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LS - Hero's Forge - T3 - Heroes Are Forged


Hero's Forge - T3 - Heroes are Forged

Zone & Instance Info

Gather Zone: Laurion InnNPC Name: EliselNPC Location: Find path (CTRL-F)
Keyword to Enter:Click on door on east road

Flag & Key Requirements

Zone Flag: NoneEvent Key: NoneGroup Mission: NoneEvent Flags: None  
* Minimum to be Piggy/85'/pushed into raid: No requirement

Brief Event Overview

A huge slime, Lich, and Queen of the Spiders spawn at event start.  These mobs can respawn unless prevented.

Adds spawn from each of the minis at HP percentages.

Spider Queen will run to upper and lower level rooms in an attempt to lay more eggs.  Penalty adds spawn if egg sacs are not destroyed in time.

Shalowain activates when all three minis are dead.

Shalowain spawns adds from each of the previous minis.

Ground auras and emotes come into play during event.


Assigned team will coordinate and handle Cinerarium and Sparks.

Burn a huge slime first, cleaning up adds that spawn after.  Players have a short time to damage the slime when it spawns before it goes active.

Back out of a huge slime's red aura.

Kill Lich and undead adds that spawn at HP percentages.

Back out of Lich's large blue aura.

Assigned players kill egg sacs that appear in the upper and lower rooms to the north and south.  Stay in your assigned room until Spider Queen is dead.

Spider Queen spins webs and emotes two players.  Run until the threads break.

Kill weaver adds that spawn at Queen Spider HP percentages.

Shalowain summons monsters at HP percentages.  Use the slimes to counter the effects of Bonds of Sound and Agitating Dissonance.

Players emoted with music notes immediately move upstairs and kite until effect fades.



MA Kill Order: a huge slime, adds, Lich, Spider Queen, Shalowain

That's it for now!

This is a preliminary write up, which will be amended accordingly based on our experiences and feedback provided by our raiders.

* Friendly reminder: Freelance Raid Suggestion Policy regarding New Content - Don't kill the messenger -- Pie Management.

Details of NPCs/Mechanics


Rhapsody of PainCaster AE - 550 HP DD + 13k Mana Drain (1000' range, 700' AE range) Effect Message: Music slams into you and rips up your mind and body. Note:
            Bonds of SoundSingle Target - Inhibit Spell Casting + Increase Spell Damage Taken + Alter Vision (1000' range, 60s duration) 1st Person Emote: Shalowain uses sound to bind your mind. You may need some outside force to free it. 3rd Person Emote: Shalowain uses sound to bind the minds of Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. She also causes uncontrollable shaking in the bodies of
Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. Effect Message: Sound traps your mind. Limit Spell: Slippery Slime - Single Target - Decrease Chance to Parry & Riposte by 75% + Mana Drain + Increase Push Taken by 50%
(1000' range, 12s duration) Note:
- Slippery Slime counters the effects of Bonds of Sound
            Agitating Dissonance   Single Target - Inhibit Combat + Decrease Haste by 100% + Increase Spell Damage Taken + Alter Vision (1000' range, 60s duration) 1st Person Emote: Shalowain uses sound to cause your body to shake uncontrollably. You may need some outside force to free it. 3rd Person Emote: Shalowain uses sound to bind the minds of Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. She also causes uncontrollable shaking in the bodies of
Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. Effect Message: Your body is constantly shaken by sound. Limit Spell: Sticky Silken Webs - Single Target - Root (1000' range, 12s duration) Note:
- Sticky Silken Webs counter the effects of Agitating Dissonance
            Sonic BoomTarget AE - 600k HP DD + 15k Mana Drain (1000' range, 90' AE range) Warning Emote: Echoes of music and footfalls become solid and start to move. Failure Message: A sound echo releases its pent up noise. Effect Message: A mystical note explodes! Note:
- Death or Fade: A sound echo loses track of its target.
            Song of CallingSingle Target - Alter Vision (1000' range, 30s duration) 3rd Person Emote: Shalowain links the sounds of footfalls and heartbeats of several people to her musical magic. That music starts to form into a solid
object that begins to move toward Soandso, Soandso, Soandso, and Soandso. Effect Message: You hear your own footfalls echo, reaching out to the enemy. Note:
- Kite music notes upstairs

A huge slime

Superheated Glow   Single Target - 450k HP DD (1000' range) Warning Emote: The large slime starts to grow very warm. Note:
- Emote occurs at 2 minute 50s intervals
- Aura appears 10s after warning emote
- Damage taken when in aura


Enervating Blast   Caster AE - 450k HP DD + 8k Mana Drain (1000' range, 100' AE range) Warning Emote: The Lich starts to summon power. Note:
- Occurs at 45s intervals
- Players have 15s to get out of aura

Queen of the Spiders

Veinrot   Single Target DoT - 350k HP + 6.5k MANA DRAIN + Decrease DEX by 5000 (1000' range, 24s duration) 1st Person Emote: The Spider Queen spins a thin thread that latches onto you. 3rd Person Emote: The Spider Queen spins thin threads to Soandso and Soandso. 1st Person Emote - Success: You run far enough away to break the Spider Queen's thread. Effect Message: Your veins begin to rot. Note:

a forgebound mender

Beneficial NPC that restores players HP and Mana when active.

Forgebound Mending   Single Target - Increase Current HP by 24% up to 20000000 + Increase Current Mana by 0.1% up to 20000000 (1000' range, 6s duration) Activation Emote: The Cinerarium glows and activates the depleted forgebound. Healing Emote: a forgebound mender glows with holy light. Effect Message: Mending light washes over you. Depletion Emote: The forgebound mender runs out of energy and collapses. Note:
- Click Cinerarium on a forgebound mender to activate

Cinerarium and Sparks

The Cinerarium is a device that allows the collection and use of the life Spark of a mob.

