Author Topic: Might come back to eq to play  (Read 3684 times)


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Might come back to eq to play
« on: March 22, 2019, 05:43:24 PM »
Hello fellow guild mates,

I am back from the dead ( literally )!!!

life is Good !!!

First i lost my long-time job at a Las Vegas hotel due to construction project going on in the hotel, they decided to lay off 500 people at once on a day back in Jan 2017. I was told i can reapply at a later date.

So i went looking for a job around the Las Vegas Valley, only to find Fast-food pays 7.25/hour and is mostly for kids who just got out of high school and need quick money, But I stuck around and tried to make it work, But to no Avail i was still struggling in LIFE.

I then went to several other jobs only to become HOMELESS and Ill. I lost my storage and all my personal belongs, to include my computer that had all my macros on+ it had all my personal information on it!!!!

So i went to the VA to see what they can do for a Homeless VET and they put me up in a halfway house to try to get on my feet. While in the halfway house I developed EYE problems.

I then went to get a eye check up and found out I had a TUMOR THE SIZE OF A QUARTER growing ON MY MOTER FUNCTION OF MY EYE AND ATTACHED TO MY BRAID. I WAS LIKE WTF!! how !!THEN THE REALLY BAD NEW CAME AND I HAD TO HAVE brain surgery!!!!

The doctor said nothing to worry about 90% chance it will succeed, so they did test after test after test on me, not knowing that my diabetes was out of control, one day it would be 300, and the next day it would read 50. The doctors had a hard time controlling it to a stable level. That took 18 days to get it under control, and I hadn’t even gone under the knife yet. So the got it under control day 19 and we had a MASSIVE wind/tornado blow thru and knock out power to the hospital right as they were doing preparation for surgery So my operation got canceled till that following Sunday. Again they prepped me for surgery and I finally went under the knife to get a MASSIVE SCAR

that PROCESS STARTED TO HEAL, BUT I FELT VERY TIRED. I went to sleep one day and  woke up 3 months later. Seems like the swelling in my brain was pushing on my skull from the surgery  and it  was taking along time to get, corrected and the swelling in the back of my right eye was GROWING to the point of my right eye is out of alignment, and now I’m seeing double and having headaches and this is the way the body coupes with internal pain by shutting down the parts it don’t need to heal.

I then woke up, feeling tired and, dragging. So I told doc and he tried to get me to do some walking , but I told him about the blurriness and headaches, so they brought in a retina specialist to look around.

 He told me that we are going to have to do some Major treatment of my eye!!, I was like maybe I will have to go back in surgery again, and he assured me no more surgery’s but the treatment he prescribed was PAINFUL with INJECTION IN MY EYE 2 TIMES AWEEK  AND MEDICATED DROPS. So this went on for 1 more month and the swelling started to go down, and now I still had DISTANCE problems

After 6 months of hospital stay, I got a OLD computer FROM MY Bro, to play my game , but it is kind of painful looking at the screen and my depth is still off, but I am trying to play

I would like a RETAG if possible to get back in the swing of things


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The only hard day was yesterday