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DPS considerations.


In an attempt to increase SK DPS on the whole, here is some things I use that may or may not come in handy for other folks:

I have 2 multibind keys - 1 and 2.

1 is tied to Bash, Vicious Bite of Chaos, Banestrike, Chattering Bones, and my lifetap/spear chain.
2 is tied to Bash, Lacerating Blade, Repel, and my clickies that do damage - 2 swarm pets, necromantic bone, and theft of hate bp.

For some reason Discs, clickies, and AAs seem to have a conflict chaining, so that's why the keys are built like that. 

1 is setup to fire in order: Bash, Banestrike(/alt activate 15073), Vicious Bite of Chaos(/alt activate 825), Chattering Bones(/alt activate 3822), Spear, Dichotomic Fang, Dire lifetap (highest level), Touch of lifetap (highest level), Touch of lifetap (5 levels lower), and Touch of lifetap (10 levels lower)
This will fire whatever is off cooldown - frontloaded for the most damage items first.  Spear being on the front of spell spam helps to also boost aggro as it is a good bump on that number while tanking.

2 is setup on the longer cooldown items that will not be used as often. Bash, Repel, Lacerating Blade (1ish minute cooldown), Amulet of the Drowned mariner (5min cooldown), Vicious Rabbit (5min cooldown), Necromantic Dragon Bone (3 minute cooldown), and finally Breastplate of Wailing Hatred (3 minute cooldown)

Bash is on both sets of hotkeys for the extra dps as well as being constantly pushed for when unholy guardian is up for the lifetap proc.

3 sets of burn hotkeys:
1 fires off unholy guardian then /stopdisc so the buff for the lifetap off bash comes up. and glyph of cataclysm.
2 fires off spell loaded burning so that dots and lifetaps hit for much higher damage.  This fires off Gift of the Quickspear(/alt activate 2034), unholy aura disc, Cotf T2 BP for proc, Visage of Decay(/alt activate 747), and First spire(/alt activate 1450).
3 fires off melee loaded burning. This fires off Visage of Death(/alt activate 9403), T`Vyl's resolve (/alt activate 742), Carmine Blade disc, Reflexive Rancor disc, Lacerating Blade disc.

Burn Hotkey 1 looks like:
line 1: /pause 2, /disc unholy guardian discipline rk. iii
line 2: /stopdisc
line 3: /alt activate 7019

Burn Hotkey 2 looks like:
line 1: /pause 2, /disc unholy aura discipline
line 2: /pause 3, /useitem 32 5
line 3: /alt activate 2034
line 4: /alt activate 1450
line 5: /alt activate 747

Burn Hotkey 3 looks like:
line 1: /pause 2, /alt activate 9403
line 2: /alt activate 742
line 3: /pause 2, /disc Carmine Blade rk. iii
line 4: /pause 4, /disc lacerating blade rk. iii
line 5: /disc reflexive rancor rk. iii

There are also other buttons not bound to those initial burn key dumps that get hit:
Reinforced Malaise (increases dot damage 100% at rank 5), 7th year vet reward aa - intensity of the resolute, the harmtouch/leech touch/thought leech keys, 4-5 swarm pets, and some dd clickies.  I also have and use the girdle of the weaponmaster, the +500 dmg to procs does add up.  There are also the ancient hedgewizard brews and the mana infusion potion that can add up on damage.

As of this post - harm touch was doing 337225 initial damage, and 7 ticks of 36226. leech touch with unholy aura running hit for 300k ish. and thought leech hit for 871000 on a crit with the secondary damage of 162500.

Burn spell setup is Spear of Vizat, Dichotomic Fang, Dire Declaration, Touch of Lutzen, Touch of Falsin, Touch of Urash, Plague of Holmein, Blood of Bonemaw, Dire Strangulation, Plague of Piqiorn, Blood of Ralstok, Plague of Klonda.

All of the dots and buffs have Gina trigs on wearing off to know recast or hit the next hotkey in the chain.

Depending on the raid setup - if there are many necros, I drop the dots and go primarily with the lifetap chaining.

Starting the fight/burn, general order is to put a couple dots on the mob when engaging in melee, hit burn hotkey 1, do a quick check that unholy guardian did /stopdisc properly, then hit burn hotkey 2, reinforced malaise, and start pounding the 1 and 2 buttons to spam out the bashes and multibinds, redotting as needed.

Visage of decay and reinforce malaise with buff extensions last for 1m46s ish. first spire will only last 1m34s ish, so it will wear off before the spell burn is really over - when first spire wears off, i hit intensity of the resolute so that it is running through the end of spell burn, and is still up for when the melee burn key is hit.

When visage of decay drops, hit epic for the accuracy increase and hit burn hotkey 3.  continue spamming dots/lifetaps while meleeing with the increase damage from Visage of decay.

Continue through the end of the fight with spell spamming until oom or the mob is dead.

Thanks for posting Gimamam!  We sport a fairly large contingent of SKs on our raids, anytime they're not actively tanking we need them going DPS mode.

Trying figure how in the world i can get on or near the top on parse ive been reading the posts. Been setting up macros and all willing to learn and there willing to teach. I am just stump when sks are not really a dps class.

this is a good writeup and is basically the same as what i do.  Main difference is that i am too stubborn to try and include the mash / social keys.  I like to hit it all manually.

looking for the thumbs up emoticon!

keyboard key "1" tied to hotbar 10 slots 4-12.  In order on the bar: Lacerating blade, Multi hotkey: (/alt activate 15073 Banestrike, /disc repel, /alt activate 825 Vicious Bite of Chaos, /alt activate 3822 Chattering Bones, /alt activate 1278 Soul Flay), Spell, Spell, Spell, Spell, Spell, Spell, Spell
This is the key i spam most.  Spell line for that is standard:
Spear of Vizat
Dichotomic Fang
Dire Declaration
Touch of Lutzen
Touch of Falsin
Touch of Urash
Touch of Dyalgem

spells get traded out per event - sometimes urash and dyalgem are replaced with bond and deceitful deflection.
Lacerating is 48s cooldown with aa and type 3, chattering bones and soul flay are in there to keep them in use. vicious bite of chaos should always be on cooldown - its free mana for you and the group.

Due to the order that the game takes, clickies aren't recommended in that line as the game will stop casting the chain for some reason. so that is what keyboard key "2" is for.  this is mapped to hotbar 10 slots 1-3.
multi key: (Vicious Rabbit, Necromatic Dragon Bone, Amulet of the Drowned Mariner, Mark of the Dragon Slayer/Breastplate of Wailing Hatred), Overflowing Urn of Life, Repel.  i need to get a couple other clickies to go in there when i have time.... more deeps!

All of 2 is longer cooldowns (3-5m) except repel, but that is only there to keep it used.

both keys are still bound to the main hotbar and both 1 and 2 have bash in to keep that on cooldown as well.

the burn keys above have remained constant with no changes.

first spire should always be used with Thought leech and Leech Touch. - the crit mod and damage increase are too nice not to.  162500 base/708000 crit vs 162500 base/911625 crit.  i do love seeing thought leech twincast and crit all 4 hits - 3,646,500 damage in one hit.... yummy.


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