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It'd be nice if one or more of team Enchanter members could write up or collaborate on some guides for Enchanters.

A post on each of the following could be starting points:

* Enchanter CC
* Enchanter DPS/ADPS
* Enchanter Spell Lineups for Raids (staple spells maybe, then CC related event lineups etc?)

I posted it under the buffs post, but figured I would put it in here as well.  The new Enchanter buff Night's Endless Terror should be cast on melee dps every raid.  It procs a lifetap that does a base damage of 5500.  Internal discussions between rogues have noticed a HUGE increase in damage done over the course of an event.  If all of our melee dps had this, we should see a big increase in our cumulative dps.

For an example, I parsed out on a Wither and Decay run, it accounted for 1.9mil dmg for me.  If all melee had that, that is a huge boost!


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