Upon the death of a mob, if the Cinerarium is not used to collect the Spark, Shalowain will reclaim the Spark and use it to create another mob:

A Spark left unclaimed by the cinerarium sparks and glows. Shalowain reclaims it and uses it to create another monster!

The Spark can also be used to power the life of a forgebound mender:

The Cinerarium glows and activates the depleted forgebound.

The Cinararium absorbs a small portion of the casters spark and therefore may only be used once by that caster:

The Spark passes through a hero and enters the Cinerarium of Heroes. The Cinerarium glows.


Various adds spawn throughout event.

  a green slimeSlippery Slime - Single Target - Decrease Chance to Parry & Riposte by 75% + Mana Drain + Increase Push Taken by 50% (1000' range, 12s duration) Effect Message: Slippery slime covers your body. Note:
        a red slimeBoiling Burst - Caster AE - 375k HP DD (140' AE range) Effect Message: Boiling slime washes over you. Note:
        a mummyMummy's Touch - Single Target - 375k HP DoT + 4.5k Mana Drain + Inhibit Combat + Alter Vision (1000' range, 12s duration) Effect Message: A mystical disease creeps into your body and mind. Note:
        a skeleton-- Note:
        a widowmakerSticky Silken Webs - Single Target - Root (1000' range, 12s duration) Effect Message: Webs, though silky smooth, cling to you and prevent movement. Note:
        a widowmakerParalying Poison - Single Target DoT - 270k HP + Decrease Movement by 75% + Decrease Melee Haste by 75% (1000' range, 18s duration) Effect Message: Poison surges into your veins, slowing your movements. Note:
- Penalty add if egg sacs are not destroyed within 30s

Start Event

Event is triggered by keyword, speaking with Elmara Emberclaw and using keyword defy her.

Elmara Emberclaw says, 'Ah, you have arrived, as someone always seems to arrive, though some soon [leave].   Shalowain has quenched the forge.' Elmara seems deeply saddened by what she sees before her, but she sheds no tears. 'It is a shame that all of our efforts to battle evil and right wrongs in the world have led us to this impasse, to fighting each other.  I guess there is no going back for her, and I will not be drawn into her fight. She believes that heroes can only be forged in battle, out in the world harming some to protect others.  I don't deny that this may be necessary at times, but it is not the only way one can help. There are heroes on the farm and in the home as much as they exist on the battlefield. I guess she cannot accept this as [truth].'

Elmara Emberclaw says, 'Well, I believe so, with all my heart. And I believe that convincing farmers, cooks, and fisherfolk to go to war for what they believe in is not always correct. Shalowain refuses to accept that, and so here she is, trying to stop my work by force. I can only see this as evidence that she is mistaken. I will not [fight her]. She is my friend, despite what she seems to have become, and I gave up fighting for creating.'

Elmara Emberclaw says, 'I acknowledge that there are as many ways to be a hero as there are people. While I would not wish harm upon her, I would be grateful if she were to stop this and allow me to return to my work. Of course, even if she were to leave now the forge would still be out. It should be possible to relight it if you can recover the [Spark] that she took from within.'

Elmara Emberclaw says, 'Everyone has a Spark, the essence of what drives them on. A hero's Spark can be an outright blaze. I gave a good portion of my own Spark to light the forge the first time and I am not sure I could do so again.  Shalowain has taken that Spark for herself. While a Spark can never really be destroyed, it can be portioned, given, and taken. With that portion of my Spark she will have even more power.  I will have to make something that will allow you to recover my Spark. They are dangerous to handle. The fact that she was able to take mine is rather concerning, in fact. But she has always been strong. Either way, she has chosen this fight and so it is only right if you choose to [defy her].'


- Cracked
-- Allow no spider eggs to hatch.

- Let It Rest
-- Never activate the depleted forgebound.

- Soundproof
-- Do not allow anyone to cause an Echo to be released.


Event Reset:

You have left one of your enemies idle and their Spark fades. The forge can no longer be relit.


The following are the absolute minimum graphic settings to see auras.  Zoning is required for the changes to take effect.

To make the changes, in game go to Options (ALT-O), Display tab.  On that page there's a Particles area with three little tabs: Spells, Env and Player.

Map Locations

Map file: N/A (right-click, "Save As", and place in EQ maps folder).

Corner Locations:

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---
Labels submitted by: Soandso

Other labels for group zone:

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

Text & Audio Triggers - Mandatory

Everyone  Main Package  2024-03-26 (05:52pm)  - Add Spawn - Mummy
- Add Spawn - Skeleton
- Add Spawn - Widowmaker - Penalty
- Boss Active - Shalowain

- a huge slime - Superheated Glow - Get Out of Aura
- Lich - Enervating Blast - Get Out of Aura
- Queen of the Spiders
-- Queen of the Spiders - Egg Sac - Location
-- Queen of the Spiders - Veinrot - Run Away (1st Person)
-- Queen of the Spiders - Veinrot - Success

- Shalowain
-- Shalowain - Add Spawn - Monsters
-- Shalowain - Music Notes - Kite Upstairs

- Event Reset
- Event Start

Triggers below are toggled OFF by default - Situational usage.


GINA Issues?  Help Below:

If you're new to GINA and/or having issues with importing/enabling our trigger files, please read Ssark's GINA Manual.  If you're still having issues after following Ssark's guide, reply to the Audio and Text Triggers Alternative - GINA thread located in the Raiders Essentials section of our forums, and we'll work to resolve the issue(s).

Tuesday, March 26, 2024 - Update.

Everyone trigger package updated.

OKAY TO MERGE WITH EXISTING TRIGGER PACKAGE "Hero's Forge - Heroes Are Forged - Everyone"

See everyone in-game! :)


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