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Ok so since the HoT expansion warriors have gotten a sick boost in melee from their improved Shield Specialist AA's along with other foci they've improved etc.. anyways warriors are up in the ranks on competing in parse's , as i know im normal in top 5 on burn events.

Just wanted to show a few thing i do for my burn.

Well First let me list a few things u'll need.

First have these disk available
Brutal Onslaught
Mighty Strike
Weapon Affiliation
Jab Through

Next the AA's you need are
Burst of Power (Passive)
Flurry( Passive)
Combat Fury ( Passive)
Ferocity ( Passive)
Weapon Affinity ( Passive)
Shield Specialist ( Passive)
Improved Shield Specialist ( Passive)
Veteran's Wrath ( Passive)
 and Enhanced Aggression ( Passive)

Next the AA's that aren't passive
Second Spire of the Warlord
Battle Leap
Knee Strike
Gut Punch
Vehement Rage
Rage of Rallos Zek

These are all the ones u need for basically Max DPS for warriors, here's the order i do my stuff in now.

First i have 3 hotkey's Called Burn 1,2 and 3 each are different.

Burn 1
line 1: /alt activate 1401 ( Second spire)
line 2: /alt activate 131 (Rage of Rallos Zek)
line 3: /discipline Brutal Onslaught
line 4: /alt activate 800 ( Vehement Rage)
line 5: /alt activate 611 ( Battle Leap) 

Now once brutal onslaught goes down i click my next hotkey
Burn 2
line 1: /discipline Mighty strike
line 2: /alt activate 801 ( knee strike)

Once mighty strike is down i click next hotkey
Burn 3
line 1: /discipline Weapon Affiliation
line 2: /alt activate 801 ( knee strike)
line 3: /alt activate 611 ( battle leap)

Once that's down next i just hit Jab Through if mob is still up.

Now during that i Spam the hell out of Bash and Shield Topple. Shield Topple is extremely awesome tome to have can do high damage and stun the mob.

but that's basically it, feel free to comment on it  8-)

OOOOOOO btw forgot to mention i've hit upwards between 17-18k DPS with this burn 8-)

A disc worth mentioning is Strategic Strike.
(Strikes your opponent with a skillful blow, doing heavy damage. Your target must be below 20 percent health for this opening to occur.)

When I burn a mob i usually save brutal for the last 20% if I know the mob will last. Now this disc does not always guarantee you will get a crit, but when added with vehemeth rage I have gotten as high as 95kish hits with the cap think its either 64k or 65k cant remember the cap on crits atm but even with your disc down from a burn at the beginning will usually get a 40kish hit. 30 sec refresh but low end cost and usually pretty effective. The rest of the burns are right on time with how I do mine.

Aye i do use Strategic Strike, but didn't put it in the the burn because of the recast on it, yes it very nice but only really worth it when the mob is about 10% or less. Shield Topple is half the recast time and you can use any time. A lot more beneficial in the long run.

And as to you using brutal on the last bit of the mob you really are not getting the most out of it at that time. you use brutal at the very begin because it is our strongest disc. Normally i'm in with a bard,shm,bst dps grp for burns. its best to use it first at that's when all the over crit buffs are being cast right off the back( all increase dmg %) . Like Warriors 2nd spire, bard 3rd spire, fierce eye, bard epic, shammy epic, auspice, Bst BA and CoP. all these effect the crit % for you. If you were to use Brutal at the very end your losing about 250% over crit from all the buffs i listed.

oo and update for you warriors reading over 26k dps with this burn so its good stuff.  8-)


update and modify a few things


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