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sorry folks, with eok release this post is no longer accurate. Going to remove it so it doesnt cause confusion.

Regardless whether the chart is unfinished, the post as a whole is still very informative Derresh.  Thanks alot for taking the time to post.


--- Quote from: Dzarn on Beta forum ---Because the interaction between Battle Leap, Furious Leap, Battle Stomp, and Hastened Leap was bad the following has been changed.

    Battle Stomp has been deleted.
    Ranks 1-4 of Hastened Leap are now ranks 2-5 of Furious Leap.
    Created new ranks 4-7 of Battle Leap that will reduce the reuse time by 10 seconds per rank.
    Rank 8 of Battle Leap now makes the Warcry portion of the ability persistent.
    Increased the damage modifier of rank 11 of Battle Leap from 35% to 40%
    Increased the damage modifier of rank 12 of Battle Leap from 35% to 45%.

The convenience of changing the buff from Battle Leap to have an infinite duration should hopefully outweigh the inconvenience of having to leap at your target to activate the ability the first time.
--- End quote ---


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