb Teal Sky from named Triumphal Still Sky in Stratos, with augment Frosted Topaz from A Ry`Gorr Inspector in Crystal Caverns (level 100 RoF version)

1hb The Calm from Head Boiler Akett in Gorowyn with augment Deepwater Freeze from Eldaa Kemph in Cooling Chambers

the Siren's Demise augment from TDS mission currency is stronger than the listed augs - it's for sure an available upgrade if the beastlord has Immortal Gem of Stone to go with Venomous Tear in their "real" weapons, but may already be occupied.

Warders should have magician-made Summoned: Gorstruck Iceblades

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