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ToL - Revisiting / Updating Enc strats


I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet.

1. Current (and preferred) sustained aDPS rotation is: Composite Reinforcement -> Mindreap -> Throttling Grip -> Throttling Grip
Priority is given to Composite and Mindreap to keep those gems on cooldown as much as possible via this rotation.

2. If you are the only enchanter in group, you should just keep up: Twincast Aura (permanent) and Mana Radix Aura (needs to be periodically recast).

3. Increased usage of spell guard runes. You should at least be redoing them on your own caster groups. In fact, I even have triggers that tell me when Legion of Liako, in particular, is down. If it's off you then chances are it's off your group. I cannot stress enough that priests (ie: druids in caster groups) do NOT have any self runes. If you don't have many enchanters (let's just say two are present), then at least assign one person from a different caster group on your Extended Target Window to try and keep two squishy caster groups runed.

4. You can TB a group spellguard rune once per event, but you can MGB a group spell guard rune every 7:30 minutes. Enchanters have the quickest refreshing MGB.

5. aDPS burns. You should make a social key button to activate IoG and ITC together. Cast Mindreap (spell). Then hit Chromatic Haze. This means that your Chromatic Haze should have about a 5 to 6 second gap from when IoG is buffed on your group, in theory. Summary: ITC + IoG (activated together) -> Mindreap -> Chromatic Haze

6. Since raids generally run about 20-25 minutes on Freelance, you have AMPLE time to wait to use IoG again with ITC (assuming burns are happening somewhere near the beginning). Don't just randomly hit IoG without ITC being up unless the event is about to die in two minutes or less, which has usually not been the case.

7. Be cognizant of your group deaths and mana, and talk aDPS burns through. Why would you run burns if people are dead or have no mana, for example? Be flexible.

8. I made a YouTube video that goes over more specifics, if you care:


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