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Freelance Tank Communication 101

A streamlined process that addresses mob handling of all types, as well as facilitates smooth tank transitions for both single-boss and simultaneous multi-boss encounters.
[*]Standardized hotkey setups to ensure clear and succinct communication.
[*]Simple implementation:
[*]Two hotkeys
[*]Audio/Text Trigger
[*]Channel(s), for multi-boss encounters[/list]


Two hotkeys:  One when actively tanking.  The other when disc(s) duration is close to ending and a swap is required.

Modify actively tanking/swap hotkeys as the situation and raid assignment dictates.

Hotkey Line Syntax:  /# /channel [ optional event specific message ] -- [ Actively Tanking / Swap message ]
Remove/Replace /# when and where applicable as it reflects your raid assignment and channel setup.

The /#'s are for key efficiency:
[*]Remove /#'s for /rs, /ooc, /shout, and you'll be setup for single-boss assignment.
[*]Replace /# with the channel setup for multi-boss assignment as it applies to the situation.
[*]Replace /# with /gs or remove it if your default chat is set to group, and you'll be setup for tanking trash adds.
[*]EQ throws a little chat error for /#'s.  But you can filter this to your spam window and never see it.
[*]For workaround details, refer to the Filter Unwanted Messages in EQ post[/list]
Actively Tanking: TANKING -> %T

/# TANKING -> %T
/# /say TANKING -> %T
/# /rs TANKING -> %T
/# /ooc TANKING -> %T
/# /shout TANKING -> %T


/# /say TANK SWAP!
/# /rs TANK SWAP!
/# /ooc TANK SWAP!
/# /shout TANK SWAP!



When part of floater tank contingent for add duty, direct your actively tanking key towards group only.  The swap key is unused. 


When part of a main tank line-up; in a single-boss encounter, the process is as follows:

Actively tanking and swaps are communicated across three channels:

When part of a main tank line-up; in a multi-boss encounter, the process is isolated slightly to avoid cross-talk with other line-ups.

Operate in a unique channel created at the time that relates to the event.

Modify/direct actively tanking/swap hotkeys into the unique channel and/or as instructed.

Audio/Text Trigger

Pattern: TANK SWAP!

GTT Trigger File: tank_swap.gtt

Audio File: tank_swap.wav

Read and understood.


--- Quote ---Read and understood.
--- End quote ---
Thanks Mistatk.

Can you adjust your /say key/portion.  Noticed in the parse last week on E6 in Conv it's set incorrectly:

[Sat May 12 23:18:00 2012] Mistatk says, 'SWAP'

That won't trigger other tanks GTT.

yes, can fix.  Is there an extra space in TANK SWAP ! or does that matter?


--- Quote ---yes, can fix.  Is there an extra space in TANK SWAP ! or does that matter?
--- End quote ---

No space between swap and exclamation point.  You'll know it's correct when it fires your own GTT trigger.


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