Author Topic: Blessing vs. Grasp of Ro  (Read 7580 times)


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Blessing vs. Grasp of Ro
« on: February 21, 2011, 02:37:09 AM »
The druid section on the debuffs post says to use the Blessing of Ro AA.  The Grasp of Ro spell does much the same thing, but it debuffs more than Blessing does.  Take a look at for the numbers.  My druid isn't 90 yet, so I'm not sure exactly how stacking works with Grasp.  With Blessing, you get the best result if you cast Hand of Ro and Fixation of Ro first.  Then cast Blessing.  Blessing will overwrite whichever of the other two debuffs is in the lower slot, but the other one will stay.  If you cast Blessing first, neither of the other two will stick.


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Re: Blessing vs. Grasp of Ro
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2011, 06:17:25 AM »

It has to do with stacking, to yield the greatest debuff benefit, but cast order matters, or we run into a conflicts/block.  There's a note in the writeup also to cast Fixation of Ro FIRST, then Blessing of Ro.

Quick Rundown:

Fixation of Ro + Blessing of Ro = 226 ATK, 46 AC

Grasp of Ro = 181 ATK, 42 AC

It's not this cut and dry though.  Your DoT lines have debuff components also.  This is where some AC values get overwritten.  Highest debuff, sharing the same slots trumps lower values.  That's why the DoTs were included in the writeup.

Spell Details:

Fixation of Ro:

Slot 4:      Decrease ATK by 30 (L1) to 75 (L90)
Slot 6:      Decrease AC by 9 (L1) to 22 (L90)

Blessing of Ro:

Slot 7:      Decrease Fire Resist by 73
Slot 10:      Decrease ATK by 151
Slot 12:      Decrease AC by 24

Grasp of Ro Rk. II:

Slot 4:      Decrease ATK by 75 (L86) to 77 (L90)
Slot 6:      Decrease AC by 26
Slot 7:      Decrease Fire Resist by 75
Slot 10:      Decrease ATK by 104
Slot 12:      Decrease AC by 16

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