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Potions / Poisons for Raids


I will begin providing potions/poisons for our raids. I will need help with TS dropped materials. You can parcel items to Raiena (see list below).

Crusader's Tonic - HP, Mana, End; Useful right after a rez.

Velium Fortified Drink - +61 to all base stats at level 120.

Luclinite Fortified Drink - Coming Soon (NoS)

Crystal Mana Tonic - Decrease Spell Mana Cost by 6% for most spells.

Refined Mana Tonic - Coming Soon (NoS)

Restless Focus - Increase Spell Damage

Sanguineous Focus - Coming Soon (NoS)

Mana Infusion - Magic damage proc for melee classes.

Spider's Bite XXI - Poison damage proc for melee classes; will help with rogue alliance fulmination (Spider's Bite XX may need to be used as well if materials are low)

Scorpion's Agony XXI - Extra hate procs for Tanks to hold aggro. ( Scorpion's Agony XX may need to be used as well if materials are low)

Items Needed:
Raw Velium Ore or Velium Powder
Bloodied Luclinite Ore or Bloodied Luclinite Powder
Luclinite Laced Nigriventer Venom
Velium Laced Nigriventer Venom
Luclinite Laced Gormar Venom
Velium Laced Gormar Venom
Relic Fragments

I will incur all other costs in making these items and hand them out upon request before target engage.

If there are any other potions/poisons that would benefit the raid that I did not cover, please post below.

Stat Foods and Drinks

FOOD                                                         AC      HP   Mana      End
Luclin Garlic Stir-Fry                      170   1800     1800      900  Tradeskill
Velious Surf and Turf Platter         165   1600     1600      800  Trradeskill
Ghoulish Grape Juice                                  160   1200     1100   400 The Rot's Sporali - Nights of the Dead - Oct. around Halloween time 2022
Bog Water Brew                                        145   1100      850   500 Feast Fit for a Froglok [95] -  2022 Feast of Giving


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