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Most warriors these days can agree that the class, like most other classes, have an abundance of activated AA and discs we have at our disposal. Creating hot-keys to utilize all of our classes ability to the best  is almost a must now more than ever, though some may still disagree and prefer to use each disc and activated AA on it's own key and while there are some abilities that warrant this the majority are better used in conjuncture with other abilities. There is no wrong or right way in how one plays the class for the most part, as a lot can be argued or left to interpretation on play styles and what works best and most efficiently in different circumstances. The hot-keys I have made from testing and research and from the advice from other warriors has made my play easier and more efficient. I always am interested in strategy and how other warriors arrange hot-keys and welcome feedback on ways to improve on what I have made.

The main keyboard #'s 1-12 are as follows:

1. Get it - This is the main agro one I use on every mob I tank. It is usually the first key I hit, unless I pop Flash of Anger or am the first tank in the lineup, then I'll use Fortitude and Unbroken attention before using this key.
  -This key is linked with another hot-bar page's key with Taunt, so the first thing that fires is taunt then the rest fires after.-
    Line 1: /pause 4, /alt activate 688 - Rage of the Forsaken
    Line 2: /pause 4, /disc Cyclone Roar Rk. III - Cyclone Roar
    Line 3: /pause 4, /disc Tormenting Shout Rk. III - Tormenting Shout
    Line 4: /pause 4, /disc Phantom Aggressor Rk. III - Phantom Aggressor
    Line 5: /pause 4, /disc Roar of Challenge Rk. II - Roar of Challenge

2. Self Buffs - This key is filled with self and group buffs. If you plan to use Wade in to Battle then hit that before hitting this key as Determined Reprisal shares the same timer.
    Line 1: /alt activate 2011 - Imperator's Command - Will use Imperator's Charge instead depending on what buffs I currently have. Command will not stack with a Paladins Group Armor of the Inquisitor etc.
    Line 2: /alt activate 606 - Mark of the Mage Hunter
    Line 3: /disc Determined Reprisal Rk. III - Determined Reprisal
    Line 4: /disc Field Protector Rk. III - Field Protector
    Line 5: /disc Pain doesn't Hurt rk. III - Pain Doesn't Hurt

3. Rawr - This is my mash key. I use this on every mob I am attacking, and frequently due to the nature of refresh timers on what I have in it.
  -The key 3 is linked with another hot-bar page. When I press 3 the first thing that will fire is Cyclone Roar, then Bash and the following discs will fire and then the AA in the hotkey will fire in order:
  -The Disc Cyclone Roar is linked as well.-
  -The ability Bash is linked.-
  -The disc Throat Jab is linked as well.-
  -The disc Insult is linked as well.-
  -The disc Shield Topple is linked as well.-
  -The disc Roar of Challenge is linked as well.-
  -The disc Tormenting Shout is linked as well.-
  *The actual hotkey itself then looks like this and will fire after the previous mentioned discs fire*
    Line 1: /pause 1, /alt activate 691 - War Stomp
    Line 2: /pause 1, /alt activate 3732 - Gut Punch
    Line 3: /pause 1, /alt activate 801 - Knee Strike
    Line 4: /pause 1, /alt activate 15073 - Banestrike
    Line 5: /alt activate 552 - Call of Challenge

4. Tank me - My defensive key. Used when tanking named or multiple mobs. Will usually hit this key while Flash is on.
    Line 1: /pause 2, /disc Last Stand Discipline Rk. III - Last Stand
    Line 2: /pause 2, /alt activate 130 - Resplendent Glory
    Line 3: /pause 2, /alt activate 1686 - Brace for Impact
    Line 4: /pause 2, /alt activate 967 - Blade Guardian
    Line 5: /disc warrior's bulwark rk. III - Warrior's Bulwark

5. Def Down - Used when Defensive is down or when I need a little extra boost but need to save Defensive. *Be Sure to hit your Shield stance hotkey after defensive is down and you are still tanking
-The key 5 is linked to another hot-bar page. When I press 5 the following Discs will fire in order followed by what I have in the hotkey itself:
    -The Disc Dichotomic Shielding is linked.
    -The Disc Pain Doesn't Hurt is Linked.
    -The Disc Wade In To Battle is linked.
    -The Disc Stout Defense is linked.
    -The Disc Field Protector is linked.
    -The Hotkey itself looks like this and will fire along with the above discs-
    Line 1: /pause 2, /alt activate 2011 - Imperator's Command
    Line 2: /pause 2, /alt activate 734 - Hold the Line
    Line 3: /pause 2, /alt activate 1402 - Third Spire of the Warlord
    Line 4: /disc Field Protector Rk. III - Field Protector
    Line 5: /useitem 24 6 - Necromantic Dragon Bone

