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It'd be nice if one or more of team Magician members could write up or collaborate on some guides for Magicians.

A post on each of the following could be starting points:

* Magician DPS
* Magician Spell Lineups for Raids
* Magician Pets - How to control aggro and preventing Team Tank from killing a kitten in real-life.
* Magician Raid Utility (mod rods, damage shields)
Possible starting points to sift through for details:

Library Area - Various posts covering many aspects of the class, still relevant?
Must have (or nice to have) Clickes?
Buffs/Burn: Raid - Still relevant?

mage  dps and line up

Pet changes

mage malo on raids

We're in need of a current expansion (RoS) DPS guild for Magicians.

We sport several members of Team Magician, and it'd be nice if one or all could contribute their thoughts/feedback in a discussion around DPS, and come up with a guide to post.  One doesn't have to raid with us to contribute either, by the way!

Recently, our Mages have improved their DPS, some of them substantially!  That's outstanding to see, and really impacts the team in a positive way.  It'd be nice to get everyone in this area on the same page. :)

Thanks! :)

Edit: Was told posting in a separate thread would be better, so reposting there.

It's okay, I was going to split the topic off and make your post it's own thread.  But thanks for re-posting.

I'll reply to your guide in your new thread. :)


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