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Twinheal and Impress Your Friends!


Cross posting this from The Classroom thread.  An important topic that deserves attention.

--- Quote ---So the other night you were trying to get the healers to be more aggressive about healing with a nice long talk in channel about ways to improve.  One of the things you mentioned was twinhealing, and you seemed to think that there was a way to do twinheals basically on command if you're anticipating a big hit on the tank.

Is there a place I can learn how to do twinheals with Persephonae?  I haven't gotten the chance to raid with her a lot since I am still getting back up to speed after an absence, but I have raided with her a many times with freelance in the past, and if I'm to do it again I want to know the new tricks.
--- End quote ---

Okay, early AM here and I'm tired (this is Halfling abuse btw!).  This is going to be quick and dirty.  Specific to Cleric class, but Shaman/Druids get similar lines to certain degrees.

Twincast and Impress Your Friends

Target's Target

Two types of Target's Target (ToT) lines were introduced starting back in Underfoot.

In-game spell menu [*]Heals[*]Misc[/list][/list]
Contravention Line: Cast against Mob -> Damages mob, and a heal portion is channeled to the mobs current target.
95 - Elysian Contravention
90 - Celestial Contravention
85 - Holy ContraventionIntervention Line: Cast on Player -> Heals player, and damage portion directed to players target
93 - Elysian Intervention
88 - Celestial Intervention
83 - Holy InterventionTwinheal / Twincast

In-game spell menu [*]Direct Damage[*]Twincast[/list][/list]
The Glorious series is our Twinheal line consisting of a nuke with a chance to twinheal buff with counters.  You nuke a mob, a Twinheal buff icon will appear in your short-term buff window, and the next TWO heal type spells you cast will crit heal (double).
94 - Glorious Admonition
89 - Glorious Censure (use this one if you have it, least mana usage)
84 - Glorious DenunciationTwinheal Technique

The concept is simple.  Use a Glorious line to twinheal proc; follow up with an Intervention 2x, and/or whatever as the situation demands.  Rinse, repeat.
Any direct cast heal will work with the twinheal.  This includes our target Splash line.

All these lines are fast cast times 1.0 - 1.5 seconds.

They don't share the same spell line refresh timer.Be Aware: Careful using Intervention on players with mezzed mobs on their target (it'll break mez, as the nuke portion hits the mob).

* Warning: Contravention line does not crit heal with the twinheal running.  Because it is a nuke/heal, not a heal/nuke.

Comments & Suggestions

I use a mix in my lineup.  But it always includes minimum:  1 Glorious, 2-3 Interventions.

Glorious refreshes fast enough that one is all that's needed.

Contravention is slotted in event specific.

If you're used to conventional dated heal methods, then you'll find this hard at first.  But with practice, you can pick it up fast imo.  Biggest thing is, don't give up on it right away.  Stick with it.  More healers need to adopt this technique.

Work with the setup in your daily group sessions as well as raid.  It's easier to manage in group obviously, as you have a more controlled environment to stop/go.  But in a raid setting the pressure is on so you'll learn it faster imo!  Use it in all situations though really.

You'll mistarget often as well at first, and end up nuking a player.  Funny, but not so much when it eats your spell timer on that gem.

It'll take more focus, but you'll notice the gains in your burst heal ability right away.

Oh, and I use a GTT trigger with a sound tie in for the twinheal proc.  I find it useful to time splashes with twin running etc, if I have a twin up having just heard the sound, I know I can drop a 1.5 rq, and then splash for the 2nd proc to crit the raid with 20k+ heals etc.  Stuff like that.

GTT Pattern: Your healing power temporarily forks in two.

PS:  I asked Dimbly to write up the related Druid method.  Eristie no doubt has insight as well as possibly others who could contribute.


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