6. Agro Now - I use this key primarily on tank switches when I'm up after I pop Fortitude. Will use this as needed to establish more agro on events that mem blur or FD or on Burn fights.
    Line 1: /pause 2, /alt activate 912 - Warlord's Fury
    Line 2: /pause 2, /alt activate 10367 - Ageless Enmity
    Line 4: /pause 2, /alt activate 3646 - Blast of Anger
    Line 4: /pause 2, /disc Insult Rk. II - Insult
    Line 5: /timer 3600, /alt activate 10367 - Rage of Rallos Zek

7. Super DPS - This is my dps key when Intensity of the Resolute is up. I will hit this key first in my DPS weave. If Intensity is not up then I use my other order of DPS keys.*Before you start your DPS weaves, be sure to have your 2hander weapon equipped and have hit your 2hand stance hotkey.
    Line 1: /pause 2, /alt activate 7019 - Glyph of the Cataclysm
    Line 2: /pause 2, /alt activate 1401 - Second Spire of the Warlord
    Line 3: /pause 2, /alt activate 800 - Vehement Rage
    Line 4: /pause 2, /alt activate 487 - Intensity of the Resolute
    Line 5: /timer 144000, /disc Mighty Strike Discipline - Mighty Strike

8. DPS 1 - The first Key I use when Intensity is down when I go into dps mode, or the second Key I use when Intensity is up and after Mighty Strike is done. *Before you start your DPS weaves, be sure to have your 2hander weapon equipped and have hit your 2hand stance hotkey.
    Line 1: /pause 2, /alt activate 1401 - Second Spire of the Warlord
    Line 2: /pause 2, /alt activate 800 - Vehement Rage
    Line 3: /disc Brutal Onslaught Discipline Rk. III - Brutal Onslaught
    Line 4: /pause 5, /useitem 24 20 - Highwater Breastplate of Havok
    Line 5: /timer 9000, /alt buy 7019

9. DPS 2 - The second key I use when Intensity is down after Brutal Onslaught is done. *Before you start your DPS weaves, be sure to have your 2hander weapon equipped and have hit your 2hand stance hotkey.
    Line 1: /pause 5, /disc Fellstrike Discipline - Fellstrike
    Line 2: /timer 15000, /alt activate 2007 - Wars Sheol's Heroic Blade
    Line 3: -Empty-
    Line 4: -Empty-
    Line 5: -Empty-

10. AE Agro - I rarely use this key, only on occasions I need to get ae agro or on an event where Ageless is down and I need to get agro and there aren't mezzed mobs nearby.
    Line 1: /disc Wade In to Battle Rk. III - Wade in to Battle
    Line 2: /alt activate 132 - Enhanced Area Taunt
    Line 3: /alt activate 109 - Rampage
    Line 4: /disc Stormstrike Blades Rk. III - Stormstrike Blades
    Line 5: /alt activate 111 - War Cry

11: Endurance Now - Used when I need to fade from combat, or if I need a permanent invis. I also use this if I'm out of endurance and in combat to drop and hit rest. If tanking though and I hit this I need to make sure rest fired, then hit my "Agro Now" key.
    Line 1: /pause 2, /attack off
    Line 2: /pause 8, /alt activate 744 - Howl of the Warlord
    Line 3: /timer 1800, /disc Breather Rk. III - Breather
    Line 4: -Empty-
    Line 5: -Empty-

12. Heal - HP boost abilities along with some self heal abilities. Used when tanking named.
    Line 1: /pause 2, /alt activate 300 - Warlord's Tenacity
    Line 2: /pause 2, /alt activate 911 - Warlord's Resurgence
    Line 3: /pause 5, /useitem 24 23 - Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power
    Line 4: /potionbelt activate 4 - Arx Mentis Medicine
    Line 5: /useitem 24 19 - Overflowing Urn of Life

The next set of hot-keys I have are linked to the Num-pad #'s on my keyboard. The majority of these keys are Activated Abilities on their own separate from the macro keys I've made.

1. Tank Clickies - Used after I have just been ressed usually and my other tank keys are currently on cooldown.
    Line 1: /pause 5, /useitem 24 4 - Bloody Orc Signet
    Line 2: /pause 10, /useitem 24 5 - Gladiator's Plate Chestguard of War
    Line 3: /pause 10, /useitem 24 7 - Blood Drinker's Coating
    Line 4: /alt activate 804 - Warlord's Bravery
    Line 5: /useitem 24 15 - Diplomatic Paper's

2. Enhanced Area Taunt - Good for getting agro on command if other abilities are down like Ageless and Unbroken, will sometimes use on mezzed mobs before I break.

