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I found this nifty little discussion on (monk) heroics:

It's a quaint little discussion on the power gains of hStr, hDex, hSta and hAgi for monks.  But not that's the point I'm trying to make here.

If you read the arguments, it's about 1-2 points of damage here, or 10 hp (out of 100,000), etc.  The gains are so minimal compared to, say, a gear upgrade or a spell/disc rank upgrade, it's really about style and desire imo.  Sure, with more hDex Ssark can riposte more, but on a raid does that really matter?  If I don't even tank in a group because I can't hold aggro (even like a merc tank can), does it matter?  Wouldn't it be better to survive more AEs, blah blah?

I know sometimes there's discussion on heroics and what to go for, but let's not have it at the expense of more important things like having one's epic (in some cases), knowing how and when to burn your disciplines or AA abilities, attacking from the back (if dps), knowing how to do more than just patch heal, which auras it's worth pursuing Rank 2 or Rank 3, etc.

I think having a basic plan for your heroics is good, because every little bit helps, but there are many other things that impact your success more.

Might as well reroll a cleric!



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