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Edit: New post made to reflect changes from Ring of Scale.

Might I see some of your parses that show melee is better for sustained?

I slack on both parsing and checking this post, sorry for the delay.

Below I did several parses with varying adps you may find yourself with on raids melee wise. I used adps that is in a constant state of being active or something that's hit every minute or so. These were done with the same buffs and no self burns/mods etc.

Melee = Combat Dummy Azia in 601s, 19853k @33034sdps --- #1 Findictive 19853k@33034sdps (33034dps in 601s) [100%]
Ranged = Combat Dummy Azia in 602s, 20866k @34661sdps --- #1 Findictive 20866k@34661sdps (34661dps in 602s) [100%]

Shaman ADPS (Roar of the Lion rank 1 only) {Was afk slightly longer than timer, sorry for longer parse}:
Melee = Combat Dummy Azia in 722s, 32619k @45179sdps --- #1 Findictive 32619k@45179sdps (45179dps in 722s) [100%]
Ranged = Did not do a parse, Roar does not fire from ranged attack, check above parse for comparison.

Bard ADPS (Melody of songs only, no FE/Epic etc):
Melee = Combat Dummy Azia in 600s, 27062k @45103sdps --- Findictive 27062k@45103sdps (45103dps in 600s) [100%]
Ranged = Combat Dummy Azia in 602s, 24138k @40097sdps --- Findictive 24138k@40097sdps (40097dps in 602s) [100%]

Beastlord ADPS (Dichotomic Fury only):
Melee = Combat Dummy Azia in 601s, 29470k @49036sdps --- Findictive 29470k@49036sdps (49036dps in 601s) [100%]
Ranged = Combat Dummy Azia in 603s, 31407k @52085sdps --- Findictive 31407k@52085sdps (52085dps in 603s) [100%]

As you can see, the only time ranged DPS pulls ahead outside of Pureshot Discipline is going to be either when you're straight alone or have just a BL for ADPS. I'm sure if you were in a caster group with Enchanter/Druid then ranged may also be slightly better but running those parses would be a waste of time to me.

The above parses were ran with Hornscale Blade + Sigil of Thokk (Primary), Hornscale Blade + Siren's Demise (Secondary), and Grace + Grim Momento and Insigni Saevus (Ranged).


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