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I am looking for tips, tricks, gear, and weapon suggestions for upping my DPS. Should I be using dual wield, 2 hander, a combination of the two, and with which burns?

What weapons should I be using or getting when 2 handed and/or dual wielding?

Suggestions on which discs, skills and AA to be using together?

If this guide is still accurate I will make better use of it from Fintank's post:

Primary Burn - Brutal Onslaught
Secondary Burn - Offensive + War Sheol's Heroic Blade
Tertiary Burn - Mighty Strike + Glyph of Destruction or Vehement Rage

Battle Leap - This is now a permanent aura, hit it as soon as possible once you've zoned into wherever you're fighting

Spam abilities - Shield Sunder, Bash/Kick, Gut Punch, Knee Strike, Stormwheel Blades

Anytimes - Second Spire, TDS BP click. I call these "anytimes" because you can basically hit them with anything and everything and get roughly the same amount of damage out of them.

Rage of Rallos Zek - The best time to use this is during a HHE (Hundred Hands Effect) modifier is running, outside of that circumstance just make sure you're at the max haste available to you.

Rampage - Rampage adds a nice boost to us for 1 combat round, the best time to do this is with your 3 main burn discs running. Obviously if all 3 are down when this repops (which is natural) that shouldn't stop you from hitting it.

Stacking - The reason for those combos is due to stacking. War Sheol's Heroic Blade does not fully stack with Brutal Onslaught, Mighty Strike or Glyph of Destruction. Brutal Onslaught does not stack fully with Glyph of Destruction. Vehement Rage doesn't stack with Offensive disc.

Offensive - BE CAREFUL! This disc will lock out your Last Stand for 4 minutes AND it will lower your mitigation by about 35%. All of that on top of the
mitigation lost by 2-handed proficiency is staggering.

Vehement Rage - Vehement Rage is a random throw away disc you can use on CD, it doesn't stack with Offensive and I wouldn't run it with your primary or secondary burn. If I stack this with anything it's normally Mighty Strike discipline.

Intensity of the Resolute - This is a special, it's best use is going to be when it's combined with Mighty Strike. Will not stack with Vehement Rage or Offensive Disc.

Optimal Sustained - I'd hold off on using all 3 of your actual burn disciplines in rapid succession unless the event is only going to last 3 minutes or less. Optimal route would be to use Rampage with each of your 3 main burn disciplines. So, given Heroic Rage's duration I'd give it about 10-15 seconds after Brutal fades before you pop it, just to ensure you get that mod on your Rampage. However you can go ahead with Offensive directly after Brutal fades, if you're choosing to lose your LS CD. Mighty obviously being used when Rampage pops again.

I have only recently started trying to DPS on my warrior when not assigned a MT assignment.

I am currently stacking hDEX. I have about 3800~ with buffs, maybe more. I have thought about dropping some of the dex though to increase AC for tanking or even mix in some hSTR for increased hits, not sure though.

When DPSing I stick to dual wield and still use my tank weapons which do proc hate.

Ideally, I would only switch to my 2h weapon when using rampage and then swap back to dual wield, but even I'm not good at remembering. I should make a macro...

As a tank, I always only go for the best in slot item that is available for the current expansion. Other classes can easily get away with lower tier gear, but I feel as a tank, you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best.

As far as rotation, Fintank's post is mostly what you want to abide by. He is very good at what he does and his write up is detailed.

I have changed a couple things in my rotation, but I also don't output the DPS that I should/could.

Also you have to know the other tanks you're raiding with. Depending on who is tanking, sometimes I don't feel comfortable using Offensive Disc, because yes, I'm likely to take aggro with my weapon procs and then I'm taking more damage due to that 35% defensive mitigation. - use it as a resource to compare the gear and know what you need to acquire.

Centare? Leeyo? Any other tanks want to add to this?

If you have best in slot for 2hander, that will be your top dps. Equivalent tier dual wield should be 80-90% of that.

hDex will yield you more damage via more crits. I think warriors max out crit around 4k hDex. More hDex also yields more ripostes.

After hDex is maxed, hStr gives a flat melee damage bonus and will help land more hits.

Your burns look good. Remember that if you use Offensive, you are locking yourself out of Resolute for a bit on top of the defensive penalties.

If you are really trying to eek things out, see if an enchanter will spare a NPT on you.


Also remember when in Duel wield you can hit Flash if need. Will add more thought when I have more time.


--- Quote from: Leeyo on February 04, 2023, 12:04:16 AM ---Also remember when in Duel wield you can hit Flash if need. Will add more thought when I have more time.

--- End quote ---

Precisely. This is why I'm not for 2h weapons, even if they output a little more damage. You are first and foremost a tank and need to be be able to tank immediately should another tank fall or unexpected adds, etc. Not being able to flash because you have a 2h weapon equipped could be the difference between a save or a wipe...or at least your own death.


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