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Juddor Darkguard:
I didn't see a post for zerkers, so here is a little info from me

I use the set up listed here:

on there burn keys, on burn #1 i find it better to remove blood fury and frenzied resolve, ad add 3rd spire and cascading rage instead.

Frenzied resolves roots you in place, keep it as a separate key next to burn key (use them at same time if you can). You can try and use battle leap to re-position.

Otherwise they have been doing a good job keeping up with changes from new expansions.

With timer reducers you can get you primary super burn up every 15 minutes or so.

#1 for raids i would assume (make sure you have these first)
Ancient cry of chaos discipline (easy to solo rune)
cry of battle AA (MGB warry)
Echoing crys AA (warcry duration)

GTT info

as mentioned in other threads, I would recommend adding a trigger for Shaman Epic, and Bard Epics so you can time your burns for max damage

It is possible to break 100k DPS (with perfect group/buff setup).

Our AA's are straight forward...

In addition to AA's:

DoN progression - many benifits (+crit chance, HP/end, buff slot, resists.. etc)
Miramite Proving grounds - easy to do with 2 people - increased resist cap

Probably quite a few more.. Can always make a post in the "Gear Check" thread for additional suggestions on gear and AA.

Juddor Darkguard
Vorpalx Darkguard

Just wanted to inform all the zerkers out there, they are upgrading our weapons from this expansion :) happy days

Shadeblade 248 / 30
Mjeldidan bane of giants 248/30
Facesmasher 270/33
Frost hammer from CC 270/33

This is going live with the 3/14/13 patch or w/e day the anniversary patch is

*deleted old post*

updated my post

Thanks Derresh for updating this for TDS. 

I'm just bumping the post as we have a couple extra semi-active Berserkers of late (Gidor and Coffeebreath [Mistatk]).  Not sure if either frequent the forums, but it's nice to have an up-to-date post to go to besides Goberserker forums as I'm not really sure how up to date they are over there.


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