Author Topic: FL Tank Communication 101  (Read 15603 times)


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Re: FL Tank Communication 101
« Reply #15 on: June 16, 2018, 08:52:00 PM »
Could we add a channel for the tanking micros for group to let the group healer know when the tank in the group is about to get agro like hook it up with the /use taunt?  So something like this:
/activate taunt
/g Tanking %T

It would save some time between noticing that someone in the group is taking damage, target them and then heal. This would be for any mob rather it be trash, or raid boss.

The /g for group is covered in the OP.  It's the first line in the macro: /# TANKING -> %T

It's just the way I have the post written, it doesn't explicitly say /g, because some folks may have group chat their default so it should work without using /g (it's mentioned in the bullets above the hotkey).

I agree, it's a good idea for tanks to include /g for group into their hotkey.  Feel free to remind your tanks in group to adjust theirs in future by the way. :)

As for the /activate taunt line.  The thing is, there's only five lines available in a hotkey, currently.  I think generally, tanks use /taunt in other aggro hotkeys though.

Thanks for the feedback/suggestion, as always, by the way! :)