3. Wade in to Battle - Used when I want to agro multiple mobs with out using mez-breaking abilities and when AE taunt is down.

4. Forceful Attraction - I use this key if I want to move piles of mobs around.
5. Warlord's Grasp - Great for tagging pulls or moving a mob. Also I'll use this in groups or raids when/if I lose agro on trash mobs. I love this AA

6: Blast of Anger - Useful on it's own key to get a chunk of agro when needed.

7. "Pet agro" - Used at the start of a fight sometimes to generate more agro after Phantom Aggressor Pet has faded/been killed. Also Used after a blur or on fights that require a lot of agro quickly.
    Line 1: /alt activate 3213 - Projection of Fury
    Line 2: /alt activate 10367 - Ageless Enmity

8. Unflinching Attention - Used When I am first in the tank rotation. This ability does not give you the actual hate generated by the previous tank so once it fades the mob will go back to that person unless you have generated more agro than the previous tank. I have died due to other tanks thinking this is enough to take over tanking on switches. Also useful if I do lose agro though, Pop this then hit my "agro" key or "get it" key.

9. Breather - On it's own for use after getting rezzed.

Offensive - I have this key Linked to G on the keyboard. used after "DPS 1" Key is done while Intensity is active, or when "DPS 2" is done if Intenisty is not up. Be sure you won't have to tank and use defensive. *Before you start your DPS weaves, be sure to have your 2hander weapon equipped and have hit your 2hand stance hotkey.
    Line 1: /pause 2, /alt activate 7019 - Glyph of the Cataclysm
    Line 2: /pause 2, /disc Offensive Discipline Rk. III - Offensive
    Line 3: /pause 2, /disc Strike Through Rk. III - Strike Through
    Line 4: /alt activate 2007 - Wars Sheol's Heroic Blade
    Line 5: /alt buy 7019

* Stormstrike Blades, Fortitude and Flash of Anger I keep in the Combat Window as I use Ctl+the correlating # position in the combat window to use these, so Ctl+2 will fire Stormstrike, Ctl+3 will fire Fortitude and Ctl+4 Flash of Anger. I can rest my left hand on the keyboard and easily palm the Ctrl button and hit the #'s 2, 3, and 4. Stormstrike is a great way to get instant agro on mobs that have just spawned, or mobs that you might not be able to target easily to throw direct agro at it on incoming, you will get the mob on target once you hit it with stormstrike. Use common sense though with using this tactic.

Stance Hot-keys:

Line 1: /bandolier activate shield
Line 2: /pause 5
Line 3: /alt activate 687 - Defensive Proficiency
Line 4: /timer 300
Line 5: -Empty-

Line 1: /bandolier activate DPS
Line 2: /pause 5
Line 3: /alt activate 685 - Two-Handed Proficiency
Line 4: /timer 300
Line 5: -Empty-

Dual Wield:
Line 1: /bandolier activate Agro
Line 2: /pause 5
Line 3: /alt activate 686 - Dual-Wielding Proficiency
Line 4: /timer 300
Line 5: -Empty-

Personal Tribute and Trophies - I have made two hotkeys to turn on my tribute and then turn it off. The last line in my hotkey to turn tribute on is just a self trigger I have made for which is a timer that yells at me to turn tribute off when the time is up. I also have guild tribute and trophies as well included.

Tribute On
Line 1: /tribute personal on
Line 2: /trophy personal on
Line 3: /tribute guild on
Line 4: /trophy guild on
Line 5: /g 60mintimer

Tribute Off
Line 1: /tribute personal off
Line 2: /trophy personal off
Line 3: /tribute guild off
Line 4: /trophy guild off
Line 5: -Empty-

The Personal Tribute I use are:
Bulwark of Honor Tier 10
Bulwark of Honor II Tier 1
Dance of the Hero Tier 10
Hero's Deftness Tier 10
Symphony of the Rabbit II Tier 2

The Trophies I use are: - In order to use more trophies, you will need to complete the Achievement: Master Scavenger of The Darkened Sea and Achievement Call of the Forsaken Master Scavenger as well as Achievement: Master Scavenger of The Broken Mirror: to unlock the AA: Trophy Collector.
Essence of Talendor Tier 9
Essence of the Fallen Tier 4
Replica of the Qeynos Claymore Tier 1
Golden Helmet of Rallos Zek Tier 1
Trophy of the Landing Tier 1
Trophy of the Seafarer Tier 1
Trophy of Duality Tier 1

