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Some basic Triggers to assist on raids;

-The Utility Triggers are pretty much the main ones I had before, added a few extra ones in there

-Twincast Timers were updated by Hatit, more efficient now!

-The DoT fade triggers are kind of annoying to me personally, but it is a surefire way to know when Paroxysm fades if nothing else (Causes some clutter though) - Also Courtesy Hatit

-The Burn Order triggers are pretty basic right now but should still be of some use. I can't find a workaround for chaotic power and death's grip having the same cast message, but will keep trying to figure something out

Any ideas for new triggers are always welcome

Added a separate group for Twincast Timers, the coding is courtesy of Hatit on Necrotalk, I just added a separate one for Dichotomic Paroxysm and fixed a few errors the original file had

This *can* be a useful tool for any Necro, seeing as you absolutely do not want to be overwriting/refreshing a DoT that is currently twincasted, but you'll need to lower the font size in your overlay to something around 20 or it's going to get extremely cluttered on your screen during burns

Bump for Update

With the HoD change, it can now easily be given a timer

(Burn Order Updated)


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