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Largly, in this thread, I will just be pointing necros to some already created awesomesauce over at

Necros may have one of the simpler combos to creating their dps, but it is easily one of the most difficult to implement.

The first thread that all necros should read is: DPS tools - what you will need and never outgrow

The second thread that all necros should read is: Necro DPS - Spell Casting Order v2.0

Those two threads are absolutely gold.  Few classes in EQ have a community that is half as useful as the necromancer one.  Anyone not taking advantage of said community is seriously handicapping their game play.  There are countless other invaluable threads on basically every subject relevant to a Necromancer on that site (I know because I have started, posted, or read a high majority of them).

If you are truly serious about wanting to DPS at the top as a Necromancer, I highly suggest you also subscribe to necrotalk.  We give away all the ub3r 1337 secrets in the subscriber section  8-)

I will probably add to this a quick and dirty guide on how to use all the tools mentioned in the two threads above.

Happy hunting!

Originally Posted by Mellifleur 
1. Pyre of Hazarak
2. Ignite Potential
3. Pyre of Nos
4. Doom
5. Naeya Venom
6. Ivrikdals
7. Necrotizing Wounds
8. Mortification ( with a druid in the group / raid using Mulch line )
9. Pyre of the Piq`A
10. Blazing Shadow
11. Demise
12. Provocation / Nazi Orb

Burn Order as follows:

EFoA ( Enlightened Focus of Arcanum ), Mecurial, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11... Silent Casting, CoA Robe, Gift ( Gift of Deathly Resolve ), Glyph , 12,7,12,1,12,2,12,4, Third / 7th / EC , VoA robe, 12,5,12,6,12,8,12,9,12,10, LB, DG

*Italics+Bold = Use For long duration Fight only, like Beasts..All Others Start right with EFoA, MT, SC, CoA, Gift

Other necros have slight variations to this burn lineup as well.
Only use Funeral Pyre if there is no bard in your group.
Once DoTs are loaded, if it's going to be ~ a 2 minute fight, you want to hit third before twinning with GoDR. Order changes with duration of fight, so hard to say there is one best way unless you know approximately how long the fight will be. With a shorter fight (2 minutes ish) I am now using FP with GoDR and like the results (thanks Logic, Bren, and Xnao)

Since we're sporting 3-4 Necros of late, it's appropriate to bump this thread.

There's a good thread over on called Help please with a raid lineup.  Scroll down shortly in for Vivamorts post, it's well laid out and straight forward.  If our active Necros could give it a read and let us know what you think.

I have read some of this before, what looks like something i need to try is the use of flesh to poison dd proc to initiate the GoDR proc (twincast dot after a dd is cast). Flesh to poison does not proc every time so i may need keep a close eye. I have tried to make a burn line up, but takes long to load, so have stuck with hot keys to swap out 4 at a time. I need to try set up a burn set again.

MY line up is as follows:
1. Soulrend - (life tap)
2. Impose for blood - (DD, chance to proc 30-130% dot dmg increase)
3. Shield of consequence - (% spell and melee mitigation)
4. Call Skeleton Mob - (swarm pets)
5. Chaotic liquifaction - (scent of the nightfall db + chance for liquifaction or pyre of lost or both to land 54sec dots)
6. Mind extraction - (grp mana tap dot)
7. Dark leech - (grp life tap dot)
8. Pyre of jorobb - (30sec dot)
9. Pyre of marnek - (30sec dot)
10. Ignight synapse - (30sec dot)
11. Annihilation - (30sec dot)
12. Swift life draw - (12sec self lifetap dot)
     Slots 8-11 get swaped for 42 sec dots
8. Glistenwing venom
9. Plexipharia's pallid haze
10. Binasia venom
11. Plexipharia's grasp (also self life tap)
     Swap for 1min 24sec dots
8. Smoldering shadow
9. Coruscating shadow
10. grip of jabaum or livinaus decay
11. Mortiferious wounds

So I keep them organized in sets; short, medium and long. 12 dots there + 2-3 more that are always available.
Shield of consequence is a new addition to the permanent part of my line up to deal with lich adds with Calix and helps SO much! I make sure i always have it in my buff window, need to learn to make a trigger to alert me when it wears off. Main reason for some of my permanent part of lineup is they are slow to load or are life tap and can assist with proc of RB aa.
I do have a nuke/swift spellset as well for weaker adds.

For crit% I do have a Blightbringer tunic clicky, third spire, hand of death proc. Still need to get my 2.5 epic 10% as opposed to 8% now.


Thanks for posting, Nintap!

Necros always did have the coolest sounding spells.  Oh, I suppose Wizard ones aren't bad, but the necro ones always chilled my heart.


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