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Straight up DPS


This is what i do which seems to regularly come up top of the parse.

Pic 1) These are my First 6 spells.
Pic 2) This is my multi bind set up (the Z associated with 6 spells and hot button #1, you can pick whatever key you like, just make sure its not used somewhere else)
Pic 3) This is my Melee DPS button that i press to commence burn.

Note 1: Hot Button 1 is disruptive percussion.
Note 2: No matter what I do i cannot get reflexive righteousness to work with everything else on my dps button to i have to manually press it..

For Logged in users you can see the actual pictures below, for non-logged in users click the links to google drive images.

Basically what i do is.
Equip my 2 hander, press auto attack. Then I Mash Z (see multi-bind setup and my first 6 spells). It's important to disable bold attacks or you'll get aggro. Make sure you dont forget to bash etc as well..
When it's time to dps burn i press my dps button, followed by reflexive as it does not fire on the button... You can add glyphs here prior to pressing the dps button for a bit more of a boost.. Once the main discs have worn off use thunder of karana to boost your spell dps (but only if you don't need your self only armor of inq as they share a timer).. Once pure forge is down use Holy Forge..

That's about it..
I have not played around with the spells and melee to find the best possible combo.. It's possible that i should move or remove admonish due to its longer cast time.
I mash Z though my dps burn, i have not compared overall impact to dps if i do this vs if i don't.. What i do know is mashing Z when i'm not on a burn doubles my dps.

Things to consider...
Spell 1 (Doctrine) can get confused if a nerco's turn a live mob undead and will screw up the button as it just keeps trying to cast 1, just unmem it if you notice that.. This is not a problem with a normal undead or a normal live mob.


Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Any possibility of updating this to reflect anything new from EoK?  No rush, busy time of the year and all.  Thanks!

By the way, other Paladins, feel free to chime in and add your suggestions.  I'm guessing Feroxide doesn't mind.

Aside from a straight DPS setup, perhaps another post in it's own thread about a normal raid spell lineup/discs.



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