With the recent change to clicky items being made into permanent buffs, these keys no longer apply so much unless you get dispelled

Clickies 1
Line 1: /pause 2, /useitem 24 2 - Memento of the Ungod's Suffering
Line 2: /pause 20, /useitem 24 0 - Band of Solidarity
Line 3: /pause 10, /useitem 11 - Arcus Eminus
Line 4: /pause 20, /useitem 24 1 - Chestplate of the Dark Flames
Line 5: /timer 28800, /useitem 24 14 - Gunthak Swabby's Eyepatch

Clickies 2
Line 1: /pause 10, /useitem 24 21 - Bloodmetal Inlaid Gnollish Totem
Line 2: /pause 10, /useitem 24 3 - Violet Conch of the Tempest
Line 3: /pause 10, /useitem 6 - Durable Pauldrons
Line 4: /pause 10, /useitem 1 - Praetor's Ledalus Stud
Line 5: /timer 38400, /useitem 3 - Royal Guardian's Chilling Visor

*GINA triggers for Warrior's. Download them HERE. * Delete your old Version of my warrior triggers before uploading the new ones.

I use different Overlays for timers and Text for my triggers so check them after you download as you may have to change which overlay they go to.

** Up to Date as of 11-26-15


Good overview, thanks for posting.

The recently added GINA disc triggers and overlays should also be helpful.  All our Warriors should import the sets and then adjust/remove existing duplicates just in case there's something one may have overlooked.

can a sk post same thing as above but for SK's 

What i have so far

/target XX ( will Pick up targets 1 thru 10 )
/attack on
/disc scarlet blade
/pause 5, /cast 10 ( theft of hate )
/pause 5, /cast 11 ( torrent of agonoy )

AE aggro
/pause 1, /alt act 822 ( explosions of hatred 0
/pause 1, /alt act 749( explosion of spite )
/pause 1, /alt act 5004 ( glyph of angry thoughts )
/pause 1, /cast 8( repugnance)0
/pause 1, /cast 9 (repugnant bargain )

/potionbelt activate 2 ( Distilliant of celestial healing )
/disc unholy aura
/cast 1( dire )
/cast 2 ( touch )
/cast 3 ( AE lifetap )

/pause 1, /disc Deflection
/pause 1, /cast 6 ( stance )
/pause 1, /disc XXX mantle
/pause 1, /alt act 487 ( intensity of the resolute )

any other keys are appreciated

Howdy, folks,

   I stumbled on your GINA warrior trigger package when searching the web for tips when playing my warrior alt, and wanted to thank you for posting these.  I also wanted to pass along a couple tips to improve the performance of a couple of them:

The regex in the Rampage trigger is very expensive in its current form.  If you make the following changes, the match testing will go much faster:

Search Text: ^{S} \w+ (?<char>\w+(`s pet){0,1}) for {N} points of damage. \(Rampage\)$
Display Text: {S} - ${char} - {N}

You can use the Log Search tool to get an idea of the speed difference -- use the search text in the "Search for specific text", and run a search against a character's log.  For reference, GINA can parse the line above at about 83,000 lines per second on my machine versus about 1,500 lines per second for the original version.

Also, the melee damage > 34000 triggers can be condensed into a single trigger:
Search Text: ((bashes)|(claws)|(hits)|(kicks)|(pierces)|(punches)|(slashes)) YOU for {N>34000}

This one is less dramatic of an improvement than the rampage trigger, though, at 90,000 lines per second versus 73,000 lines per second for the original (on my machine).


Awesome! Thanks for the feedback and tips here. Always welcome peoples opinions and if they know of a better way or easier way then love to hear it! Glad you found my Keys and triggers helpful.

I'm always tinkering and trying to think of new or different types of triggers I can make for my warrior here. For me the toughest part is stopping myself from making too many triggers, I don't need my screen covered in text or timers so I can't see anymore heh, or my audio to get too cluttered and backed up to where the audio fires a bit later than when the trigger actually hit.

The one for the >34k damage is one where I like to see if I'm getting whooped, and if I start taking a lot of damage that is > than I may hold off on hitting NTTB. Only a very few mobs though at the moment that hit this hard with frequency. There are actually more types of damage, I just stopped making them after all of the more common types were made. I can add in the rest with that search text.

I'll continue to tinker here, and in a few weeks I'll go over and adjust any triggers that need to be changed for the new expansion here.

Thanks again for the input and for making and sharing GINA, is appreciated :)


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