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Circle of Power clickie

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i know i have been mia for a while but i have a CoP 1 clicky

CoP3 here, but I usually opt for my paladin aura since we seem to have plenty of clickies

Actually, I joined FLDPS on a number of raids.  However, when nothing came of doing that, I admit to having stopped joining on subsequent raids.  Presumably, one of the points of this thread is to solve that.  Given that you can only click once every 30 minutes, clearly you need to maximize DPS the number of people clicking.

Added Tyranosawr and Darkenvoid (with note about pally aura)

@Drasp - aye, that is the point of this thread, to know ahead of time who has the clickies, and set up a COP rotation

dahterrorizerr has  CoP III
sertandeath has Circle of life  & circle of mana;

I use CoL, for  massive healing plus fundament; second spire of the ancestors
I use CoM, on mana  intensive raids 


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