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As a monk almost maxed at 7200AA, I often get asked: which AA are important for monks?  Well, as usual, the answer is: it depends.

Monk AA is split into three catagories: Offensive (DPS), Defensive (Survivability), and Pulling.  As you progress, you're going to have to work on all three.  Even if you're primarily a raiding monk, and you figure DPS is you main function, you still need to live through the fight's AEs, occasionally offtanked add, etc.
Here I have a three tables of monk AA: critical, very high, and high priority.  All the AAs not listed may still be important, but not as important as the ones listed here.  This will easily take you into 2000+ AA.  Which order you get the critical ones is up to you, but I'd finish or get close to finishing everything critical before moving onto the next table.


Monk AA Name                        Type      Group/Raid      NotesAmbidexterityDPSG/RWe dual wield, make no mistakeCombat Agility 18DEFGUp to 18 is critical, drops off after thisCombat Stability 18DEFGUp to 18 is critical, drops off after thisCritical MendDEFG/RHealing 50% of HPs is niceExtended CrystalpalmDPSROne of two main burnsExtended Speed FocusDPSROne of two main burnsFerocityDPSG/RFists of SteelDPSG/RUsually not a big fan of procs, but it's often and so good it makes 1HB useless on a monkHastened DeathPULG/RFade every 30sHastened MendDEFG/R Mend every 30 seconds!Heightened AwarenessDEFGImitate DeathPULG/ROur fadeInnate Run SpeedPULG/RMoving MountainsPULG/RIncredibly nice pull/split toolNatural DurabilityDEFG/RMust for any classPlanar DurabilityDEFG/R3% of 60k is almost 2k!Planar PowerDPS/DEFG/RJust do thisPurify BodyDEFRCures anything, including "that pull" from the AvatarRapid FeignPULG/RWhen FD fails, you'll wish you put points hereRapid StrikesDPSG/RPure quicknessShielding ResistanceDEFRThis allows you to wield in secondary against nasty DSStonewallPULGFD through spellsUnflinching ResolvePULGStun from behind when pulling = deathWeightless StepsPULG/RRun 8 more or less
Very High:

Monk AA Name        Type      Group/Raid      NotesArmor of WisdomDEFGAC boosts never bad when tankingCombat Agility 32DEFG/RContinue to work this upwardCombat FuryDPSG/RCriticalsCombat Stability 32DEFG/RContinue to work this upwardDiscordant DefianceDEF/PULG/RResist stuff more often, live longerExtended IngenuityDPSG/RSo self-buffs last longer... but more importantly, so does Zan Fi!  Huge boost!General Sturdiness 20DEFG/RAdd some HPs to the mixGrappling StrikeUTIG/RVery handy positioning tool (think: High Priest in Sarith)Hastened Purification of the BodyDEFRFor those repeating status ailmentsHastened Stunning KickDPSG/RThis, plus Masters', lowers re-use from 60 to 9 seconds.Infusion of ThunderDPSG/RPerfect for use with Speed Focus/td]Kick MasteryDPSG/RSo much of monkly DPS is tied to the kicks...Masters' Hastened CombinationDPSG/RThis plus Hastened Stunning Kick lowers Stunning Kick to 9 secondsPhysical EnhancementDEFG/RPretty simply, helps everything defensiveReturn KickDPSGRiposte fires often, extra Flying Kicks never hurtSecond SpireDPSG/RPerfect little 10min refresh boostSinister StrikesDPSG/RSweet passive boostStunning KickDPS/DEFG/RIf the mob is stunnable, greatly lowers the mobs' DPS output, so it's both DPS and DEF!TwinprocDPSGFor those who like to see procsZan Fi's WhistleDPSG/R30% DPS boost when active, see also Extended IngenuityHigh:
Monk AA Name        Type      Group/Raid      NotesBurst of PowerDPSG/RTake triple attack all the way to 500 skill!Combat Agility 45DEFG/RFinish it offCombat Stability 45DEFG/RFinish it offDreamlike MightDPSG/RRaw StrengthEarthern BrawnDPSG/RRaw StrengthEnhanced AggressionDPSG/RParses show this is not as useful as you'd think; get the STR firstExtended Impenetrable DisciplineDEF/PULG/RYou'll thank me one day, when Furro asks you to "tank those four until the tanks get in there"Five Point PalmDPSG/RThis provides a nice little kick every so oftenGeneral Sturdiness 25DEFG/RFinish it offMystical Attuning 8UTLRFor hybrids, this is real important; but we usually have plenty of room for buffsPunch MasteryDPSG/RGet this nearly last; sounds weird, but only affects some special attacksTechnique of Master WuDPSG/RThis fires often at the end, and helps enough!Veiled StrengthDPSG/RRaw StrengthVeteran's WrathDPSG/R
Ok, while this isn't perfect... it's not a bad start.  Feel free to post your own thoughts here, tell me if I missed a big one, or send a /tell in game!

Very fair and up to date list, perhaps a quick breakdown of totals to spend for each new ability would be bonus but not
critical to your guide.

If I were to suggest any changes it would be the extended burn disciplines imo are not higher priority over sinister strikes and other raw melee dmg modifiers. I have always believed in more consistent dmg vs. spike dmg.

When asked about starting monk AA's I always say FD are most important, because if you can't keep a steady flow of mobs coming to the group dps is wasted anyway. Hell the majority of group mobs I kill I am only present for 50%-70% of the mobs hps anyway before going out to get another.

Aye, it's a tough call.  Extended are mostly in there for the raid burns, where on a mob like the HP in Sarith you're almost in 100% burn mode.  That's why they have the "R" listed and not "R/G" or "G".

In a standard XP group setting, I'd agree with some of the non-extendeds taking preference.

Also, you'll notice some of the FDs at the top, but in most raids we really don't use them.  Again, this is more for you as a puller in a group, where those tools are invaluable and make you what you are. :)


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