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HoT - House of Thule (Lower) - Tick Tock
« on: March 24, 2011, 09:28:57 PM »
T1 - House of Thule (Lower) - Tick Tock

Zone & Instance Info
Gather Zone: Ferrott, the Dream

NPC Name: Gananorn
NPC Location: Zone-in area

Keyword to Enter: Ready

Flag & Key Requirements

Zone Flag: None
Event Key: None
Event Flag: * Mission Welcome to my Nightmare

Brief Event Overview

Warning: This is a TIMED EVENT: 45 minutes.

This event involves four rooms, with adds that must be killed in a certain order.

Once the final room adds are dead, the Nightmare Clock in the foyer activates and attacks.

At 25% HP intervals, the Nightmare Clock spawns SIX adds that must be dealt with.

Throughout the zone are AVOIDABLE Rotdog trash adds.  On /rs move calls, LOOK and AVOID these adds.  Aggroing them at any time causes the rooms to respawn, and the timer to start.

Event Failure/Reset Causes:  Elapsed timer

Strategy Overview

Be aware:  This is an overview only.  Additional details given at prep during raid time.


Stay central to the raid.  Here's a few points why this matters, especially during the add waves:
  • Enchanters can do their stun/mez webs easier if the adds are close together.

  • Room adds, DO NOT LEASH them out of room please.

  • More efficient for melee DPS.

  • Prevents delays for tanks when re-agroing errant adds by having them close at hand.

  • Less chance of event reset due to erratic pathing from player agro afar.

I marked PREP locations on the map.  As we clear a room, we'll do a /rs call to move to the next prep area (using cardinals NE, NW etc).

Reminder: On engage, STAY in the room to avoid leashing adds.
NWRotdogs Pup, Young, Mature, Alpha Male
SWSpiders Anagorn, Brimiel, Cilithik, Drioan
NEArmors Bloodthirsty, Living, Hulking, Giant
SESkeletons Fiery, Icy, Decaying, Mossy

Spawn 6x, at the stairs foyer area, every 25%.  Each set a unique mob type.
75%Cubes (a sleeper cube) Stunlock, unmezzable.  Assist MA and kill, then back on Clock
50%Skeletons (a frightful skeleton) Vinelash, unmezzable.  Assist MA/Kill, then back on Clock
25%Armors (a nightmare guardian) MEZ and HOLD!  Assist and Burn Clock dead, cleanup adds after

Note:  Watch /rs for calls, as we may ask you to move just before 50% so we can ROOT adds where they spawn easier.

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Re: HoT - House of Thule (Lower) - Tick Tock
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2011, 04:37:35 PM »
Fixed zone gather point detail.

We made our first attempt on this event 04/07/2011.  Fixed engage/room tactics for next run.

Overall, I'm not disappointed at all with our recent run.  Sure we didn't have a full raid, or close.  But the point was to size it up, sort out an engage approach that works for us.

This is an event that would be good to get on farm for some edge upgrades that'll reinforce our strength overall as a team.

As with any new event, it'll take practice through multiple back-to-back attempts.